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Everything You Need to Know about Ecommerce Content Copywriting

Everything You Need to Know about Ecommerce Content Copywriting The world of online retail is fiercely competitive. Your ecommerce website needs unique, high-quality content to stand out. DailyPosts copywriters work with manufacturers and retailers to improve SEO rankings and gain the advantage with unique content the appeals to and converts potential customers into customers, and [...]

The psychology of writing great product descriptions

The psychology of writing great product descriptions A common mistake among copywriters (even professionals) is writing product descriptions that simply describe. This is wrong because the aim of product description is to sell your products not label the features. The best e-commerce product descriptions leave an impression at first glance and instantly communicates the benefit [...]

Smash Your Ecommerce Sales Targets with These 25 Product Copy Tips

What can be so difficult about writing a product description anyway? Sure, writing a product description is easy, one that won’t sell, that is. Writing product copy that sells, on the other hand, is serious business and requires that you do your homework. Often, people forget that a product description is a sales tool and […]

Are Your Product Descriptions Doing Your Products Justice?

When you’re ready to open an online shop, you first start by gathering all of the products that you want to sell. This includes categorising your entire inventory and organising your website in the same fashion that a brick and mortar shop would design the exterior and interior of their space. You’ll then begin to […]

Best Tools to Help You Polish and Share Written Content

A professional web design company that’s worth its salt, like InfintechDesigns will tell you well written content is one of the key elements when it comes to designing a great website. Not just well written content, but content that’s packaged to deliver clear and relevant information to its audience. Well written content should be engaging, […]

Why do people buy online? An exploration of buying habits and impulses

Is there a more relaxing way to spend a Friday night than curled up on the couch in your pyjamas, glass of wine in hand, browsing some shopping sites? Online shopping has transformed the way we look for items and created a world of possibilities for retailers to reach a global audience. The market for online shopping […]

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Language that Sells – A Guide to Writing Product Information

While writing product descriptions may seem like a relatively straightforward task there are a lot of factors that copywriters take into consideration when creating content. There may be some compulsory content to include. like product uses, specific features, and necessary warnings that should be made known, but the way you present these facts, figures, and benefits can […]

What to Include in Product Descriptions

Writing product descriptions is an essential activity in e-commerce. At Daily Posts we have many product description projects on the go at any one time. From clients wanting 30 promotional items written about in an engaging way, to Fortune 500 companies requiring 25000 descriptions per month, to clients with duplicate copy product description issues needing […]