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Using Press Releases to Market Your Brand

Press releases are a great form of promotion for businesses and websites looking to draw the attention of new potential customers/clients, as well as retaining the attention of existing supporters. They are usually written to promote new products or services, but can also be used to spread general information about your business or to update people […]

35 Killer Tips to Make Your Press Releases Powerful

The press release is still as relevant and powerful in this age of social media as it was when we only relied on the traditional media to get information. Among other essential qualities, a killer press release must be punchy and compelling and provide important and newsy details about your product release, event announcement, or […]

6 Different Types of Press Release and How They Work

6 Different Types of Press Release and How They Work Hire a professional press release writer or press conference strategist today If you are looking for a professional copywriter to write an excellent press release, or a keen mind to help you navigate the minefield of the press, then get in touch with Daily Posts. We [...]

Is the Press Your Friend or Foe?

Sometimes journalists, editors, television personalities, and radio DJs may seem like intimidating individuals, especially when you’re approaching them to help you promote your business. When you’re looking for their help you want to do all that you can to build a lasting relationship with one or more media contacts. This is the basis of media […]

Writing a powerful press release

The Science of Great Press Releases; Amazing Real World Examples

It Starts with a Press Release… Press releases are often short and simple – but when done right, they can have power that lasts a long time, long after people have forgotten about the press release itself. A good press release will mean that the general public now has a new interest in a certain […]

How to Construct an Effective Press Release

  When your company is looking to promote a special event, new product or service, or is just looking to provide customers with the latest news, you’ll want to write an effective press release. Writing a release for your business isn’t as simple as it sounds, there are different elements involved to successfully create an effective promotional […]

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Who Should You Send Your Press Release to?

Who Should You Send Your Press Release to? At Daily Posts we help clients all over the world to write and distribute effective press releases. Contacting the media is easier than you might think. Read on if you are looking to self-promote. Once you’ve written your press release you may be confused when thinking about [...]