Outreach and Guest Post Posts

Choosing Guest Post Topics: Cutting to the Chase

If your goal is to serve as a guest poster for a website or blog, then the key to obtaining assignments is to write fresh or newly slanted material that will strike a chord with the blog’s readership. Most guest blog editors like their contributors to narrow down a topic, so that it is highly […]

How Our Guest Posting Service Helps Your SEO Rankings?

How Our Guest Posting Service Helps Your SEO Rankings? At Daily Posts we contribute guest posts to sites around the world and in just about every niche. The Internet websites we write for appreciate the content, and our clients enjoy the benefits of improved rankings, traffic, and an enhanced reputation online. These days guest posts are [...]
Guest blogging

Social Media Strategy for Guest Blog Posts

If you plan to publish blog articles, whether they are through your own blogger outreach, our guest posting service or on your own blog, social media has a strong influence on your link building success and Internet presence. This is because consumers want to read material that connects with their personal interests. As a result, […]

Why Guest Posts are still an important part of Internet Marketing

Is guest posting and blogger outreach really played out? Out-dated? Spammy? Contrary to what some SEO people may think about guest posting, the answer is no. Guest posting is still relevant to internet marketing. Getting their posts published on respected 3rd party websites is an essential part of an individual’s or organisation’s branding and link […]

Creative ways to find the best guest post targets

Finding the right website to pitch your guest post to can be both time consuming and confusing, at first. However, once you know what resources to use you should find that the process becomes a much quicker, simpler ordeal. Some of the best ways to find targets for your guest posts: Topsy Topsy is a program […]

Quality Guest Posting for Attracting Organic Links – Building Lists to Success

Guest posting is definitely a benefit for anyone who takes up the pursuit, especially if their goal is to add to their reputation as an expert and to draw traffic to their own blog or website. The advantages associated with this writing craft make it possible for you to land organic links from authoritative websites and […]

How to Find Guest Post Targets

Targeted traffic and super-charged backlinks are two reasons why looking for guest post targets can be a worthwhile pursuit. That said, writing quality content and choosing the right targets should always be a core principle of a content marketer’s organic link building strategy. This is even more pertinent, today, due to Google’s warnings over low […]

Is Guest Posting Really Dead?

If you were to talk to Matt Cutts, the software engineer and head of Google’s Webspam team, about guest posting, he would tell you it’s a dead horse – that it should no longer be used as a link building strategy. In fact, he conveyed these very sentiments on his personal blog in the early […]

How To Get Organised For Guest Posting

Guest posting is a fantastic tool to build your brand in a manner that leaves you in total control. The foundation of a successful guest post, is to pick sites with a similar theme or demographic to you, which is a great way to build relationships, whilst spreading word of your own site. Every seasoned […]

Is Guest Posting Truly Dead? Or Does It Have Life Left?

According to Matt Cutts, a distinguished engineer at Google, guest post blogging is dead.  On his personal blog, Mr Cutts states that webmasters should no longer think of using guest posting as a way to gain links. While it is understandable that Google has to take a stance and go to war with those who are […]