Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Road and Driver Safety

Millions are affected worldwide by reckless driving and speeding. The World Health Organisation estimates (using data collected from 180 countries) that 1.25 million people die from car accidents worldwide each year. Sadly, many of those accidents were likely preventable. Thankfully we now have technologies that can help significantly reduce those numbers, by alerting drivers to […]

Use Social Media And Go Viral With Your Blog Content

Social media is a powerful tool and creating shareable blog content is becoming an increasingly important way to reach thousands of customers. Ask anyone who creates any kind of blog content, guest posts or regular personal blog content, what they want most. Chances are they will tell you they want a post to go viral. […]

Website Content is King of Search

Creating content for a new website has many benefits for your company and your overall brand. Whilst content creation doesn’t directly help your bottom line it can be a successful marketing tool that leads to an increase in business. By constantly updating your site with new material, you can improve your company’s online presence and reach more […]


The complete guide to finding a website content writer A guide to writing for different English speaking markets- What you have to do differently Everything you need to know about ecommerce content copywriting A step by step guide for when you need to hire a copywriter A step by step guide to getting going with […]

Writer Assessment

New Writer AssessmentAssessment of suitability for work with Daily Posts. Module 1 Pre-qualification assessment This assessment is to filter applicants who are excellent grammatically from those who are good. If you pass this assessment you will be invited to the next stage of the recruitment phase. Unfortunately, if you fail to make the grade your [...]


Welcome to Daily Posts. We provide a service to ensure that you’re website stays Google, and generally search engine friendly, by providing regularly updated content, SEO and Public Relations services. Google loves new posts to be added every day but the process of writing posts and getting them up is time consuming. On top of […]