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Writing Local Pages- The Definitive Guide

Writing Local Pages- The Definitive Guide Local pages are an effective medium for marketing your business through the World Wide Web. With local pages, you can promote your brand, services and products, bringing them to the attention of people within your locality at the exact time they are looking for them.Local pages and local SEO [...]

15 Tips and Tricks for Creating a Highly Effective Landing Page

A website without a good landing page is like playing soccer without a pair of boots. You might be able to run around, but you can’t score! Your pages are optimised, traffic is amazing and you’re generating organic search, yet the numbers are stagnant. The reason why people are visiting your site, but not taking […]

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How Long Have You Got? The Science of Website Visitor Attention

Is Your Page Value-Based? Attracting visitors to your website can become a complex science, since bounce rates show that users frequently leave a web page after around 15 seconds. It’s no surprise, then, that researchers have concluded that sites which offer value-based pages have a better chance of capturing a viewer’s attention. It’s Not What […]

Developing a Strategic Plan to Get More Business Reviews Online

Every business owner knows that online customer reviews are very influential. With people sharing their user experience from Yelp to Google Review, Trustpilot to Angie’s List, the sales fortunes of business are now largely impacted by the views of past customers. For every kind of business, online reputation is key to success. And a major […]

40 of the best calls to action to use on your landing pages

What is a Call to Action? A Call to Action (CTA) is a line of text or an image or link on your ad or landing page that urges your customers, visitors and leads to take a particular action on your website. When a website wants to tell you what they want from you at […]

Website Redesign: 6 Ways to Nail It This Time

A successful website redesign will have a positive and significant impact on the online brand of a company and on its bottom line. After all, you’re getting a fresh online presence, a sleeker user interface, and a website that is a lot more attractive than the competition’s. Redesigning a website does not necessarily mean changing […]

Using Psychology in Your Landing Pages

A psychologist asks questions to get through to their patient. Interestingly, they often already know what the answer is going to be, before they hear it. But they ask anyway, to demonstrate a point. This helps things sink into the subconscious of the patient. A landing page copywriter does something very similar. They plan content […]