Hats Off Copywriting

Hats Off is a Copywriting company based in Perth, Australia. They prominently offer a range of copywriting and advertising services. Although they operate in a seperate continent altogether, most of their services fall in line with what we do here at Daily Posts. We are both geared towards increasing site traffic and producing engaging copy, but we operate quite differently in some areas.

So let’s apprise you of Hats Off Copywriting, what they are all about, how our services align, and how they differ.

What is Hats Off Copywriting all about and how are their services compared to Daily Posts UK?

Every organisation has a means of conveying their message and what they are all about. Hats Off copywriting promises to take work off your hands to let you focus on the core aspects of your business. This includes managing your social media accounts, and creating and updating the content of your website. Managing both all by yourself – while answering to the day-to-day needs of your business – can leave you stretched. Besides, you still need a professional that is skilled in the art of copywriting to help convert your site visitors into clients and boost your business’s strength, even if you’re good with words yourself.

This is similar to what we offer – taking care of your copy needs so you can fully concentrate on your business. But the perks of our services do not end at reducing the burden that you have to shoulder, they also involve boosting your revenues by increasing the number of your customers through your website with the application of our services.

What services do Hats Off Copywriting provide?

Hats Off provide services in all things related to online presence, each of which are geared to yield more website traffic, produce engaging site and blog content to keep your visitors glued and to convert those visitors to customers. The specific services they offer include:


Social media management

Copywriting advertising

Search Engine Optimisation

Web content


Email marketting

They also add other services such as print advertising, events flyers and brochures, graphics designs and website design, by partnering with various renowned designers. They create the words for the material, while the designers create the aesthetics of the print. They also offer to connect you with “some of the best” players in the field.

How do our services at Daily Posts UK compare?

We provide most of these services but ours are mainly online-focused. We make content for the purpose of increasing website traffic and conversion. We have always believed that the world is getting more conscious of the web and there are now more smartphones than humans in the world to show for it. This shows just how potent the internet can be for businesses with the right strategy.

At Daily Posts, we offer premium SEO copywriting for the sake of increasing our clients’ customer base. We pursue this through engaging copy that entices and converts as well as boosts a website’s ranking on search engines.


Hats Off Copywriting believe that building strong relationships is the best way to ingrain and infuse a client’s values into the content of their website.

Also, Hats Off are proud to be investors in eco-friendly activity like renewable energy, community projects and education. They are passionate about supporting child education worldwide and use recycled products for most of their company materials, such as business cards.

How does the copywriting service of Hats Off help my business?

Your business website is like your digital business card, only with more poise and purpose. It aims to attract more customers to your brand. Copywriting helps by showing your website visitors the true and enhanced image of your brand.

Copywriting is a tactical art geared towards initiating a reader to take action. Copywriters utilise a number of tools which often go beyond words. The entire structure and organisation of your website also bears responsibility for conversion rates.

Hats Off Copywriting uses the right combination of words, colour and structure, to ignite a reader’s desire to pick up the phone and make that call.

At Daily Posts, we make use of language that a site’s reader will understand, we structure our use of words for the ideal customers of our clients. This is the best way we can get through to them, address their issues, and present a solution that will make them happy to carry out an action.

Just like Hats Off, we understand the power of words, how to utilise it and get desires results.

We also create a voice, an identity, an online presence for our clients. For site visitors to become customers, they must feel understood and have a level of trust in the business they are considering to engage with. We understand this, and apply our words to address these issues. This is how we have been growing businesses for a good number of years now.

How do Hats Off Copywriting help attract visitors to my website in the first place?

Visitors are funnelled to a website through various channels, involving the broader spectrum of online marketing. However, a more dedicated method that is singularly crafted for this purpose is called Search Engine Optimisation.

Although you can get a chunk of visitors through social media, the largest pool to draw from is a search engine. There are more than 40,000 searches taking place in search engines all over the world each second. That is why copywriters like Hats Off employ the craft of SEO to pull traffic to websites.

SEO mainly consists of inserting keywords in a strategic manner, organising the contents and structure of a site and linking to and from external sources to boost your rankings up the search engine chain. This helps make you amongst the first visible websites on search results within your business niche.

Is Daily Posts UK similar?

Yes, we do quite the same thing. But we have our own approach.

First, before we begin to engage in ushering web users to a website, we try to understand the kind of visitors that are most likely to take action on the website. Because without a final action, the SEO efforts could be deemed unsuccessful.

Secondly, we identify keywords that are associated with the brand we are working with, the industry’s niche and what the prospects might need. We produce our copy around these elements to ensure we’re pulling the right strings.

After these, we promote the content we have optimised for search through different channels including social media, guest posts (for backlinks, which play a great role in search rankings), blogs, and email.

Once these steps are efficiently carried out, and visitors start getting to the website, our copywriting services will take over and nourish the readers with informative and useful content that will spur them on to take action.

What do Hats Off customers say about their service?

Generally, the reviews on the Hats Off website are favourable.

How much does Hats Off charge for their services

Their range of services differ and so do the prices of each service.

If you’re starting a website from scratch and require Hats Off to make your site compelling , the price for this service starts from 660 AUD.

If you feel the content on your existing website looks old and out of date, but want to revive and restore it back to life, Hats Off promises to give you bang for your buck. This service starts from 450 AUD.

If you want additional and regular content for your website blog, to enhance your search engine status and bolster your social media presence, you can get this service from 100 AUD.

What are Daily Posts pricing like?

While Hats Off charge in Australian Dollars, our services at Daily Posts are charged in American Dollars.

Our pricing structure also differ as we try to keep it in levels so our clients can easily identify which plan suits their business best, as well as their budget.

Here are our various Copywriting plans:

  • $2 per 100 words: Our cheapest plan which features producing relatively easy and non-time consuming content. Our “SEO Copywriting” plan is cost-effective for simple copy.
  • $3 per 100 words: This plan, “excellent web content”, involves creating copy for web projects such as landing pages, regular blog posts, guest posts, press releases and so on. This is one of the plans popular among our clients.
  • $5 per 100 words: This plan is for content that goes a bit beyond the regular copy. It’s our premium content plan. It involves deeply researched content that can make any brand stand out.
  • $8 per 100 words: For technical content that takes more time than usual to produce.

To enjoy our services through any of our plans, you can simply follow our easy sign up process, create your account and make your order. Or you can contact us via our phone numbers

UK: 02380970979

US: (646)6797971