Company Introduction

GetProCopy is a professional copywriting agency founded by Stuart Walton. The veteran copywriter has over 30 years of writing experience going back to the 1980’s, when he began teaching creative writing. After being a freelance writer for years, Stuart decided to form his own agency in 2014. GetProCopy infuses humour and anecdotes as its copywriting style.

The company regards itself as having a keen eye for detail. In addition to copywriting, GetProCopy provides proofreading and copy-editing services, eliminating errors and polishing content for a fantastic finish.  The diversity of writers allows the agency to see topics from different angles, which is ideal for satisfying audiences across different sides of the spectrum. GetProCopy operates from Norfolk, but serves brands across the UK and overseas.

Copywriting Services

Stuart and his team of professionals offer creative copywriting services to businesses who are too busy to produce their own copy or need high-quality content on a regular basis. Drawing from decades of experience in the industry, GetProCopy writers provide the following services:

  • Print copywriting
  • Digital copywriting
  • SEO copywriting

Print copywriting serves the offline marketing needs for brands that need to engage and inspire their clients through materials such as magazine editorials, campaign posters, brochures, instruction manuals, flyers, banners and so on. GetProCopy understands that despite the digital mania of the past decade, print still represents an important channel for capturing audiences. They produce compelling content to increase consumer engagement on these platforms.

Stuart’s team produces content for both social media and content marketing channels. This includes blog posts, guest posts, social networks, web content, online sales copy, product description pages and more. Brands in need of material to attract visitors to their site engage GetProCopy for their professional services. According to past testimonials, the copywriting agency is very ‘switched on’ to client needs.

In the world of digital marketing, brands cannot do without SEO. GetProCopy helps ensure that each completed content is optimised for search. The company produces content that is strategically filled with relevant keywords and links to promote web pages and sites across Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Being a digital evangelist himself, Stuart engages with his team to leave no content un-optimised.

 Why not a full service advertising agency?

Full service advertising agencies are usually tasked with several other services – and copywriting is only one of them. They provide a less-focused approach compared to specialist copywriting agencies. Standard agencies like GetProCopy are totally committed to content creation and have within their resources the tools and manpower to deliver efficiently. In addition, full service ad agencies usually cost more than specialist services.

Can GetProCopy help brands increase their website traffic?

One of the services GetProCopy offers is SEO copywriting. The purpose of this is to create content that performs well on Google’s SERP. This means the web page is likely to rank among the top three spots on a user’s search query. According to research, such pages receive a high click-through rate and ultimately draw more organic traffic to the brand’s site. GetProCopy uses techniques akin to Moz’s procedures to attain high SEO-friendly quality.

What about conversion rates?

The goal of digital content production is usually to convince customers to act on a ‘Call to Action’. Stuart’s vast experience as a copywriter helps steer all client projects towards this objective. This is especially important for E-commerce sites with sales and checkout pages. The writers craft persuasive copy and well-positioned ‘Calls-to-Action’ designed to accomplish a specific goal (conversion).

What information does the agency need to start the job?

Unlike some agencies that issue confusing questionnaires, GetProCopy offers its clients a simplified questionnaire with clear questions and straightforward requests. This helps the writer chart a direction for the strategy of the content. Common questions on the brief may include the company’s objectives, goal of the web page, closest competitors, target audience or SEO keywords.

Are the writers as good as they claim?

With a 30-year copywriting veteran at the helm, this experience is a formidable tool in GetProCopy’s service delivery. However, for social proof, Google’s review page gives the company five stars (out of five) from seven customer reviews. Each reviewer had glowing comments about the level of satisfaction they experienced. Toni Baroni said GetProCopy helped her set up and manage her company’s social media account to attain significant reach. Another customer, Jim Adams, commends Stuart for his ability to interpret briefs and create unique and engaging content.

How much does GetProCopy charge?

Every charge is dependent on the particular project. While some projects require less research and time, others need in-depth insight and subject specialty. For this reason, costs vary from order to order. However, GetProCopy is traditionally cheaper than full service agencies that are used to dealing with multinationals and corporations.

Do they also offer editing services?

Yes, GetProCopy does. Some customers (with enough time) find it more budget-friendly to write their own copy and submit it for editing. In this case, GetProCopy reads through and corrects any errors and restructures poorly-worded grammar. They also polish pre-written content to provide a more fitting finish.

How about proofreading content such as instruction manuals and brochures?

Yes, there is little GetProCopy do not do, as long as it is within the realm of copywriting. Most non-native-English-speaking brands write content for an English-speaking audience, but choose to proofread it before publishing. GetProCopy proofreading services seeks out bad grammar and corrects statements that are ‘lost in translation’.

How does GetProCopy choose blog titles?

Stuart and his team use a series of proprietary steps for more customised content requests. This usually involves consulting client briefs, using trending topics or deducing their customers’ pain-points. Another simple way (for less complex projects) is using Hubspot’s Blog topic generator.

What is the work process like?

Normally, an email authorisation is enough to get a project going. After an agreement, GetProCopy starts by studying the client’s website to get a feel of their business’s personality and customer profile. A primary research (interviewing their profile customers) may be conducted, together with insight from their existing research databases.

An initial draft with comments and suggestions is presented to the client for review. Following the corrections and suggestions, the final project is completed. Upon acceptance, an invoice will be sent to the company.