Fat Media

Fat Media is an agency that specialises in crafting specialised copy for a variety of purposes. Their services are quite similar to what we offer at Daily Posts UK but we take quality a step further by applying a variety of effective strategies, resources, and tools to ensure our clients get nothing less than top quality results every time. If you are wondering about what ways our SEO copywriting, Guest Posts services, and content marketing products exceed that of Fat Media, read on to discover more.

Introduction to Fat Media

Fat Media is a professional company, renowned for their exemplary copywriting services. They are an entrepreneurial and innovative digital copywriting company that offers hundreds of clients within the UK award-winning digital marketing solutions to satisfy their business needs.

Aside from content writing, Fat Media also offers website design services and are also proficient in delivering tactical digital marketing campaigns. The agency has been delivering its services for more than a decade now and has won several awards in recognition of its service excellence. These include: 2013 Big Chip Award, Digital Census ’14 Elite, and Highly Commended Prolific North Awards 2014.

Writers at Fat Media

Fat Media’s team consists of over a 100 experts, constantly updating their skills by staying abreast of the latest trends in content writing and marketing techniques. This places the company in an ideal position to consistently deliver services that are in tune with the ever-changing landscape of digital content.

The team can also enhance your brand’s profile by providing compelling and well-written brochures, company branding and exhibition materials for your business, that are designed to win the hearts and minds of both your active and potential customers.

And at Daily Posts?

At Daily Posts, we recruit writers from various corners of the world regularly to maintain a pool of highly creative wordsmiths with diverse talents and points of view. The quality of our writers are guaranteed as they all have an educational background either in the US or UK. Also, each writer is recruited based on their unique set of skills which guarantees that they have something special to contribute to a client’s project.

We make use of a specialized virtual office that makes our copywriting process smooth, efficient, and fast. We also use this virtual office to train our writers on a regular basis to ensure that they stay updated with the latest trends in the world of copywriting and content marketing. Would you like to see samples of some of the fantastic work from our writers? Sign up with us today to see some.

How does Fat Media work?

The goal of Fat Media is to ensure you have access to affordable, high quality, and hassle-free copywriting services. They delivers digital copywriting solutions by first understanding who a client is and what exactly the goals or needs of the client are. By fully understanding a client’s business and the marketplace in which it operates, Fat Media’s copywriting specialists will be in a better position to create content that will appeal to your clients and properly communicate the competencies of your business.

The necessary information needed to effectively complete your project can be received through a quick and informal interview. If you prefer, you can detail your instructions on a handwritten note or by email, using bullet point instructions. Fat Media will work with whatever method is most convenient for you.

After understanding your business and what you are trying to accomplish with online content, Fat Media will do all the necessary research and put its highly-trained and creative staff to work, to deliver copy that you will find wholly satisfying, in a timely manner.

The company is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and you are guaranteed that your dealings with them will occur in a transparent and honest manner. Fat Media has a reputation for building long-lasting partnerships with its many happy clients, who have witnessed first-hand their writing competence and are willing to come back for more.

What does Daily Posts require to start a job?

Just like Fat Media, we also ensure to fully understand a client, the client’s goals, as well as the target audience in order to craft and deliver copy that is capable of delivering expected results. We get the information we need through a straightforward and comprehensive enquiry concerning a client’s business and objectives. By doing this, necessary research can then be performed to identify pertinent keywords and then build engaging and compelling copy around it that will boost the online visibility of a client in relevant search engine results.

What sort of Copywriting Services does Fat Media offer?

Fat Media fully understands that quality copy has the power to turn a total stranger into a loyal customer. That’s why the company has a team of writers with a variety of expertise in creating different types of copy for adverts, brochures, as well as press and PR releases.

Regardless the business sector you are operating in or the sort of services or products you have on offer, Fat Media is capable of delivering quality copy that will effectively communicate your services to your customers.

Errors such as spelling mistakes or bad grammar are elements that clients hardly see in content created by Fat Media. This is because content created by the agency is expertly crafted to make clients appear as professionals within their chosen field.

You can also take advantage of Fat Media’s copywriting services to accomplish effective content marketing strategies. Copy from Fat Media can create a personality for your brand that customers will find appealing as well as compelling.

Upon completion of a project, the agency will deliver copy that is accurate, informative and capable of speaking directly to the needs of your target market or audience. Do you need creative copy that uses storytelling or are you in need of convincing product descriptions? Whatever your content needs are, Fat Media has got you covered.

Is Daily Posts a full service agency?

Like Fat Media, we specialize in delivering optimized error free copy that converts readers from mere visitors to shoppers and subscribers. But our services are not limited to developing and delivering copy alone as we can also execute on behalf of your business a variety of online campaigns that will boost your brand’s image across a variety of online platforms. This will draw traffic to your website from various avenues and take your website ahead of that of your competitors.

Because copy produced by our writers is distinctive and compelling, we can deliver results such as a unique brand voice for your business, an increase in useful traffic, increase in conversion and leads on your website, and convincing copy that shows your visitors that your products are the best choice within your niche.

Some of our most sought after products include SEO copywriting services, web content and blogs, email marketing copy, e-commerce pages, static content, landing pages, meta descriptions, news content, social media content, press releases, company profiles, and more.

Our services are geared towards increasing site traffic, engaging readers, and making them take action which leads to increased revenue for our clients

Just like Fat Media, if you need distinctive copy that’s crafted in story form or any other form for any kind of online platform, Daily Posts UK has got you covered.

Is content from Fat Media SEO-friendly?

Fat Media’s copy is created to be fully engaging and compelling for readers, but their copywriters also ensure that search engines appreciate the quality of the content provided. The Fat Media team has the competence to ensure your copy – once published online – will enhance the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of your website.

Many clients have benefited from the SEO-friendly content delivered to them by Fat Media. With such content, your website is in a better position to stay ahead of competing websites in search engine results. To see the many other ways that Fat Media can boost your website’s SEO, check here.

How do Daily Posts UK’s Copywriting Services Compare?

Our focus at Daily Posts is creating copy that will be relevant and effective online for a long time to come. Like Fat Media, we accomplish this by creating content that is wholly SEO friendly. We also ensure that our copy have a long shelf life by ensuring every aspect fits well with Google algorithm requirements. We have years of experience in the world of content marketing and thus have a firm grip on how to help our clients succeed in an ever evolving online environment.

What’s the price of Fat Media’s services?

Fat Media wants any client that approaches them to be able to afford the copywriting services they need. This is why they make it possible for clients to pick an ideal copywriting solution for their needs at a price that is within their means. Regardless the size or complexity of your project, Fat Media can deliver satisfactory results at competitive prices.

How much does Daily Posts Charge?

Unlike other copywriting agencies, including Fat Media, we are not vague about pricing. From the beginning, we provide our clients with a comprehensive list of our available packages and their costs. Regardless your budget, you will definitely find a package from us that can deliver the quantity and quality of content you need;

  • $0.02 per word. This is our SEO copywriting plan which offers great value copy at some of the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere.
  • $0.03 per word. This price covers our high quality Web Content package. It’s great for small or large web projects such as blogs, landing pages, guest posts, and press releases.
  • $0.05 per word. This covers our Premium Package wherein you can get content whose quality goes beyond the typical.
  • $0.08 per word. This is our charge for technical documents and micro copy that require highly specialized knowledge and skill.

Our pricing is where we exceed a majority of our competition, including Fat Media. If you are unsure which of our copywriting packages is best for you, you contact us at any time for expert advice and all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Fat Media has a proven track record of delivering quality copywriting services and can be trusted to deliver effective copy for your business needs.

How does Fat Media compare to Daily Posts UK?

Fat Media is no doubt a dependable agency with an impressive track record of keeping clients happy. But so are we at Daily Post. Also, we take the quality of our services a step further by providing clients an easy way to get the quantity and quality of content they want at a price they are willing to pay. This is possible thanks to our versatile virtual office.

If you would like to work with an expert copywriting agency that takes the hassle out of getting quality copy for your website, sign up with us today. We’ve made clients all over the world happy and we can make you happy too.