Express Writers

Express Writers is one of the most sought after professional copywriting agencies in the UK. The agency offers services that bear several similarities to what we offer here at Daily Posts UK, nonetheless, there are aspects of our SEO copywriting, Guest Posts services, and other content marketing services that place us ahead of Express Writers. Where the difference is most apparent is how we operate and deliver our services.

Read on to discover services that Express Writers offer and how Daily Posts UK is different where it matters the most.


Express Writers is a New Orleans based copywriting service established in 2011 with the purpose to deliver great web content to customers. Clients include top-level local and global brands, from startups, tech companies, travel agencies law firms and many others. They have completed thousands of projects for many clients, most of whom have become loyal customers.

The goal at Express Writers is to create quality web copy for every aspect of a client’s content marketing campaign. Some of the services on offer include designing eBooks, posting content for daily blogs, web copy and more.

Express Writers have writers in every niche from law, healthcare and natural healing. They go beyond writing to create useful infographics in partnership with social media experts.

Who is the CEO of Express Writers?

CEO, Julia McCoy (a content marketer and Amazon bestselling author of the book, ‘So you think you can write?’), founded the company and hosts The Write Podcast. She was one of the top content marketers in 2016 and an accomplished freelance writer prior to starting her own brand. She set up Express Writers to find the best writers who shared her passion for intelligent content. She has since gathered a group of over 60 writers under her tutelage, most of whom she has personally trained.

How do Express Writers guarantee customer satisfaction?

On their website, Express Writers report a success rate of 98% from thousands of happy clients. They guarantee customer satisfaction by filtering thousands of applications from writers to handpick only the best writers, experts and strategists who can take on any size of work and deliver perfection. For every project, this is what they offer:

  • Fixed price to ensure transparency in pricing and work completed
  • Match projects to writers well versed in the client’s niche
  • Copywriting from professionally trained writers in the US
  • Proofreading by digital marketing focused editors
  • Manage your social media presence by posting daily content to your blog and creating professional brand descriptions on your social media pages
  • Two free revision sessions for every project to ensure content is perfect and the client is satisfied with the output

What about Daily Posts?

At Daily Posts, we are firm believers in the quality of our writers being the key to optimal customer satisfaction. It is for this reason we have a specialized process of recruiting highly talented writers with an educational background in either the UK or US. Each of our writers is highly creative and possesses unique knowledge about specific business niches. This way, regardless what the niche of your business is, you will always find a team of writers at Daily Posts that are more than capable of providing the quality of copy you need.

Asides from recruiting writers with raw talent, we also ensure to hone the skills of our writers frequently by keeping them updated with the latest tools and of the latest trends from the world of content marketing. This ensures that clients always get copy with relevant content and a long shelf life.

Asides from the above, other ways we guarantee the satisfaction of our clients are competitively low prices on high value services, speed of delivery on a task, competence to create and publish copy on a variety of platforms, as well as quality assurance every time you work with us.

What is the copywriting process at Express Writers?

  • Sign up and add services to your cart or ask someone at Express Writers to load your cart for you
  • Review the services you’ve ordered and checkout with a credit card or PayPal
  • Fill out the project details, either through spreadsheet, upload bulk files or use the product form after purchase
  • Content is assigned to a writer within your niche
  • Writer creates content and editorial staff reviews using Express Writers five-point quality process
  • Additional creation based on your purchases
  • Content is uploaded to your order for review

How do their process compare with that of Daily Posts UK?

When working with us at Daily Posts, we require clients to sign up with us using their company details. This way, clients can have access to our dynamic virtual office and order for copy in a faster and smoother manner. We use the information provided by our clients during signing up to understand our clients better and begin mapping out a content strategy that will serve their needs best.

The next easy step in ordering for copy is filling our checkbox briefing form through which a client can conveniently provide all pertinent information concerning their project. This information is part of what we’ll use to tailor content to create bespoke copy for a client. You can then choose a service plan that best suits your budget. Once that’s completed, we’ll promptly get to work on your brief and have it ready within your specified timeframe.

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What type of copywriting services do Express Writers offer?

E-books – Express writers provide copywriting and original illustration designs for clients using Hubspot stylistic formatting and Adobe InDesign, to create copy.

Blogs – Express Writers craft and submit blog posts on behalf of the client. The idea is to create content that engages the client, improves site ranking and enriches the overall quality of the website.

Email sequences – Express Writers strategise on the best email content that promotes the brand’s message to their target audience and urges visitors to take action, using email marketing writers.

Press releases – A press release from Express Writers is written to boost your online presence and reputation.

Product descriptions – Express Writers design high-quality product descriptions optimised for SEO and desirable to your target audience. They have a team of e-commerce writers that create bespoke content using simple grammar that readers understand.

Ad copywriting – Express Writers formulates gripping social media ads to grab the reader’s attention and increase conversion. The content is advertised as professional and is ideal for Pay-Per-Click Ads or Ads on social media platforms.

Content planning – Clients who need help with content for content marketing strategy can use the consultation services at Express Writers. They utilise top performing ideas, topics and keywords to design web content for blogs and websites.

How do Daily Posts UK’s Copywriting Services Compare?

We offer all of the services that Express Writers offer and a little extra. Some of our most sought after services include web content and blogs, SEO copywriting services, copy for email marketing or social media marketing, e-commerce pages, static content, effective meta descriptions, landing pages, news content, press releases, company profiles, and more.

Each of the services we deliver is designed to guarantee an increase in the traffic of a client’s website by boosting their online visibility within their niche. Also, because our writing is search engine optimized, your website’s pages will be able to rank higher in search engine results, as well as increase conversion which will in due course lead to increased revenue.

Which copywriters will handle my project?

Julia, CEO of Express Writers, claims to personally oversee the recruitment process to ensure the writers she picks to write content for clients are hardworking, ready to learn and have a natural passion for writing. Only 2% of applicants make it past the test stage and successful applicants always undergo regular training to update them on current practices that optimise every piece of content for the client.

Writers who want to work with Express Writers submit an application with a resume, samples of work and personal information. If your work is up to standard, you will take some tests that determine your writing, grammar and SEO proficiency. The screening process includes background verification and skill testing, to handpick only the best.

And at Daily Posts?

We have a variety of expert writers on our team. After we’ve properly evaluated your brief, the writers with the most competence to guarantee your desired results will be assigned to your project. Regardless your niche, be rest assured that we have the specialists to deliver exactly what you need.

How much does Express Writers copywriting cost?

There are three levels of content at Express Writers, which includes:

General content: Ideal for clients who require lightweight pieces on social media, newsletters or blogs, to keep followers engaged in your brand. It doesn’t require heavy research, but is focused on SEO-rich content.

Expert content: Expert copy shows the client has some knowledge about the content niche and is geared towards improving page ranking.

Authority content: For clients who require share-worthy content from the best writers. You can view the full prices on Express Writers website.

How much does Daily Posts Charge?

This is where we truly differ from Express Writers. While Express Writers’ services offer competitive prices, we use a transparent pricing system that offers clients a range of high value packages at various prices. This way, you can easily pick a package whose price you are most comfortable with without compromising on quality. Our pricing plans are;

  • $0.02 per word for a SEO copywriting package. This will deliver quality copy at some of the cheapest prices you can find
  • $0.03 per word covers our Web Content package under which you can access blogs, landing pages, guest posts, press releases and more. This is our most demanded for package.
  • $0.05 per word covers our Premium Content plan. Copy under this package is of a significantly higher quality and is designed to engage readers and compel them to take action.
  • $0.08 per word is our charge for technical documents and micro copy that require highly specialized knowledge and skill.

As you may notice, our pricing policy is one that is comprehensive and all encompassing. If you’re not sure which plan is best for your needs, we can provide all the information that’s needed to help you make the right choice.

Express Writers reviews

There are 28 reviews on Facebook; 26 of which are 5-star, while two are 1-star. Most clients say they had a positive customer service and the content they received was excellent. On BBB Business Profile, there are six positive reviews, with a composite score of 2.32 out of 5. However, there were two disputes raised on the website, both of which have not yet been fully resolved.

The bottom line

Our services and that of Expert Writers bear a lot of similarities, but difference can be seen in the areas of ease of ordering for copy and pricing. Our services are designed to ensure anyone regardless if it’s a small or large business, or an individual, can get the quantity and quality copy they need with the least hassle possible.

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