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What is content writing?

It is the act of writing quality content.

What exactly does a content writer do?

The content writer devises means that will make your target audience keep visiting your website. He does this by creating or editing online articles to impart brand knowledge, market, and sell products as displayed on your webpage.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that creates an awareness of your brand through the creation, publication, and distribution of quality content to a target audience to drive traffic to your business.

From large organisations with global impact to small companies, content marketing is a great strategy.

The content writer you need depends on your business goals. Examples of content writers include grant writer, advertising writer, digital/UX writer, subject matter expert, influencer, social media writer, Brand journalist, SEO copywriter/generalist, and lead generation writer.

Types of content marketing

According to Isaac Justesen in his refreshing article "32 Types of Content and How to Use Them (With Examples)", we can categorise content into four types:

  • Written Content: Examples are blog posts, e-books, case studies, customer success stories, white papers, comparison sheet, product content and guides, achievements, user generated content /user guides/ user manuals, ratings, and FAQS.
  • Visual Content: Examples are videos, image, infographics , GIFs, memes, and online magazines.
  • Interactive Content: Examples are contests, quizzes, polls, calculators, and brackets.
  • Video Content: Examples include vlog, product demo videos, webinar, brand, and how-to -tutorials.

Top 6 types of content

  • Blog

Blogging is a top performer for any brand. Blogs are one of the best ways to improve SEO, build leads and relationships, and help build networking opportunities.

  • Videos

Video is a great content marketing tactic that helps you remain competitive in the digital world. Consumers are more prone to viewing video content. This helps increase the time spent on a particular site.

  • Infographics

Infographics are the most liked and shared type of content on social media. This visual content helps educate customers, provide useful information, and engage them on your website.

  • Customer success stories/Case studies

Case studies are customer testimonies explaining how your post has helped specific customers resolve similar challenges and become successful. These prove that your solutions work and customers are more likely to patronise your brand.

  • FAGS

Including FAQs on your website saves you the time you would have spent on answering routine questions and increasing potential sales.

  • Social media posts

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be harnessed to help businesses reach a wider audience. How you engage your social media posts will determine how often your customers will view your site.

Reasons content marketing is important

Your competitors are already using it

Chances are your customers are already enjoying a personalised service from your competitors who are already using the online promotional platform. You stand to lose your target audience to your competitors who can better meet the needs of your customers because they have access to online tools, E-libraries and social media platforms, fortifying their business as an authority brand.

To arouse the interest of your target audience

By offering guidance, evenly distributing proofs that validate you as an authority to the world and enhancing customer connection to your brand, you will not only attract the ideal audience but you will increase your brand awareness, making customers come back for more.

Build brand authority

Perhaps the most important reason content marketing is essential is that it can help build your brand as a trusted authority in your line of business and this will build customer trust.

User journey

Content marketing helps you convert more website visitors into leads, through insight gained from user journey, data from the most downloaded videos, engagement rates on social media posts, or hot topics.

Rank higher on search engines (organic CEO)

You rank higher on search engines such as Google by producing high-quality content. Backlinking is also another way to rank high on search engines. Other experts will want to link to you to hear what you have to say which will increase your audience.

Therefore, getting the attention of your target market on the internet centres on your adherence to these rules:

To drive traffic, you must obey the traffic rules. Is your good, high-quality content worthwhile? Most definitely yes, but is it easy? The answer is a resounding no! However, your audience will appreciate it and so will your business account.

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