Guide to Online Copywriting Services – Understanding the Market

In today’s marketing world, copywriters essentially run the digital web. Whether they know it or not, everyone is familiar with the work of copywriters. You’ll find products of copywriting services everywhere from pop-up banner ads that appear as you browse a website to the blogs you turn to when you need to learn money-making tips from experts or how to redecorate your living room. Copywriting services are also behind mail and email marketing ads, radio ads, television commercials, and articles. As such, there’s no better time than now to understand copywriting services online, and the key roles they play in our modern world. To find out more about copywriting services and how the market works, check in with us at Daily Posts. As one of the premier copywriting agencies on the web, we can keep you up to date on all the latest tips, strategies and happenings in the world of online copy.

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What Copywriting Services Online Are All About

Copywriting involves selling a brand’s biggest benefits to its prospects, whether the copy is for a virtual business or a company with a physical presence. The same principle applies, although the nature of the web means that a different strategy needs to be applied when copy is being written for the web. Most people aren’t interested in how awesome a product or service is, or the ins and outs of a business. This kind of information can be provided via content writing. Online copywriting services provide the information they need – empathy with their concerns and solutions to their problems. They want to know whether you can offer something to help them deal with a specific difficulty.

Copywriting services online can be quite diverse, as specialists, editors and strategists from different industries who are versed in different content types create and publish such content as:

  • Blogs and blogging packages
  • Web pages, landing pages
  • Social media posts and custom imagery
  • Social media plans, profile creation
  • Email content
  • Product descriptions
  • Research and keyword strategy
  • Infographics and ebooks
  • Meta copies
  • Interviews (with our writers, strategists, project managers)
  • In-line and developmental editing
  • Content planning/editorial calendars
  • Expert copywriting in all areas, including technical, financial, creative, medical, legal, & more
  • Press Releases
  • Slides (PowerPoint or PDF)
  • Ad copy, slogans/taglines
  • Sales pages, scripts and whitepapers

Online copywriting begins by looking at how a brand’s proposition differs from the competition, and how this can be portrayed in the website copy. Next, content is carefully crafted with the right keywords so that online visitors can find it in search. The final stage is to focus on how the pages appear in search results, so that more people can click to enter the site.

Essentially, if you want your brand to grow, then you should be considering hiring SEO copywriting services. With the help of good online copywriting, you can create a high-profile website with thousands of monthly visitors and also get your brand to rank high online. These services offer highly-skilled and reliable writers who insert commitment and expertise into the work they do, because they enjoy it and want to see you achieve your SEO and ranking objectives.

While most people understand the value that great writers can add to a good company, copywriting services online can take that value one step further by seamlessly linking copywriting services with SEO techniques to provide the best of both worlds for your website.

What Sections of Your Website Need Copywriting Online Services?

Whenever you need to sell on the web, you need online copywriting. Online copywriting services can benefit different sections of your website, including:

  • The homepage, where you want to create an instant impact. It’ll encourage people to contact you or spend more time exploring your website. Copy for this page needs to assure visitors that they are in the right place. This can be done in several ways, including making sure that headlines are clear and that they properly communicate your understanding of why they are there. One way or another, the copy should send out the message “you’ll find what you need here”.
  • Landing pages aimed at converting more and more people, especially when you’re making use of PPC campaigns to drive traffic to your landing page. Since visitors can “land” on almost any page on the website, the landing pages in question are those meant to collect basic information such as email addresses.
  • Specific webpages designed to prompt people to read about your products and services, and to do business with you. The tone of voice for these pages should be warm and approachable rather than stiff and stilted.
  • Email marketing campaigns to drive people to open and read your emails or to click on links placed within.

Qualifications to Look for When Choosing Online Copywriting Services

Deciding to make use of online copywriting services for your website, blog or business is an important step as the individual or agency you choose to work with will have an effect on your business for a long time. If you choose a service that lacks the right qualifications or experience in your scope of work, you’ll end up with bad website content and lose business. Copywriters can make or break your brand, which is why careful consideration should be made before settling on copywriting services. The most effective and creative copywriting services are not necessarily the most expensive and not all affordable services will provide low-quality copy. When it comes to choosing such services, here are some aspects to look out for:


Great online copywriting services are packed with creative copywriters. While it’s commonly assumed that creativity is only needed to write novels and short fiction stories, this couldn’t be further from the truth. People writing marketing copy and other forms of copywriting services work with a wide selection of clients. This means they need to be able to think on their feet and consistently come up with new persuasive copy. In addition, storytelling is an integral part of copywriting, involving the use of creativity to craft a unique and compelling copy that’ll appeal to the target audience and help your company achieve its goals.

Great writing skills

Even though copywriters can excel in their field without a degree, they do need to possess great writing skills. While it’s true that their services touch on a wide area of subjects from website design to search engine optimisation, the core of all that work is writing. So, their individual writing skills must be rock-solid. Copywriters must be comfortable with words – written or spoken – and also be able to bend and command them to do what they need. What’s more, if your business is in a highly-competitive niche, copywriters will emphasise your strengths and create a unique voice to help you stand out from the competition.

Eye for detail

Extensive detail is important in copywriting. Readers now want more than just low-hanging content that does nothing to solve their problems. Great copywriting, therefore, needs to dig deep to provide comprehensive content. The more detailed the online copy is, the higher the chance that readers will find it useful. The material created will then rank well and portray the writer as an authority in the field.

Interpersonal Skills

Many copywriters work remotely, but they are a part of a team made up of other experts such as advertisers, SEO experts, designers and sales professionals. To be successful, a copywriter needs serious teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with other people to come up with a superb copy.

Comprehensive research skills

Often, copywriters have their own areas of specialisation, such as the IT, medical or financial industry. However, with their research skills they can write on all topics for their clients. For example, if a client requests copy about buying printer ink for your home or office printer, and the copywriter has limited knowledge about printers and their inks, they can use the web to research information that can be used to provide a great article on the subject.

Open to criticism

Criticism is a central part of the job, whether or not the copywriter has received any formal training. It’s almost impossible to always “nail it” and professional copywriters expect their clients and editors to provide the occasional negative feedback. In such cases, the copywriter should be able to take the feedback and use it to create better content.

Consistent learning

The copywriting industry intersects with other industries such as digital marketing and SEO, so copywriters at the top of their game are constantly seeking knowledge about these things to add to their repertoire. In addition to strengthening their writing skills, consistent learning will allow them to stay on the cutting edge of the market. Being open to learning new things about the industry is an important quality of good copywriters. Elements such as social media, SEO strategies and proper blog formatting can all be learned, and having control of them is what makes copywriting services online stand out from the rest.

Copywriting Services Online – How to Choose the Best

Choosing a service mostly has to do with going where there’s the most value. You want the best and most affordable service for your needs; however, the main draw is value. Your business and, indeed, your brand are in need of image development and it’s time to turn the work over to an expert. Copywriting is a science, a talent, a skill and an art form. There are so many copywriters and agencies flooding the market with what they label as “quality copywriting”. Sadly, the bulk of them lack the ability to provide quality copy. Assuming you don’t have a referral from a friend or colleague, how can you ensure you choose premium online copywriting services?

Keeping the lines of communication open both ways is essential in choosing the best copywriting services. When you first make contact, you could be required to provide some basic information about your needs for your online copy. During your initial discussions, there are some questions and issues that you should clear up:

How much they know about your industry – This will help you determine whether or not your potential copywriting service is familiar enough with your industry to write about it. This is even more important if you’re in need of an experienced industry copywriter to craft content for your website. To ensure you get good value for money, the service provider you choose must be able to understand and write to match the genre of your industry.

How much they know about your business – Before now, you should have already provided the prospective copywriter with some basic information about what you do. It’s at this point that you can find out if they have fully reviewed your submission and have even carried out further research. If they’re unable to tell you what they know about your business or have no additional questions to ask about your business, chances are they are unprofessional and lazy. Lazy copywriters cannot deliver quality content because they are all about getting paid and not producing the copy that will help you meet your goals.

Do they understand your target audience? At the beginning of your communication with them, you may or may not have provided them with audience-specific information. However, online copywriting service professionals should be able to deduce your target audience from the information you have provided about your project details. If they are unable to do so, then they clearly didn’t take the time to study and understand your target readers. In order for the copy to be effective and have the other essential qualities of good copywriting, the writer must understand your potential market and why they would want your product or service.

What are the top three benefits of my product for my target audience? This question will help you separate the professional, quality-producing copywriters from the lazy ones. The ideal copywriting agency for you will be able to provide correct answers to this question and may also add a few other benefits they think your audience can gain from you.

Can they describe your brand voice? All companies have a voice, and you know how you want your target audience to perceive you both now and in the future. Ensure the copywriter you’re considering for the job also recognises your voice and can properly project it in the copy.

What’s their experience with similar projects? If you’re interested in seeing samples of their previous jobs, then asking them about other projects they’ve worked on is important. Professional online copywriters will provide you with samples of similar projects when you request them. If they skirt around the topic, they probably cannot be trusted to deliver quality work.

Why should I hire you? Give the copywriters the opportunity to sell themselves and show off their skills. This is where they can highlight their experience and explain how their copywriting services can benefit your company. You may be convinced at this point that they will produce a copy that will generate big sales for your products or services.

Building a Relationship with Your Copywriting Services Company

After you’ve made the final decision about the service provider that fits your needs, you’ll want to find out about their rates and availability. Typically, specialists such as direct mail copywriters or technical writers charge more than generalists. Also, more experienced copywriters cost more than those new to the field. In terms of availability, inform the copywriter about your timeline or the deadline you need to meet so that they can tell you if they can fit your project into their schedule. Lots of copywriters currently operate at capacity and have ongoing projects that can last several weeks or months. If the copywriter is unsure that they can meet your deadline, it would be better to award the project to a more available agency.

When you meet with the copywriter you’re considering, be sure you can have a good working relationship with them. You don’t have to be best pals, but some amount of interaction is necessary and their personality can make it easy or difficult to do so. In addition, ensure that they can follow through on commitments. For example, when they promise to submit a proposal by a certain date and time, they need to do so.

Your copywriter can also assist you in developing an effective marketing plan for your business. Whenever you need marketing content, you have someone who already knows the ins and outs of your business. Their marketing experience can also be a great resource for you. You may want to turn to them for input on your promotional materials. They can make useful recommendations and help you establish a direction for building your brand.

Understanding the Copywriting Services Market

The copywriting industry is where you can find good content marketing strategy that matches your company’s key values to your audience’s needs and the preferred ways of accessing and consuming content. If you’re selling products or services online, you need engaging, compelling and persuasive marketing materials. You need potential clients to be able to find you on the web and have a clear understanding of your business. A professional copywriter can create content involving your products and services aimed at boosting leads and sales. Depending on the size of your business, you might be interested in hiring a full-time copywriter or a freelance copywriter for copies on a per-project basis. Whatever your business needs, it’s essential to understand the copywriting services market to help you find the right fit. To get you started, here are some commonly asked questions and answers for when you need copywriting services online.

  1. What are some of the types of copywriting services available for purchase?

Typically, copywriters offer their services to individuals and companies in need of written content such as:

  • Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Brochures
  • Sales Letters
  • Ads (online and offline)
  • Press Releases
  • Blog Posts
  • Direct Mail
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Product Packaging
  • White Papers
  1. Do I need to hire a copywriter with direct experience in my field or industry?

You’ll naturally save time and energy if you can find a copywriter with direct experience, or who has completed similar projects, in what you need. There’ll be no need to bring them up to speed or have difficulties with understanding your vision for your copy. However, this doesn’t have to be the only deciding factor. Unless the subject matter is highly technical, there’s no need for your copywriter to have direct industry experience for your project. Even if they do not possess industry-specific knowledge, they can easily carry out comprehensive research to learn what your copy needs to stand out. Usually, such copywriters are generalists and can do the necessary background research to learn about new subjects. Regardless, be sure to provide all the information they might need to reduce the time spent researching. It’s also worth mentioning that your copywriter doesn’t have to be based in the UK. You can hire copywriting services based anywhere in the world and work with them via Skype, email and/or phone.

  1.  Can a copywriter provide design services?

The job of a copywriter is quite different from that of a web design or graphic design. It’s more helpful to look for people who specialise. Therefore, you’ll need a graphic designer if you’re creating a brochure with a visual component. Copywriters can also work with web designers to create a website.  A web designer can effectively design a website where your copy can be added. You might also need to hire a web developer to provide coding/programming services. Often, copywriters have working relationships with web designers/developers and graphic designers and can refer you to someone they trust. Other copywriters also provide project management services, overseeing the different vendors working on a project to ensure the client’s objectives are met.

  1. How do copywriters obtain the information they need to write?

The process of copywriting for clients typically begins with a face-to-face or Skype meeting, or a phone call to discuss the project. Copywriters often like to talk with a subject matter expert for the company to quickly understand the business and competitive landscape. Therefore, you may then plan another meeting where the copywriter will talk with your company’s subject matter expert (SME) to gain additional background and context. At this point, the copywriter will ask pointed questions related to the information they need. Most copywriters also obtain information from personal research including books, online articles and competitor websites.

  1. Who owns the copy created by the copywriter?

If you pay a copywriter for a custom project, the copy belongs to you. The way it’s used (or not used) is also up to you. Companies may also choose to leverage their investment by repurposing the content, thereby spreading the cost of professional copywriting over several projects. For instance, a professionally-created report on current industry trends can be repurposed by the client into one or two blog posts and a sales letter. With some creative editing, an ad can also be generated from the report. Most copywriting projects are custom projects. After you pay the project fee, you have full ownership of the copy. It should also be said here that you own the copyright to the copy. Which means it cannot be legally used without your permission.

  1. What if I don’t like the copy submitted by my copywriter?

It’s important to tell your copywriter exactly what you need before they begin to work. After they create a first draft, you should review it and let them know what you like and what you don’t like. Copywriters are used to this and constructive criticism will make the work better. So, be as specific as possible. If there’s anything you want removed or included, this is the time to speak up. The writing and review process will then be repeated until the final project is one you’re happy with. Professional copywriters tend to include up to three revisions in the pricing. However, you may not need that many rewrites. If you provide your copywriter with good information, they can usually satisfy you within one or two drafts.

  1. How much can I expect to pay for copywriting online services?

Generally copywriters charge one of two ways:

  • An hourly rate
  • A project rate

Hourly rates can range from £30 to £150 per hour depending on the level of experience of the copywriter. However, hourly rates only offer one half of the equation because to get the true project cost, the copywriter has to provide you with an estimate of the required number of hours. Usually, copywriters will provide a quote before work on your project has started. This price is decided according to your project, taking factors into consideration such as the volume of research needed, level of complexity, number of meetings required and how many hours it will take to complete the job. Ensure that the quote provided correctly breaks down the project parameters, to show that the copywriter is aware of what’s required and charges accordingly. Sometimes, a project may be difficult to define upfront, or new variables may affect the expected amount of work. In such cases, the copywriter may quote the project in stages after hitting certain benchmarks. Another option is to provide a total will-not-exceed number for the complete project.

  1. Are there potential additional charges I need to know about before hiring a copywriter?

Add-on charges that may occur can result from:

  • Change of Focus – the project was initially quoted and executed one way. However, after receiving and reviewing the result, you decide to make changes that result in a complete overhaul of the copy. For example, requesting website content with a target audience of a specific group of people and then deciding to target a completely different group to gain better engagement. Changing focus while the work is ongoing can also result in extra copywriting fees.
  • Change of Scope – introducing additional requirements or components after the project is already underway will lead to add-on charges. An example is requesting for a 4-page brochure and providing additional information that makes it expand to 10 pages. The original price quote of the project no longer matches its description and will need to be revised.
  • Rush Turnarounds – If you have an extremely short deadline and require the copywriter to work nights or weekends, it could also add to overall cost.
  1. What are typical payment terms for copywriters?

Before starting on your project, many copywriters will request a 50% deposit. The balance will be paid after successfully completing your work. If your project is a large scale one that can last weeks or months, you may discuss setting benchmarks and paying a portion of the total amount as each target is reached.  It’s also possible to negotiate terms with a copywriter to eliminate the deposit and pay the full price after the job is completed. This is easy when you find a copywriter who you enjoy working with and establish an ongoing relationship with them.

How Online Copywriting Services Can Grow Your Business

Premium copy is essential to building trust with your potential customers, boosting search engine rankings, and establishing your brand. There are countless potential clients searching the internet for more information every day – looking for copy that will help them solve their problems, answer their questions regarding certain products and help them decide what to buy. If your company website is not providing this information, your competitor will, and they’ll reap the rewards in your place. Unfortunately, so many of today’s business websites are missing high-quality copy. A lot of the information on business websites is duplicated, poorly written, or lacking in volume, and will hamper the business, both in sales and search engines. If you’re worried that your website copy is underperforming or you’re struggling to provide consistent, high-quality product descriptions for your business, then you should be looking for online copywriting services and enjoying these benefits:

  • You can save time with online copywriting services

If you’re a small business, you’ll probably have some workers who are familiar with writing. As a result, you might be tempted to ask them to create some content for your website. This can be a great idea if they know what they’re doing, but that’s not always the case where copywriting is concerned. Things can get a little messy when an inexperienced writer is placed in charge of crafting engaging copy to help you sell online. The more revisions that have to be done in copywriting, the more time will be spent on a single copy, leading to wasted time. Professional copywriters know what your business should say and the way your potential customers want to hear it, and they don’t spend more time than necessary in delivering it.

  • Copywriters are familiar with search engines

Another benefit to be gained from professional online copywriting services is having no worries about visibility or how your target audience will find you online. Copywriting service providers know how to utilise Google and have the skills to boost your website views and sales. Also, they won’t plagiarise and put your business at risk. This is one of the many reasons why business owners prefer to hire experts for their writing needs.  Working with professional copywriting services means that your website will have high-quality copy that converts readers. In addition, content will be very specific to web pages. People who want to make an online purchase are different from those who walk into a store to shop. Most online buyers look for information about how the product will meet their needs, they want answers to their concerns about the product or service, and professional copywriters can help you provide what they need.

  • Online copywriting services know how to sell

The main goal of getting help with copywriting is to get as many online views and sales as possible. Many businesses offer their products and services online, or try to increase brand awareness. More often than not, if you need copy for your website, it’s because you want to drive traffic, boost sales and meet your financial goal. Marketing copywriters understand how buyers think and can influence and encourage them to take action with compelling calls-to-action aimed at persuading prospects to contact you, buy and share your content. This is why their services are so necessary. Copywriters know how to research and create the type of content that will capture your readers’ interest and turn them into customers.

  • Online copywriting services can get you seen

The web is a busy place flooded with several businesses struggling with yours for visibility. The priority in your business growth strategy should, therefore, be on how to grow your visibility online. You should be appearing in the search results when users browse Google and other search engines for your product, service or skills. There are a number of ways you can boost your position in search engines and several of them involve the skills of a copywriter to arrange words and content to match the current search trends in your industry. A good copywriter will help you discover how to satisfy your customers and communicate with them in a way that shows your business will be a good fit for them.

  • Copywriting gives your website an impressive look

Many people make the decision whether to do business with a company after online a few seconds on the website. While how your website looks may not be the best indication of the products or services you offer, it’s inevitable that you’ll be “judged by your cover”. An impressive website appears to be more dedicated and informed and will typically put prospective customers at ease. Websites with ample content and compelling copy are more likely to be taken seriously by visitors. Without fresh content, your website can slide down the search engine result pages on Google, leading to fewer chances of being found by potential clients.

  • Hiring online copywriting experts produces results

Copywriting experts can attract and engage your target audience in an efficient manner, whether you’re in need of professional product description writing, SEO writing, web pages, blogs or webpages. Experienced copywriting services incorporate a range of techniques in their texts. For instance, they’ll ensure your web pages are spotted by Google, Yahoo and other search engines with natural and meaningful keywords incorporated into the text. Additionally, copywriters are more than just writers, they are multi-talented. They possess content marketing skills and have a firm grasp of how to effectively utilise various digital channels. That’s an additional benefit especially if you’re running a small business. Your copy writer will provide the right words for your content in addition to offering sound marketing advice.

In conclusion, making use of online copywriting services doesn’t mean that you’ll lose total control over what goes up on your website. Copywriting services are usually open to working with you and following your set guidelines. They’ll also accept constructive criticism and use it to improve your content. They are available for communication at your convenience and, in the case of any issues, will alert you immediately.

The need of businesses in today’s world for fresh and original content is an ongoing one, as stale and outdated information will make your website lose valuable web visibility. Depending on your target market and the size of your website, it might be sufficient to simply add a few articles of SEO web content. In the long term, a website with up-to-date quality content will greatly benefit you and is well worth the cost of hiring copywriting services.

Here at Daily Posts, we have significant experience in writing copy for websites. We have provided every kind of copywriting including a complete copy for a large multi-national healthcare organisation. It’s our experience that working with a professional copywriting agency adds new life to an established website or enables quick completion of a new one. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your content creation needs.