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Direct Response Copywriting

Writing copy for advertisement and general copywriting have evolved over the years to include different methods. One of such notable methods is the direct response copywriting–an important backbone of direct marketing.

Direct response copywriting reaches out to prospective clients and focuses on getting them to buy a product or subscribe to a service instantly.

The aim of direct response copywriting is to increase sales. It requires great persuasion skills. Good direct response copy unsettles the reader slowly, presents a much-needed solution to a problem and creates the need for the reader to purchase the product–leading him to the call to action to make a purchase.

World famous copywriters such as David Ogilvy, John Emory Powers, and Claude Hopkins believed in creativity, understood the psychology of the consumer mind, and presented facts intelligently to the reader. This guaranteed enormous success in the direct marketing campaigns they undertook throughout their entire careers.

One of the major benefits of direct response copywriting in marketing communications is its measurability. With tools and analytics (for online campaigns) you can directly measure performance and also control the campaign, unlike other forms of copywriting and advertising.

At Daily Posts, we share the same beliefs with the fathers of direct response copywriting. We believe our consumer is intelligent; we study consumer behaviour, and we use creative ideas to introduce your products and services to your customers. With effective long-form and technical copy, we slowly wear away objections in the reader's mind and build the need to become a loyal customer in him.

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Features of a Good Direct Response Copy

Advertising copy must contain some features before it can be referred to as a direct response copy. They include…

? Captivating and Creative Headlines

Direct response copy requires creative and captivating headlines to capture the attention of the reader and get him interested in copy. A great headline shows the uniqueness of the product or brand and the need for the reader to make a purchase.

To do this, the copywriter must understand consumer behaviour; know the needs of the brand’s buyer persona, and how the product is expected to tackle them. Daily Posts’ copywriters use this user experience and adequate knowledge of the product to craft compelling headlines guaranteed to attract and retain attention.

? Long-form Type Copy

The average consumer is more likely to buy a product or subscribe to a service if he has a good knowledge of the product/service. Surveys and tests carried out by David Ogilvy and Neil Patel show that long-form copy converts better than short copy.

Direct response copywriting uses long-form type copy to give as much information as possible about a product to the reader. This increases trust and makes the reader believe he is making the right choice. At Daily Posts, we use long-form copy to present the benefits of using the product, wear away objections, and convince the reader to make a purchase.

? Irresistible Call to Action

CTAs are used to show readers the next step to take after going through copy. Copy without CTAs leaves users hanging and not knowing what to do next. Good direct response copy contains irresistible CTAs which are not just meant to show readers the required action to take but also make them feel happy doing so. We create compelling CTAs and test them to identify the ones guaranteed to resonate within the minds of the readers.

? Customer-focused

To sell the product, good direct response copy is written with the customer in mind. The needs, problems, and expectations are put into consideration. A good copywriter understands customer behaviour and leverage such knowledge in creating copy that gets the audience’s attention. We spend the time to research and study the behaviour of your brand buyer persona and use technical copywriting to show how the product will solve his problems.

? Clear, Concise, and Readable

Besides having a great content tailored to suit the needs of the consumer, copy must be optimised for readability. While presenting all the information, copy should be concise and clear. It addresses the reader personally, contains fewer jargons and has good flow. Our talented copywriters use adequate writing style, natural language, and brand voice to create copy which will inspire loyalty in existing customers and make a lasting impression on new ones.

? A Sense of Urgency

A sense of urgency is needed in direct response copywriting to elicit an instant response from readers. Placed in the headlines and CTA, they make the reader realise the need to respond or carry out the desired action. With a basic understanding of human psychology and use of power words which inspire trust, our copywriters compel your audience to purchase your product or subscribe to your service instantly. This triples conversion and drives more sales.

Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing is the type of marketing in which the brand communicates with the client directly and demands an instant response from him. It uses direct response copywriting to persuade consumers or readers to try a new product or purchase an existing one.

One distinguishing feature of direct marketing is its measurability. The brand can keep track of campaigns and measure success using tools and responses. The response rate–an important metric in direct response marketing–is used to determine how successful a marketing campaign is. It is got by dividing the number of responses by the number of people the campaign reached out to.

Another feature of direct response copywriting is that it eliminates intermediaries and ensures the brand or seller communicates directly with the prospective client. This reduces costs immensely.

Direct Marketing Media/Channels that Require Direct Response Copywriting

To enable a direct connection between consumers and brands, and also to facilitate performance measurement, direct response marketing uses selected channels or media. These can be broadly classified into two…

Physical Channels

These channels are used in an offline and physical advertisement to convince prospective clients to make a purchase or subscribe to a service. They connect the brand to the consumers directly and include a medium through which they can respond to the offer made by the brand. Our agency can develop excellent copy for your physical direct marketing needs. Some of these channels include…

? Direct Mail

Direct mail or advertising mail is used to send promotional letters to the postal mail of prospective clients. Direct mail advertising is one of the most effective marketing channels. A survey gathered that it earns seven times more response than all digital channels combined. Usually, brands create many pieces of copy and send them to different outlets. The one with the best performance is then used in further advertising. Brands use these letters to request instant responses from the recipients.

? Fliers and Brochures

A form of paper advertisement shared in public to prospective clients, flyers have evolved over the years to become colourful and descriptive. They, at a glance, tell the reader what there is to know about a product, service, or the company. These flyers contain the brand’s contact or address and readers are directed to respond to the offers by contacting the brand. They are inexpensive to produce and come in different sizes.

? Newspaper and Magazine Advertisements

Companies make use of newspaper and magazine advertisements to reach out to the public and introduce a product or service. Direct response newspaper ads always include a channel through which the brand can get a direct response from the reader. These can be done by adding a contact number/address or using a newspaper insert such as a coupon. Statistics show that couponing still leads to good ROI and many adults (83%) still read newspaper and magazine prints.

? General Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising or out-of-home advertising deals with all forms of marketing campaigns that engage prospective clients outside their home. While it is harder to measure performance in outdoor advertising, media such as brochures and coupons in public places can easily be controlled and measured. Others, however, such as billboards, ads on moving trucks, and posters contain contact addresses through which the company will be reached for a response.

Digital Channels

These include channels used in online advertising. They create an instant connection to the audience and make targeting and controlled campaign easier. Digital channels are preferred over physical channels because of advantages such as lower costs, less labour, and faster campaigns. Some of these channels are…

? Email

Email advertising is one of the most effective online advertising media. It has a higher conversion rate than other forms of online media. Steps in direct response email marketing include generating subscriber list through lead capture pages, creating direct response email copy, and forwarding copy to subscribers via email. Recipients are convinced through powerful copy to purchase a product or subscribe to a service. Performance is measured by a metric known as the open rate. We have trained email copywriters who use direct response writing to generate substantial email conversions.

? Websites

Websites and the internet are the major digital direct response copywriting media. Through techniques such as SEO, SMO, geo-targeting and direct writing, brands can expand their reach and contact their desired buyer persona. With powerful CTAs, the reader will be compelled to take instant action. Performance is measured by such metrics as conversion rate and bounce rate. Our landing pages and squeeze pages are written with such skill and finesse that make clients come back for more.

? Online Adverts

Direct response copywriting is used in online advertising to reach out to internet users and convince them to make a purchase or subscribe to a service. This is done through ad placements on online platforms. Direct response ad copy is optimised for search engines or social media to increase the number of viewers. Such metrics such as conversion rate and click-through rate (CTR) can measure performance. We can create compelling copy for your online and offline advert needs.

? Television and Radio Advertisement

While most TV and radio adverts do not qualify as direct response marketing, there are forms like the direct response television (DRTV) and direct response radio advertising which use direct response copywriting. To qualify as direct marketing, the jingle, copy, script or ad must direct listeners or viewers to contact the company or brand directly. This can be done through a phone number or address added to copy. We have skilled copywriters who can create direct response jingles for your advertising needs.

Benefits of Direct Response Copywriting and Marketing

Direct response copywriting has great benefits for brands and clients. They include…

? Results Are Measurable

This is perhaps the most interesting benefit of direct response marketing – its measurability. With the immediate response it demands, brands can calculate the response rate and measure the success of each campaign. For online campaigns, you can at a glance find out the number of people who saw your ad, the number that bounced and the number that placed an order. Through this, direct response copywriting can help you keep track of performance and carry out better campaigns.

? Great for Introducing New Products

With direct response copywriting, you can sell a new product to prospective clients and build an instant customer base. Direct response copywriting holds your reader spellbound, unravels the product, explains its uses, highlights its uniqueness and gives him reasons to try the product. These advantages make it perfect for new products. Popular brands resort to direct response copywriting to introduce their new products to the market.

? Cultivates Good Brand-Customer Relationship

Direct response copywriting helps to build a good relationship between a brand and its customers. With its personalised tone and natural language, it inspires loyalty in your customers and keeps them wanting more of your services. It creates a direct connection between the brand and its customers which leads to better communication too.

? Proven Sales Multiplier

According to surveys, marketers say a direct response marketing campaign is most effective. David Ogilvy used direct response marketing to create memorable campaigns for brands like Shell, Rolls Royce, Dove, and Hathaway. The campaigns had huge ROI and laid the foundation of what these brands are today. Direct response copywriting increases the chances of engagement and conversion by 37%.

? Controlled Marketing Campaign

Because of its measurability and the direct connection to customers, direct marketing gives brands total control over each marketing campaign. You can target a select group of prospective clients and follow it up. With the response rate, you can identify under-performing locations and strategies.

? Cost Effective

Direct marketing campaigns are cost-effective and have higher ROI. With the targeted campaigns and control they offer, you can identify performing and under-performing channels and leverage the information to focus your resources on channels guaranteed to multiply sales for you. This reduces the overall costs. Daily Posts direct response copywriting services are also affordable. For as low as $0.02 (depending on the package you choose) per word, you can get good direct response copy guaranteed to boost conversion and sales.

Statistics of Direct Response Writing and Direct Marketing

? According to a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal using direct mail marketing, direct response copywriting increases the chances of engagement and conversion by 37%.

? Direct mail marketing has 7 times more responses than all digital media channels.

? While digital media marketing channels might have more advantages than physical channels, a 2009 study shows it gathers fewer responses than physical channels. This proves that people are more likely to identify with what they can see or feel.

? 80% of visitors to a site do not get past the headlines, showing the importance of headlines in direct response copywriting.&