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What is Copywriting Text?

Copywriting text sells your stuff to the reader.

There are many opinions on what works and how to write effective copy. Marketers, more than anyone else, know what this means. Well-crafted copywriting text can translate to huge lead generation and conversion numbers.

Daily Posts is a copywriting agency that ensures consistent copywriting text drives client marketing efforts.

Copywriting text must have a selling tone to be successful. In terms of marketing, each piece must contain features that attract buyers to the product.

Types of Copywriting Text

Press releases–often used to build search profile

For publishers– researching facts and creating readable content that is published [for profit]

Online articles–similar to offline articles but are optimised for online visibility.

SEO–has a twofold goal of appealing to man and machine. The machine is the search engine.

Advertising copy–content is written for press, TV and other forms of advertising media.

Long copy –an advertisement with lots of text. Can be several pages (sales letter), several paragraphs (press advertisement), website (articles with over 1000 words).

Website– often demands more skills than producing copy, such as website structuring, search engine optimisation, user experience planning, ensuring usability, setting the tone of voice and blending visual design with text.

What makes great copywriting text?

To avoid the text trap, where too much text exists in copy and only serves to create visual and audio clutter in consumers' minds, this is a summary of how Daily Posts’ writers cultivate great copywriting text.

This is an easy way to match word counts but it dilutes copy’s message.

Do away with filler words

This is an easy way to match word counts but it dilutes copy’s message.

Delete unnecessary words from copy

If a word does not enhance your copy, it weakens it. Examples are that, really, and very.

They disrupt the reader’s flow, making copy less interesting.

Keep things interesting as you lead them to the call to action.

Use a thesaurus sparingly

Your message must be clear.

A great tactic is to match the tone of your copy to your audience.

Buzzwords are not as common as you believe

Effective copywriting shows your ability to connect to the reader.

This means fewer buzzwords.

Words like methodology and consumerism will hardly win many fans.

Match each actionable message to your audience

Not everything about your business should be written in copy.

Each marketing piece has its intended audience and purpose.

This should guide how you pick the important information about your brand.

Too much information can destroy your copy.

Address the readers directly.

Now delete!

After writing copy, delete irrelevant words.

You’ll be left with copy more concise than you started with.

Keep only the best actionable messages.

Facts about Copywriting Text

  • The average online visitor is too busy to read a whole article.
  • Getting to the point quickly in clear language makes customers more likely to finish reading copy.
  • Too much text makes your reader forget the most important messages.
  • Strong verbs are more effective than adjectives.

Frequently asked questions

Does copywriting text play a huge role in my getting customers online?

Copywriting text is as much science as it is art. Being deliberate about it positions you for success.

Do I have to write copywriting text myself?

Not at all. Daily Posts does the job for clients who need to focus on other aspects of their business.

Is it expensive to hire Daily Posts' service?

Daily Posts’ rates are affordable considering the high-quality work our writers and editors do. To get started with copywriting text that converts, sign up with Daily Posts today or call 02380 970979.

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