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Copywriting Services in Australia

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Copywriting is the art of developing written content such as articles, emails or messages meant to convince prospective customers to perform a specified action. It is an important tool used in marketing communications to sell products and increase brand awareness.

It involves creating such content as radio jingles, video adverts, billboard ads, product descriptions, brochures, sales letters, white papers, press releases and web content copy used in advertising.

At Daily Posts, we develop quality copy for businesses in Australia. We have professional copywriters with years of experience who can deliver excellent content. For your copywriting services, contact us today on 02380970979.

Types of Copywriting

There are many forms of copywriting.

  • Marketing or Sales Copywriting

Sales copywriting requires good persuasion and creative ability as the main purpose of copy is to sell products or services. Depending on the platform and audience, copy can be of the long-form type or short type. Daily Posts' copywriters are trained to write compelling and persuasive copy guaranteed to draw users from all parts of Australia.

  • Creative Copywriting

Written adverts for radio and television jingles, company bylines, commercials like billboard adverts, amongst others, fall under this category. It requires memorable and creative content in order to create awareness and improve customer loyalty. Our creative copywriters use direct response writing to craft memorable content which increases ROI.

  • Web Content Copywriting

This refers to writing promotional content for the internet. It involves such content as web landing pages, social media ads, blog posts, online product descriptions, and email copy, among others. Good web copy is search engine optimised in order to generate organic traffic. At Daily Posts, we use a mix of sales copywriting, technical copywriting, and SEO copywriting to develop content which is guaranteed to increase conversion rate and boost sales.

  • Technical Copywriting

Technical copywriting, unlike sales copywriting, requires good writing ability and expertise in a particular field. Fields such as the tech industry and the health sector utilise technical copywriting to sell products or information to the public. Daily Posts' technical copywriters make use of long-form copy and heavy research in any niche to deliver content using client brand voice. This places the client as an authority in the field.

Qualities of Good Copy

  • Powerful Headline

A powerful headline is needed to draw the attention of the reader and keep him interested in copy. Without such compelling headlines, people are more likely to leave the page after the headline.

  • Easy to Understand

Good web copy is written in a language the buyer persona is likely to understand. Copy should be scannable or written with bulleted points in order to ensure it is readable.

  • Search Engine and Social Media Optimised

Good copy is search engine optimised in order to rank well on SERPs and increase organic traffic to the website. Web copy should also be social media optimised.

  • User-oriented

Good copy is tailored to satisfy the target audience. The website page should be optimised for better user experience with adequate content churned out regularly. The site should also be easy to navigate; copy should be written in a language the buyers will understand.

  • Clearly visible CTA

Good copy has calls to action that stand out clearly on the page. A page with less visible CTA stands to lose most visitors as they will not know what to do next after reading copy.

Facts about Copywriting

  • Short copy has a better conversion rate on social media than long copy. Most social media users have short attention span and would consider long form copy boring.
  • On the average, 8 out of 10 people read copy headlines, but only 2 people read the rest of the piece. It is better to use compelling headlines to attract the attention of the reader and get him to finish reading the piece.
  • Visitors read only 20% of web copy. Ensure the main points are visible. Keeping your copy scannable can increase a conversion rate.
  • 59% of business to business marketers admit email marketing was their most effective revenue generation channel. Email is known to generate 47% higher click-through rates in B2B email campaigns than in B2C campaigns.
  • The average word length of first page results on Google is 1,890. This along with the fact that the average search query contains four words means that users prefer long copy with rich information on a specific topic.
  • Online businesses spend more on SEO with 82% reporting a significant business boost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a copywriter in Australia?

The cost of copywriting services depends on the type of copy requested and the expertise of the copywriter. Freelance copywriters charge by the hour with rates ranging from $80 - $200 per hour depending on the level of experience. At Daily Posts, our rates start at $0.02 per word depending on the package you choose.

Where can I hire a copywriter in Australia?

Daily Posts is a copywriting agency with nearly a decade of providing copywriting services in Australia. We deliver quality web copy guaranteed to convert prospects into clients. Contact us today on

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