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Who is a freelance copywriter?

A freelance copywriter is someone who produces copy on a contract basis for clients. A freelance copywriter is self-employed and is considered as an independent entrepreneur.

Freelance copywriters allocate their time in three ways:

Creative time allocation: Freelance copywriters spend 60 to 75 percent of their time on writing copy.

Sales time allocation: They spend their time sourcing for new clients.

Record keeping: The last bit of their time is spent taking stock of their financial standing.

Qualities of freelance copywriters: Freelance copywriters do not work permanently with officially structured creative teams. They seek projects to work on. Some freelance copywriters may work from home. Others may have mobile workstations depending on where the projects take them to.

Freelance copywriters:

  • Present their cost rate on projects
  • Choose their preferred clients
  • Create their work schedule.

Types of freelance copywriters

  • Technical freelance copywriters: These freelance copywriters work on technical and occupational procedural content for target messaging copy. They provide copy from technical (engineering manuals or robotic material) for webpage and marketing messaging.
  • Website Content freelance copywriters: They provide relevant web content that ranges from social media, blogs, to website microcopy (copy for alert prompt log in requests). Every website has its own peculiar needs in relation to its target audience.

Freelance copywriters provide web copy that covers specialisations like technology or finance functions. They drive traffic with the use of anchor links to desired websites. They are excellent wordsmiths who improve SEO with strong keyword copy.

  • Print freelance copywriters: These copywriters provide copy to print publication media. They remain unbiased with the news content they provide. Online freelance copywriters also review current and economic events.
  • Ghostwriting: Freelance copywriters provide ghostwriting articles to clients.
  • Instructional copywriting: This involves writing educational content like tutorials, test questions, and online courses. They improve the user journey experience and reduce bounce rates.

What makes great freelance copywriters?

Contract positioning: Great freelance copywriters have a contract in place. They adapt to meet briefing requirements as they come. These contracts show professionalism when required before the start of a project. Contracts get emailed or physically dispatched in person.

For the freelance copywriter, the client signing a contract before project commencement is the first line of defence. The copywriter is covered if any issue (like payment refusal) comes in after the project ends.

Incorporating speed, skill and time: Great freelance copywriters incorporate expertise in copy speed and skill delivery. Clients love timely delivery on projects, not caring how much time copywriters spend on research. Great freelance copywriters manage their time to meet deadlines and so choose project tasks carefully.

Valuable copy: Great freelance copywriters carry out extensive research to make articles distinct and valuable. Clients get impressed with rich and informative content. Great freelance copywriting presents excellent client value propositions.

Brief absorption: Great freelance copywriters make sure they understand a client’s brief. They understand what is required and expected of them. They communicate with the client on the steps that are being taken and how the brief will be handled.

Deliver consistent quality: Great freelance copywriters consistently deliver good copy.

Quick uptake: Great freelance copywriters learn not only on the job but quickly implement and translate knowledge into an excellent copy delivery.

Facts about freelance copywriters

Diversification of portfolios: Freelance copywriters accept projects from many clients, creating a diversification of portfolios. Clients may come from the health, engineering, construction, entertainment, and tourism industries.

Set their rates: Since freelance copywriters work for themselves, they set their own rates. Some freelance copywriters run with a flat fee while others charge by word count. To arrive at their rates, they sometimes consider the following:

  • Kind of research they would need to undertake for the project.
  • Project timeline
  • Their experience level to undertake the project
  • Editing and revision needed to accomplish the project.

Network: Freelance copywriters attend networking events to keep informed and get new projects. They join freelance copywriter groups to get direct information on project tasks as they break.

Freelancing by choice: More freelancing is happening by choice and not because it is a necessity. Statistics show 63 percent of freelancers in the UK freelanced by choice as opposed to having a regular job.

Growing upsurge: IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) in the UK show freelancers over the past four years have grown by 12 percent. For the next five years in the UK, self- employment is growing at an average annual rate of 3.5 percent.


Can you work permanently in my office?

Freelance copywriters do not have to work consistently in your office. Once they are properly briefed, they can achieve excellent results regardless of the location.

What writing style will you employ?

Freelance copywriters write using a conversational format. They will adapt to your industry tone.

Must you have worked in my industry before undertaking a project?

No, freelance copywriters write for a diverse client industry. They equip themselves with a strong bank of knowledge from research.

Money is tight at the moment. How can you help?

Freelance copywriters don’t work for free. They are professionals and would give you a good price.

How do I brief the freelance copywriter?

A request for your brief will be made on a briefing document. The document has detailed questions ranging from company goals to your service or product offerings, your target market, what challenges your clients may face, and a CTA.

Must I have a physical meeting before embarking on the project?

There is no need for a physical meeting. Briefs can be handled by email and through phone conversations.

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