Message from CEO

Message From James Cummings CEO

  • When writing marketing copy for brand awareness and conversions, whether it be on billboards, in brochures, in mail order catalogues, or for websites, it is crucial that you get the right tone and style. What’s appropriate for a jingle for the radio will not be right for pop song lyrics. If you’re writing for a magazine it’ll be a different tone to a newspaper, sales letter or direct mail communication.Copywriting for television and radio; white papers and social media will all be very different. Marketing communications take a special type of website copywriter; someone who understands the Internet and online advertising and is able to produce a webpage that engages website visitors and converts them. When copywriting for an email marketing campaign or for social media the message often needs to be punchier than if you were content writing an article for a blog.The marketing message comes down to what stage of the user journey the reader is on, and that means understanding how the sales cycle works in order to reduce bounce rate and increase brand attraction.At Daily Posts, we are a copywriting agency and public relations company that works with creative directors, marketing agencies, art directors, brand managers and content marketers and strategists to create powerful, search engine optimised copy. We ensure thorough copy editing and proofreading, fact-checking and layout design to get the marketing message right for your readers. Whether you are looking for web copy, advertorial copy, newspaper copy or magazine copy our staff are able to deliver what are you looking for. No need for an independent contractor or freelance worker; we can be a partner; a company to co-work with you on your writing projects. All of our staff are full-time and have the skills of a John Emory Powers, David Ogilvy, Peter Carey or Robert Collier.We aspire to have the skill sets of the famous copywriters and, whatever we are publishing, we ensure that we are strategic in the way that we craft the copy and that the landing pages, search engine optimised category pages, advertising campaigns and everything we write has intelligent communication design to enable you to get the best possible return on investment.