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With the advent of the internet and the wider reach gained by business enterprises, digital advertising has become necessary in order to leverage on the power of the internet to minimise marketing costs, improve campaign success rates and gain global reach. Digital advertising is now considered a necessary tool for online marketing.

Online marketing, however, requires a different form of copywriting. With surveys noting the differences in consumer reactions when compared to offline marketing, copywriting for the internet had to evolve and this has led to the birth of ad copy.

Ad writing refers to the creation of content for marketing purposes with the intent to persuade readers to take a specific action or purchase a product. Ads are deployed by businesses who seek to leverage on the wide reach of social media or blogs to advertise their products or create brand awareness.

Daily Posts has a team of experienced copywriters who are skilled in the art of ad writing and can create SEO ads with a better conversion rates. Call us today on 02380970979 for your online ad writing services.

Types of Ad Copy

There are many forms of ad copy. They depend on the platform, audience, length of copy and message to be advertised. Here are the four major types of ad copy

  • Long Form Ad Copy

Sometimes ads with a considerable length are needed to slowly overcome user objections. Typically between 300 - 500 words, the long-form copy is filled with enough information the user might require in order to purchase a product. It is often used to describe technical products. At Daily Posts, our copywriters write ads copy daily for firms, carefully highlighting well-researched information and benefits for the reader.

  • Short Click-bait Style Ad Copy

This form of ad copy is generally frowned upon by most host platforms. It feeds the user with little information but interesting enough to make the user want more. The user is then directed to the client’s landing page which contains the rest of the information. This form of copy is mostly used in social media advertising to increase website traffic. Our copywriters, with the right writing tone and style, can increase your website traffic by giving interesting and SEO optimised information in your advert copy.

  • Testimonial Ad Copy

This kind of ad copy tells a story. It is meant to convince an audience who already have little information about the product or service by giving them testimonials (re-targeting). This kind of ad requires a good knowledge of the product or a survey report, convincing tone and compelling call to action. We have experienced technical copywriters who can craft excellent search engine optimised testimonials with little information about your product guaranteed to increase your website’s conversion rate.

  • A.I.D.A Copy

The acronym means Attention, Interest, Decision and Action. This is a form of copy which consists of 3 – 4 sentences. It is the most popular form of ad copy. It is written with powerful headlines which are meant to grab attention at a glance and keep the user glued to it, a body that cultivates a sense of benefit or fear, and a compelling call-to-action which provides a solution but with a sense of urgency. Our AIDA copy is striking and known to generate increased website traffic and conversion rate.

Qualities of a Good Ad Copy

  • Simplicity

A good ad should be clear, concise and scannable. It should be written in natural language in order to increase readability. This reduces bounce rate and encourages your reader to go past the headlines.

  • Powerful Headlines

Most readers are likely to skip your ad according to reports, but with powerful headlines, you can grab readers’ attention and increase the chances of your ad copy being read. The headline should also contain the most important message in the ad.

  • Clear and Compelling Call to Action

Ads with a call to action that stands out are most likely to have a better conversion rate than the ones with less visible CTAs. Your call-to-action should be the most prominent part of ad copy after the headline.

  • Contains Visuals

Visuals are more likely to attract attention than text. Good ads should contain high-resolution images which buttress the message in the ad or serve as a visual proof. This increases curiosity and trust in your readers and keeps them long enough for the user to take the required action.

Facts about Ads

  • 80% of ad readers, according to a survey by Forbes, never make it past the headlines.
  • More than 90% of readers who are attracted to an ad headline also see the call-to-action.
  • Making call-to-action in a button format increased clicks by 45%.
  • According to a survey by Adobe, only 8% of readers go through online ads.
  • It takes about 7 seconds to make an impression on a reader.
  • A report by Hubspot noted that there was a 37% increase in engagements when social media ads had a photo included in it.

Better Online Advertising with Daily Posts

At Daily Posts, our goal is to help you gain a wider reach and make better conversion through our copy. Our ad copy is search engine optimised to increase reach and also compelling enough to increase conversion. We research more about your business and niche in order to better represent your brand. For effective ad copy guaranteed to boost your website’s conversion rate, contact us today on 02380970979.

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