Copywriting Company

Much like Dailyposts UK, Copywriting Company provides copywriting services to all kinds of organisations. While Dailyposts UK employs a team of expert writers that are professionally trained to provide premium quality copy in various copywriting niches, Copywriting Company consists of a small team of friendly writers with the aim of providing high quality copy to suit organizational needs of businesses of various sizes. Like Dailyposts UK, Copywriting Company trains their staff editorially to ensure that any copy produced turns out flawless and error free and at a very reasonable price. Information about Copywriting Company and how their services match Dailyposts UK follows below.


Copywriting Company is a small team of friendly, professional writers, providing high-quality copy for organisations both large and small. On-staff are professionally trained writers and journalists, who are editorially trained, meaning their work is largely error-free. Copywriting Company aims to create professional, engaging text that is best suited to their customers’ needs and budget. The company is a member of the National Union of Journalists and the Society of Authors, and regularly attends copywriting and SEO courses to stay on top of their game.

Copywriting Company Services

  • Advert Writers

Copywriting Company offers advert writing services for brochures, leaflets and sales related emails. Good advert copywriting can communicate the right message to the right people and make money for the customer, both through short-term product sales and long-term reputability, within the customer’s industry. Copywriting Company offers all this, with professional copy that can boost sales.

Whether a multinational company, medical body or law firm on the lookout for professional copywriting for newsletters and documents, Copywriting Company can be trusted to craft their in-house material. With their professional, reliable UK copywriters, they are able to guarantee quality copy to deadline.

No matter the sector or industry, businesses and agencies can turn to this honest and reliable company for industry-specific brochures that increase sales and generate leads.

  • Does Dailyposts UK offer advert writing as a service?

Dailyposts understands that advert copy makes a significant contribution towards a company’s online presence and success. As a result of this, Dailyposts uses its expert writers to provide vibrant advert copy for companies in different niches. The use of expert writers provides clients with the assurance that whatever the sector your company belongs to, the copy provided will be relevant, useful, and guaranteed to result in optimal lead conversion.

Advert copy relies essentially on striking the right cords in the target audience and Dailyposts writers are skilled in providing copy for any kind of advertising campaign. All our writers choose a specific niche to gain expertise in, and we focus on helping the customer achieve their sales goals in both short-term and long-term results. Industries, agencies, and businesses can rely on Dailyposts to be their very own in-house campaign manager.

  • Website Writers

Copywriting Company produces web copy that propels companies to the top of Google rankings by engaging in thorough keyword research to find powerful keyword phrases still undiscovered by competitors. Such keywords are up to 20 times more effective than standard keywords and will therefore influence the people their customers desire.

With professional copywriters and ghost writers on-staff, Copywriting Company works hard for you,and ensures your website stands tall and stands out amongst the crowd.

  • What about Dailypsost website copywriting services

Web copy is aimed towards informing the target audience whilst also increasing website traffic and optimising sales. Web copy is also very important for SEO ranking. Dailyposts provides web copy that guarantees the company all these results and more. All Dailyposts writers are trained in SEO copywriting and will ensure that all your web copy incorporates powerful keyword phrases that are written for both the audience and for the search engines. That way, together with Dailyposts your company is guaranteed to achieve your SEO goals.

  • Ghost Writing Services

Whether you are an individual of some fame or even a business guru, if you have a great fiction idea or a fascinating life story and need a UK ghost writer, Copywriting Company can help. From fact to fiction, autobiographies to children stories, our professional writers can provide great content to be published as a promotional tool, gift or souvenir. Other related services Copywriting Company provide include:

  • Cover design
  • Typesetting (book page design)
  • Advice on publishing and self-publishing
  • Press releases following publication
  • Book-title and chapter-list creation
  • Back cover blurbs

Copywriting Company provides experienced ghost writers who can create promotional manuscripts, autobiographies, business books, novels and articles. This is a comprehensive ghost-writing resource for any business, individual or famous person in need of a UK ghost writer, editor or proof reader.

  • Does Dailyposts provide ghost writing services?

Dailypost provides ghost writing services for any genre, person or agency. From fiction to non-fiction stories, business e-books, motivational e-books and more. Dailyposts professional writers who have been trained to write the Dailyposts way will provide you with ghostwriting services that are guaranteed to be exactly what you need. A book or an article that is masterfully crafted by extremely skilled writers to tell your story just the way you want it told. If you’re looking for a fully comprehensive ghost writing resource that is guaranteed to fit in with your vision then choose Dailyposts and you will be glad you did.

  • Journalist Services

If you’re in need of corporate newsletters or magazines, Copywriting Company will help you create and project-manage great copy, carrying out research, collation and writing from start to finish. Some of the clients they have worked with include international corporations, government bodies, SMEs and design agencies.

Copywriting Company provides press releases which generate stories in The GuardianThe Times, and The Daily Mail, in addition to several industry specific publications. Not only do they write releases, but also provide guiding advice with potential ideas until you are satisfied. Copywriting Company has shown their efficiency over and over by producing some of the most hard-hitting press releases in the business, and can also provide recommendations about the editors likely to publish them.

Busy professionals including doctors and chief executives (who are short on time to research and write for themselves) can make use of Copywriting Company’s ghost-written articles. A look through or  will show you just some examples of top-quality journalistic work written by professional ghost writers from Copywriting Company.

  • Does Dailyposts offer similar services?

Dailyposts can provide you with professional journalism related services. For articles that represent your brand in the media such as press releases, and any other industry specific publication, Dailyposts writers will work with your business towards presenting you in the best way possible. Dailyposts has a portfolio of professionally written content to give you an idea of the quality of work to expect from expert Dailyposts writers.

How Keywords Benefit Your Website

Copywriting Company makes use of keywords to improve the results of a customer website on search engines like Google. As a result, your target customers will be able to find your website.

Dailyposts UK SEO writing services

Much like Copywriting Company, Dailyposts UK provides masterfully crafted SEO services that are naturally written for your audiences while also incorporating what the search engine crawlers need to rank your web page highly. Our SEO writng services are provided by seasoned experts and are fully result oriented. With Dailyposts SEO writing services, you get to reap the maximum benefits of high SEO ranking, increased web traffic and optimised conversion rates.

Why You Need Advert Copywriting

With advert copywriting, you can achieve impressive results for your brand. Copywriting Company provide compelling content that helps you stand out from the competition. Whatever your business requirements, you can be sure of creative and effective ideas to convey a solid message that customers can relate to.

Completely Confidential Ghost Writing

All samples of work completed are completely confidential. Therefore, you are guaranteed complete discretion when you choose content writing services from Copywriting Company. If you are famous or looking for professional writing services on behalf of a famous person, Copywriting Company and their writers will sign a nondisclosure notice, even before any conversations by email or telephone, to ensure a legally binding confidentiality. Furthermore, they will never disclose any professional relationship with you without permission and treat all information and facts with the utmost confidentiality.

Can Dailyposts UK provide confidential services?

Dailypost UK ghost writers work with absolute discretion whether or not your company requests it. Our writers already have a nondisclosure clause in the agreement ensuring a legaly binding confidentiality in whatever services we provide. All information and facts as provided by you is guaranteed to be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Working with Dailyposts, you can be assured that we will meet your need for confidentiality at whatever level you request.

Copywriting Company Prices and Writers

At Copywriting Company, all writer prices are upfront, with absolutely nothing hidden. The prices charged reflect integrity and good value for money. Even though writer prices differ from project to project, you can find close approximations of what they charge on their website. In addition, they do not charge VAT, so customers can save 20% on each project.

However, ghost writer rates at Copywriting Company are priced lower than commercial copy projects. Charges depend on your ideas and a free quote can be provided when you contact them.

Writers at Copywriting Company are well versed across a range of industries, sectors and businesses and have experience writing for blue-chips, start-ups and SMEs. Their writers are a group of highly creative people who work to create words that bring significant results.

Dailyposts UK prices and writers

Dailyposts provides a fully comprehensive pricing system which is an obvious reflection of the honesty and integrity with which Dailyposts operates. All our writers are UK trained and native speakers of the English Language. All Dailyposts writers also undergo frequent trainings to ensure that they can display expertise in whatever niche they have chosen. A look through the Daily posts website will show you what the pricing structure is like and give you a fair idea of what you expect to be charged on whatever project that you choose. If you are looking for premium copywriting services that comes along with a transparent and upfront pricing system, signup on today.