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At Daily Posts, our copywriters will promote your business using their high-quality writing abilities. When selected by you, they’ll write with compelling style, which can help drive your readers to take action after hearing about your fantastic products and services. We can create copy for adverts, web pages, blogs, brochures, handbills, E-mail posts, case studies, newsletters, video scripts, LinkedIn profiles, guest posts, Facebook page updates and Twitter messages.

    • Copywriting was originally used for printed materials, such as advertising flyers, brochures and so on, but today we predominantly focus on digital media and online content. In today’s world, copywriting involves not just a sale statement, but also key information that meets the consumer’s expectations. We do all this whilst helping you stand out amongst your competitors, really selling your company. Our copywriters are versatile and can produce anything from a short, concise piece to a 100-page document.
    • Our copywriters are up to speed with societal changes. The use of blogs, Search Engine Optimisation, E-zine and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have all given copywriting a different appeal. Copywriting used to be about stating the facts, rather than communicating directly to the reader as we do today.
    • At Daily Posts, our writing is seen as a science, using both creative thinking and research to capture the hearts of your readers. Writing is a necessity if you must sell and promote products, services and ideas.

James Cummings on Financial Copywriting

James Cummings, CEO, takes a look at product descriptions and e-commerce.

If you need help writing e-commerce categories and descriptions, or with e-commerce content strategy, then get in touch or register with Daily Posts to discuss through our virtual office.

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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Copywriting Company?

  • Copywriting is a great way to earn Return on Investment (ROI) and the positive effects of content marketing for businesses today cannot be underestimated. Since almost everyone now uses one form of device or another to surf the internet for products and services, it’s only wise to keep digital advertisement at the forefront of your marketing strategies, of which copywriting occupies a large part. According to a study by Statista, in 2017 alone, revenue accruing from digital advertisement will rise to about $191.85 billion.
  • A high ROI is just one of the many benefits which copywriting gives to your business, but here’s some more to think about:
    1. Further strengthens your brand and online presence
    2. Helps you stand out from other industry players
    3. Generates traffic and converts them to clients
    4. Builds trust and loyalty among customers.

Signs you need a copywriter

Our copywriters understand how to present a business in a way that will convert visitors into buyers, helping your website or online business rank high in search engines. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then it’s time to hire a copywriter.

If you keep having doubts about the content you write, and constantly ask yourself if you are presenting your company in a way that will be engaging to your prospective clients and consumers, then you definitely need to hire one of our copywriters.

If your website is not generating leads, even though there is ample traffic, which may be a sure sign that your target audience is not invested or interested in your content, then you need a professional copywriter.

Many people start with a vision to continuously write, but other priorities come in to steal their time, which results in them barely ever updating their blog. Its time to outsource your content if this is you.

Without regular blog posts, traffic is likely to be lost and ranking in search engines will diminish. Likewise, if you do not have as many followers on your social media platform as you should, because you are unable to share content with in-depth research, then you need to get a professional copywriter to ease the burden. When you outsource and focus on other important areas of your business, you are sure to generate leads that will be converted to clients.

If you keep sending E-mails with little or no response, hiring one of our professional copywriters is the best way to help you get the response you deserve.

Copywriting is about research, understanding content purpose, experience and consistently coming up with great content. You will need to be able to write with a seamless flow and communicate your points to your target audience in a simple way. If you do not have the skills or patience to do this, your best alternative is to hire a copywriter.

From slogans, to mission statements, to vision statements, core values and other sections on your webpage, a copywriter can perform the magic of producing high-quality, interesting content for you. Our copywriters can organise your webpages in the best way possible.

Do the above scenarios sound like you? If they do, why not hire Daily Posts to help with your copywriting? We are simply the best at what we do.  Contact us today.

If you are determined to take on an excellent marketing strategy, hiring a copywriter is the best option for your business.

How to Find a Copywriting Company

If you have decided to outsource your copywriting, the next stage is to decide how to go about it and what kind of writing you need. You can either hire a freelancer or you can use the services of a dedicated writing agency, such as us here at Daily Posts.

There are pros and cons of writing agencies and freelancers.

If you don’t mind having only one person attend to your copywriting needs, then opt for a freelancer. However, you should bear in mind that freelancers only work for you when they are not busy with other clients. In addition, freelancers are the editors, proofreaders, researchers and strategist rolled into one. The upside is that some freelancers charge slightly lower than writing agencies, but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

On the other hand, if you decide to work with Daily Posts, you will have a dedicated team of professional writers, editors, researchers and strategists working 24/7 with optimum error-free, short-term content delivery, which will help efficiently meet your goals. We employ writers with a multitude of talents and industry specific agents working on your copy. Our writers have in-depth knowledge within a range of subject areas and you will be assigned an account manager, specifically dedicated to your needs, goals and values. At Daily Posts, we have more than enough employees assigned to specific tasks and subject areas to cater for your needs. This means that should one writer be indisposed, your work is still completed without any setbacks.

Depending on your business needs, we at Daily Posts will deliver:

  • Out of the box copywriting.
  • Lower costs compared to other agencies, due to our strategy of employing talented hands.
  • Accessibility of various industry experts.
  • Strategic consultation tailored to your needs.
  • A dedicated account manager to oversee your requirements

Daily Posts is your one-stop writing agency where all your writing needs are met. We ignite everyone we come in contact with, using our creative, communicative writing. We work according to your set-plan as agreed with us. Our writers are dedicated day and night to fulfill your demands and meet deadlines. Our prices are flexible, enabling you to choose the plan that suits your needs and budget. We produce top quality writing, which has kept many of our customers using our services for over five years. We recruit talented writers and train them to assess our briefs and produce imaginative copy that resonates with your audience.

Our winning formula combines effective recruitment, relevant training, and our SSL secured bespoke virtual office to deliver copy on time and within budget – every time! Whether you need a few blog posts written each week, or 200,000 words a day, we have the expert copywriters to deliver to the highest quality within your budget. We learn what you like and then, where required, train our writers to deliver it.

If you are still unsure what to choose, that’s a sign that you need an agency where your strategy can be well managed: We can also provide advisory tips on how to go about your copywriting. Our dedicated customer service team will be happy to help you. Contact us today.