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Are you searching for the right content writing agency? Every player in the industry promises conversion gold, engagement success and whatnots. Choosing becomes a chore, and every unproven choice appears to churn.

Fortunately, we have narrowed down your options to two wonderful writing agencies. However, you must pick one, so this comparative review is really about why one agency is a better fit for your brand.

Copy & Co is a copy agency renowned for its big brand clients and focus on major campaigns. No doubt, it is worth its weight in words. But are they ideal for upcoming brands? Do they pave way for the budget size of SMBs?

Daily Posts UK, on the other hand, is smart professional agency with an eye for established corporations and a heart for SMBs. In this comparative review, we will show you why this globally-focused agency is a hybrid fit for both large and small organisations, including yours.

Client focus: Copy & Co vs DailyPosts

When selecting a client, you want one that really keys into your vision regardless of your business size or the profit margin you bring. Copy & Co is an award-winning agency with brands like Hyundai on their belt notch. Most of its promotions tout this ostentatiously which gives you an idea of their focus.

Big brands are good, they pay the bills after all. Awards are also something every agency likes, but it’s just one of those recognitions. Despite our accolades, Daily Posts UK prefers to focus on the value it provides for clients. Anything else is a welcome addition.

Daily Posts UK loves all clients, big and small. While we help established brands continue to maintain relevance in their markets with great content, we also extend our services to startups looking to grow out of their niche and become big. For this, we have special-tailored packages to suit every business type.

The advantage of a global focus; Why Daily Posts UK is ideal

Copy & Co is a big fish in its local pond. Operating from Sydney, its services can be felt through Australia and neighbouring countries down south.

At DailyPosts UK, we have an international presence in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Africa. So, in Australia, we give Copy & Co a run for their service. Being globally-focused, Daily Posts UK combines the advantage of talented writers, creative diversity and economies of scale to produce 100% quality, consumer engaging content at an affordable price.

For growing brands looking to scale into new markets, our service provides a veritable solution because we speak the language of potential customers. While local agencies need to research and obtain insight first, our copywriters are already keyed into the market.

Of course, we perform research too, but without the time and cost an unfamiliar agency would expend. This automatically improves productivity and affordability for your brand.

Pricing; DailyPosts UK is a lot more affordable

For every business, the marketing budget is a major concern and how it is spent is critical to the success of their overall goal.

When you pay for content marketing, you want to get a bang for your buck. We can’t vouch for Copy & Co but we guarantee whatever they charge, Daily Posts UK offers great content for a lot less. How?

Being present in multiple countries allows us to leverage the advantages of diverse skill and affordable resources. We operate via a sophisticated virtual network, meaning solutions are delivered in real time with reduced costs. Our copywriters in Australia can easily link up with colleagues across the globe. The ideal economy of scale.

Daily Posts UK clients choose their own costs as it suits their budget. We offer a diverse package of per 100-words pricing. Ranging from £5 to £8, £10 and £15.


No doubt, Copy & Co is a good copywriting agency, but when it comes to fit, you are better off with a creatively diverse agency. Think of access to global frontiers you will get with Daily Posts UK. Not to mention the relatively cheap offerings for each content type.

Our content services include blog posts, web content, social media content, sales copy, product description, landing page and many more. All at a budget-friendly rates. In Daily Posts UK, you have a winner.

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