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Long Form Articles

Sometimes, a short content piece is not enough to sell your product or service. Customers have a lot of objections when they land on your website. At DailyPosts, our web writers use longform copywriting to overcome the buyers’ objections. We use voice tone and compelling call-to-action statements to convince customers.

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Take Your Brand to Online Success with Long-form Copywriting

These days, some people believe long-form copywriting is ineffective. People no longer have time to read, hence longer messages miss their mark, they say.

This train of thought only explores one side of written communication, so generally, it is inaccurate. If you must have a successful content marketing strategy, your website needs to use high-quality long-form copywriting.

The threshold for long-form copywriting is still a subject of debate; there are those who say content longer than 700 words, while others say in excess of 1,800 words. For the purpose of this piece, we’ll agree that long-form copy begins from 1200 words or more.

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DailyPosts is a professional writing agency with experienced copywriters who produce copy for individuals, startups, big brands and government organisations. Our writers are strong proponents of the impact of long-form copywriting on websites. We have transformed obscure websites to visible authorities in their niche by crafting ‘meaty’ copy filled with high-ranking keywords.

Our copywriters are versatile communicators; we produce creative pieces of original content for our clients by combining skill and insight. The DailyPost strategy is formed by deep research of internet user behaviour and understanding of Google search algorithms. With our experience, we produce long-form copy that make websites perform effectively.

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Why Longform copywriting?

  • Helps with search engine ranking

A recent study proved that Google algorithms were biased towards longer content pieces than shorter ones. Content with 1200 words and above are more likely to rank above shorter pieces. DailyPosts writers leverage long-form copywriting by inserting valuable keywords that help leapfrog our client’s website ahead of other competitors in the same market. A shorter piece will only provide fewer room for adequate keyword placement.

  • Answers more customer objections

True, longform copywriting allows you answer more objections your customers may have. Every time a customer is pondering an offer, different objections come to mind and influence their decisions. Most times, it discourages them from completing a purchase. Some of these objections may include:

  • Customers may doubt the company’s trustworthiness
  • Product may appear too expensive to afford
  • Customer may be confused by the product and walk away

Whatever the case, as copywriter, it is our job to answer these objections as clearly and convincingly as possible. This advantage makes long-form copywriting more effective than a shorter content piece that won’t satisfactorily overcome customer objections.

  • More Engaging

Long-form copywriting is more engaging. Considering the objective of most websites- which is to engage users and convert them- , provided your content is interesting, a longer piece will keep customers glued to your website.

For example, a website that makes most of its revenue by serving ads to its users will want to engage them longer for more impressions. Every website has a goal, and the longer people spend, the more likely they are to complete that goal.

  • High conversion rates

As a follow-up to the previous point, the ability to hold prospective buyers longer on your website increases chances of a conversion. Not to be confused with extended page to page links, long-form copywriting facilitates conversion rates when it is effective in overcoming all buyer objections.

At DailyPosts, our copywriters produce long-form copy with high conversion potential because our copy:

  • Is interesting and easy to read
  • Engages the customer
  • Answers all customer inquiries
  • Convinces customers that the product or service is right for them
  • Motivates visitor to take action (call, buy, register, download)

3 Long-form Copywriting Tricks We Use to Improve Content

  • Use of centralised and bold headlines

A content piece no matter how well-written is nothing without a captivating headline that:

  • Is boldly positioned on the page
  • Uses the pain-point strategy to draw attention
  • Includes at least 1 clear benefit

Our headlines are created to inspire customers to open and read your content. We have methods of testing the potential success of our finished pieces.

  • Use meaty, detailed testimonials

Another advantage of long-form copywriting is the ability to include well-detailed customer testimonials to overcome major objections. If a prospective customer is unsure about the value of a product, seeing a testimonial from a satisfied customer is likely to convince them otherwise. We advise our clients to interview their satisfied customers and include the conversation on their sales pages.

  • Identify what your customers’ biggest objection is/are and break them down

Instead of trying to answer all objections you think your prospective customers may have and cramming them into one page, identify the major ones and treat them. This means knowing your customers and their expectations. If your customer’s needs are still strange to you, then you need to start over.

At DailyPosts, we take time to understand our client’s customers and tailor content towards their needs. Buying doing this, we are able to break their biggest objection- trust. We overcome this as comprehensively as we can on your sales page.

We can produce long-form copywriting for the following:

  • FAQs Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Product description pages
  • Customer guide pages
  • Promotional Case Studies
  • Blog advertorials
  • Email newsletters

However, short-form copy does have its own benefits and use situations. At DailyPosts, we create short-form copywriting for content such as listicles and photo-articles.

Why Hire a Professional Copywriting Agency?

  1. Use Experts

Our company specialises in creating copy for different companies. We have a wealth of creative strategies we can apply towards your content marketing strategy. Your business will be better for it. With DailyPosts, you are assured of quality copywriting that complements your business’ online communication efforts.

  1. Cost-effective service

Spending time on your own copy is likely to cost you a lot. Even if you are not spending money, the time lost in production could be used to develop lucrative strategies for growing your business. When you hand it to a professional copywriting agency- like DailyPosts- you pay a token per 100 words and get access to high quality content. What’s more, you have control over your budget.

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