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Comparison with Constant Content

Choosing a content writing agency that suits your business needs is key to marketing success in any internet-driven industry- which today, is almost every industry.

Constant Content is a content writing website model, like Upwork, that connects businesses with freelance writers in their respective fields. The freelance model typically has its limitations as we shall see in this comparative review with Daily Posts UK.

Conversely, Daily Posts UK is a professional copywriting agency with talented copywriters around the world. We provide a fully-dedicated service approach to business content needs.

Freelance model vs full-service copy agency; The Daily Posts difference

Constant Content is a site where businesses owners and people seeking content submit briefs for writers to complete. While this model provides a flexible approach to content creation, it does not guarantee your project will attended to immediately. And when it happens, it could take a considerable amount of time.

Freelance writers usually take tasks based on convenience. They are not bound by any duty to deliver. For this reason, your time-bound projects may stay way beyond the deadline.

With Daily Posts UK, you are guaranteed a dedicated team of writing professionals. We operate a service that ensures your work is assigned to a subject-expert the moment you submit it. This makes us the go-to service when you have urgent need for content.

Content uniqueness; Daily Posts UK offers more

Constant Content has a strict policy for original content, and only retains writers who develop their own material. Originality is necessary for credibility and SEO advantage.

At Daily Posts UK, content uniqueness is a given; we emphasise this in our regular training programmes. However, it never an issue. Instead, we go further to provide creative diversity for clients. Because we are a diverse group of writers in the UK, US, Australia and Africa, we offer opportunities for clients looking to target potential audiences in these new markets.

Flexible, affordable pricing; Constant Content vs Daily Posts UK

Like most freelance websites, Constant Content offers various prices packages for different project types. But the quality will likely vary with the price. For instance, a 700-word project may cost £30 with one writer and £85 with another writer. Both content will vary in value.

At Daily Posts UK, we also offer affordable price packages, but our quality always remains the same. Rather than charge our customers directly, we allow them to select according to their budget.

Our price range varies per 100-words, from £5, £8, £10 and £15 depending on the project. By making it flexible, our customers can maximise their budget without compromising content quality.


Why is Daily Posts UK cheaper?

This can be said in 3 words; economy of scale.

As a globally positioned copywriting service, we have the resources from different countries to increase our productivity. Having more talented writers means more work completed. We can afford to make our pricing more competitive with this advantage.

What’s more, businesses looking to enter new markets can use our diverse network of writers to gain a competitive edge. Are you a UK Ecommerce company, hoping to drive up sales from the US? Our US content writers can craft witty copy to convince potential customers in the American market.

Daily Posts UK; two services for the price of one

Constant Content provides a service where writers create content and do their own editing. This is the norm. But sometimes, having a draft and proofreading process provides better quality content.

At Daily Posts UK, our content production process is a systematic one. It covers writing, editing, proofreading and final submission. Each stage is handled by an expert and ensures the final work is 100% quality. We hardly get rework orders.

Unfortunately, most freelance websites offer just writing (or other service), and if you want a separate proofreading service, you would have to pay more. Wouldn’t you rather have everything in one package for less?


There are many reasons why Daily Posts UK is a smarter alternative.

  • We don’t delay because our writers are fully-committed to delivering results.
  • Our services are cheaper because we leverage economies of scale.
  • When you choose Daily Posts, you’ll be getting real value for money.

What’s more? Registration is easy.

All you need to do is sign up to open an account.

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