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Comparison with Coast Copywriting

Coast Copywriting is a credible agency with good mandates. The company, run by sole copywriter, Martin Philip has served the UK market for over 15 years. However, there is only so much one man can do.

When you have lots of projects and deadlines in the works, you really want a copywriting agency with the numbers and resources to come through for you. One head is good but at Daily Posts UK, you’ll be accessing greatness from over 50 talented heads around the world. Each, a subject expert in their respective field. It doesn’t come more gift-wrapped than this.

In this review, we’ll be highlighting Daily Posts UK’s winning points as opposed to Coast Copywriting. Which service is more suitable? The answer is obvious; it speaks for itself.

The staff strength; How Daily Post UK Compares

How many people work at Coast Copywriting? Just the one copywriter cum founder, Martin Philip. Now there is nothing wrong with being the sole operator in a business, seeing as it automatically cuts out bureaucracy of decision making.

However, when it comes to complex project topics, providing quick solutions and delivering before deadline, a more structured system outperforms by far. This is where Daily Posts UK excels. Our staff strength is our power. With more than 50 talented copywriters, there is no room for subpar projects. All our finished works add top value to the client’s business.

If you have a multi-content project with different deliverables and an approaching deadline, you really should be looking in one direction. The Daily Posts way.

Global presence; Daily Posts UK is a diverse team

Are you a business owner looking to expand operations? Playing in the home field is good, but if your business must gain higher competitive advantage, winning an international audience is critical. For this, a content writing agency with a global presence can help.

Daily Posts UK, while rooted in the UK, has international offices in the US, Australia, and Africa. Each office has its set of copywriters who understand the behaviour and language context of indigenous audiences. What better way to connect with new markets than speak their language?

Coast Copywriting is good for UK audiences, but it will require more research and time if the company is to provide copy for a foreign audience. Save time and resources by using an agency that is already mingling with potential customers.

Project submission and retrieval process; Daily Posts UK does it better

From experience, we have observed common problems that hinder communications between agency and clients. One of them is the project order and retrieval process.

Sending materials to and fro via email can be problematic. Especially when you want to minimise the mails and attachment entering your inbox. At Daily Posts UK, we have developed a hi-tech communication portal that allows simplified, real-time communication with our clients. The process cuts turnaround time significantly, and prevents needless clogging of your inbox.

When you want to order a new task, simply log in and fill a digital brief. The moment you submit, a subject expert takes up the order. Retrieving the finished work is just as easy. But you’ll have to sign up first to open an account.

Copywriting ideas: Daily Posts UK offers creative diversity

Copywriting is essentially a creative process. It requires as many ideas as possible to sieve through, combine and deliver excellence. But a single copywriter no matter how talented, will have limited options than a creatively diverse team brainstorming together.

When you submit a project, we consider the client by researching your business, accessing insight and tapping ideas from each team member. Our clients are always happy with the ensuing results.

Why Choose Daily Posts UK?

There are many reasons, but we will select one; speed.

We deliver projects in record time regardless of the amount. Yet, our quality remains 100%. Whether you want content for a single guest post or copy for a massive digital campaign, we promise to deliver on time.


Take the right decision and choose Daily Posts UK today. Get access to original, action-driven content without the hassles of an ordinary copywriting agency.

With the ease of a click, you can get quick content on tap whenever you need it. Daily Posts might be the difference it takes to become that authority in your online niche.

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