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Cheeky Sparrow is a UK based Copywriting agency just like Daily Posts. They provide various services to brands channeled towards increasing web traffic most of which aligns with the services offered at Daily Posts.

Though their services and ours (at Daily Posts) are quite similar, there are little differences present in our approach. Cheeky Sparrow has done business for years and are an excellent agency, their work speak for them and their clients say great things about them as well. Let’s find out more about this company, their similarities with Daily Posts, and our differences.

Who is Cheeky Sparrow?

Cheeky Sparrow are a team of digital copywriters who specialise in creating engaging copy for a wide range of UK businesses. The agency pride themselves on using a powerful combination of words to effectively communicate the goals and products of a business via online content such as blogs, website copy and articles.

The agency takes its copywriting services a step further by offering clients expert help with design, social media marketing, SEO and much more.

Cheeky Sparrow has been providing its services for many years now and is considered an expert in the field of copywriting. The agency also has a reputation for working with some of the UK’s big brands, including B&Q, The Jockey Club and many others. No matter how large or complex your project is, Cheeky Sparrow can deliver on time and according to your specifications.

How does Cheeky Sparrow deliver its services?

Over the years, Cheeky Sparrow has managed to cultivate a reputation for being a reliable, fast, highly creative and flexible copywriting agency. They have been able to earn such a reputation thanks to the way they go about completing projects.

Before starting on your copy project, the Cheeky Sparrow staff will first endeavour to fully understand your brief, who you are, who the targeted audience is, and the precise message you are trying to convey. They are then better placed to craft exactly the sort of content you want.

Many of Cheeky Sparrow’s clients appreciate the agency’s respect for deadlines and their commitment to completing projects ahead of deadline. They are also renowned for reviewing and modifying a project repeatedly until a client is completely satisfied.

What’s the process of Daily Posts’ service delivery?

Our services are founded on quick delivery and producing excellent copy. We however, carry out our process quite differently. We utilise an internet based virtual office that smoothen things out between our clients and us regardless of their location around the globe. When they sign up on our virtual office, we provide comprehensive briefs aimed at gathering required information so we can understand their business better, their industry, clients and competitors.

This information helps us shape a content marketing strategy targeted at the ideal web users through the use of industry related keywords and engaging copy optimised for search. What’s more, we are known to beat deadlines and produce content that our clients and their readers love.

Types of Copywriting services offered by Cheeky Sparrow and Daily Posts

Below are some of the various types of content Cheeky Sparrow can create for you that falls in line with content produced by Daily Posts:

Web copywriting: The copywriting team possess the necessary expertise to craft copy that will effectively engage your online audience and compel them to take the actions you want them to. The writing  is usually of a tone that evokes trust and confidence in a reader in relation to the services or products of a client. Cheeky Sparrow as well as Daily Posts can create successful copy for e-commerce sites, B2B or B2C sites, as well as non-profit ones that attract readers, engages them, and compels actions.

Blog copywriting: Cheeky Sparrow’s writers can duplicate the tone and approach of your brand and incorporate it into content created for you. You can also arrange for Cheeky Sparrow to update your website with fresh blog posts as often as you would like. At Daily Posts, you can also get fresh, regular posts added to your blog to boost the quality of your website especially in the eyes of your readers and search engines. Our team of writers are experienced in producing relevant and useful blog articles for any kind of industry.

Email and newsletter copywriting: If you would like to promote your business to people who have already made a commitment to your company, Daily Posts and Cheeky Sparrow can help you effectively stay in touch with such customers through B2B or B2C emails or newsletters. This is accomplished through attention-grabbing subject lines, engaging topics, as well as a clear and easily understandable writing style. Strategically-placed keywords are also used to optimise your content to achieve optimal organic traffic. With Daily Posts, the email and newsletter copy are produced after thorough consultation with clients to ensure the right message is passed across to the right audience.

Press release copywriting: Cheeky Sparrow employs experienced PR professionals that are capable of creating copy with a widespread appeal. By understanding a client, the agency can create content that ensures readers positively perceive a client’s brand and services.

Press releases are sort of old school but remain an effective means of communicating with the public at far as brands are concerned. As a means of breaking out news to the public, a press release has the power to improve or Mar a brand’s image. This is why at Daily Posts, we take the approach to creating press releases seriously, and make them as professional and modern as they can get without foregoing the need for effective communication.

SEO copywriting: This covers articles, landing pages, news pages and blogs. Cheeky Sparrow creates content that appeals to readers, and also gets the right amount of attention from search engines. The firm accomplishes this by creating copy that is effectively optimised for search engines. A combination of original content, appropriate keywords and easy reading features, all come together to ensure search engines will love your copy and your pages get top ranking in search engine results.

As for Daily Posts, SEO plays a big role in our general content marketing strategy. To turn readers into customers, the first thing to do is bring them to a website. This happens through our SEO strategy. They include creating content just like what Cheeky Sparrow does to improve rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Our approach includes, improving a site’s backlinks profile through guest posts and social media, creating high-quality content that is rich with information, and tweaking other website features to enable search engines like Google recognise the website as an authority.

Product description copywriting: Cheeky Sparrow has written product descriptions for a wide variety of businesses and a host of products just like Daily Posts. Rather than copy old ones, they create original product descriptions that make shoppers perceive a particular business as being the best option for buying the product in question. When it comes to product descriptions, poorly arranged and non-descriptive content formats can easily turn off a reader’s desire to make a purchase. Which is why Daily Posts (and Cheeky Sparrow) strive hard to ensure product descriptions are easily understood, tells the reader about the product in question, and convinces them that they need the product.

Regardless of the amount of copy needed, Cheeky Sparrow always maintains consistency and high quality throughout, as do we at Daily Posts.

What sort of writers does Cheeky Sparrow use?

Cheeky Sparrow employs wide variety of writers, who have specialised qualifications in the field of marketing and copywriting, as well as years of experience. Whatever type of copy you need, there’ll always be someone on the Cheeky Sparrow team that can deliver an excellent job.

What about Daily Posts?

At Daily Posts, we employ talented writers that have studied in the UK and US who are experienced in writing various content forms and work from different countries across the globe. With the use of our high tech virtual office, we have a perfect real-time connection with all our writers that makes the copy producing process efficient and quick.

What is the cost of Cheeky Sparrow’s copywriting services?

Cheeky Sparrow offers its services at prices that will suit the needs of your business. Even though services offered by the agency are top quality, they still strive to keep prices competitive, so that anyone in need of quality copywriting can access it at a price they can afford.

What are the prices like with Daily Posts?

We have different plans for different content types here at Daily Posts. This structure is erected to ensure our clients get a plan that works for them.

Our ‘SEO Copywriting’ plan is our cheapest. It comes at $2 per hundred words. It is targeted at simple, yet high quality copy for content that doesn’t take time.

Our second plan comes at $3 per hundred words. This is a favourite for most of our clients. It covers excellent copy for guest posts, press releases, landing pages and blog posts.

Thirdly, we have our ‘premium content’ plan for $5 per hundred words. This is a plan that takes the quality of your content higher than regular copy. If you want your brand to knock off competition and stand out, then this plan is ideal for you.

Lastly, our plan for highly technical and time consuming content comes at $8 per hundred words. This plan is one of the most affordable out there for technical writing. Our technical writers will produce content professionally and on time too.

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