Website Copy and Grammar

Improve your Online Presence by Choosing the Right Type of Copy with this Smart Guide

By now, there should be no doubt in your mind about the power of content in increasing your website’s traffic and generating leads. However, content is only as effective as you need it to be if it matches your business goals There are various types of copy and each possesses unique features, best suited for […]

Authority Writing on Websites

25 of The Most Common Copywriting Mistakes on Websites

        1. Overusing Adverbs and Adjectives Think about which sentence is more effective: “This product is effective and gets the job done” or “This really great product is very effective and really gets the job done super well.” Not only do the extra adverbs and adjectives fail to make the product seem any better, […]

25 of the most common grammatical errors even professional writers make

25 of the most common grammatical errors even professional writers make There is a general perception that professional writers have it all figured out where perfect grammar is concerned, truth is writers make mistakes and as much as they try to avoid them, it still pops up in their work. Writers need to remember that [...]

How to write content for Semantic Algorithms

When you want your articles to appear at the top of Google’s search results there’s only one way: you need to think like Google; or rather you need to understand the Google algorithm and approach to rankings. It is not so much that the good old SEO methods have become totally obsolete, they almost have; […]

Words That Work in Website Copy, and Words That Don’t

At Daily Posts we produce website page copy for clients all over the world. We have web design firms who come to us and ask us to create the content for the sites that they build. We have lots of brands request a content refresh, or series of new landing pages. Some see a 100% increase […]