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Top SEO Techniques for 2018

Top SEO Techniques to Adopt in 2018

The world of SEO is ever evolving as almost every year brings about new changes in the trends and strategies used in the industry. As 2017 draws to a closed and we prepare to welcome 2018, it is important that we understand that for the New Year, we will need to say goodbye to few […]

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What does SEO Copywriting mean in 2017?

The content of your web page goes a long way in driving traffic to the entire site, and this is one of the signals used by Google in ranking websites in its earch results. In as much as some content don’t actually look great at first glance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting can actually make […]


Keeping Compliant With Google Panda

The introduction of the Panda algorithm has been seen as a positive change for some sites and negative for others. If a site has low-quality articles, published purely for search engine ranking purposes, then Panda is going to present a problem. However, whilst Panda has been highly effective at identifying higher quality sites and rankings, it […]


25 Tips to Make Your SEO Copywriting More Effective

SEO is perhaps the single most used word in the online marketing world over the last couple of years. It is now common knowledge that any online business that is serious about making more conversions must be able to produce good copy for their landing pages, as well as their blog posts. Copywriting that is […]


Become a Genius at Keeping Visitors on Your Website with these Copywriting Tips

Many writers just create content based on what they feel at a particular moment, without putting themselves in the mindset of the reader. Even experienced copywriters make this mistake. However, try to envisage a visitor reading your post and think of what made them click on your link. If you find it difficult to figure […]


15 Copywriting Tips Straight from Rankbrain

  Every year, Google makes hundreds of updates to its various algorithms; either to enhance the ranking software, penalize sites with erring backlinks and generally improve user search experience. Some of these updates are announced ahead of time, while others fly under the radar- like an impromptu audit. Whichever it is, many sites usually end […]

Keywords, Keyword stuffing

Keyword Stuffing Explained

In the practice of SEO writing, ‘keyword stuffing’ is the (bad) habit of fitting as many of the relevant keywords into one article or page as possible. In the early days of SEO this was something that worked well and could help to get a ranking boost, but this is no longer the case. If […]


How to rank in search engines

Everyone knows the importance of a good website but it’s often harder to make yourself visible in those essential rankings. With most searches, people don’t often venture into the 4th or 5th page, so if your business isn’t up there in the top 3 pages, you are more than likely being bypassed by potential customers. […]

Authority Writing on Websites

Becoming an Authority in Your Field through Quality Article Writing

If you have a vast knowledge of your specific industry and think that you should be seen as an expert, based on your experience and knowledge; you can become an authority via industry article writing. Even if you have no experience in article writing and have never considered yourself a writer, you can take that […]

Things to Avoid in Marketing

Top 5 No-No’s When Promoting Your Website

You spent the last six months painstakingly creating the perfect website. You’re finally ready for the big unveiling; you want to create a buzz to reach as wide an audience as possible. To do this, you must promote your website successfully, this means increasing your website’s visibility, and increasing daily traffic from people who are interested […]