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Guide to Recovering from a Google Content Penalty

It’s a widely-accepted fact that Google controls a vast portion of the digital landscape.  This means that most webmasters know that they must do everything in their power to avoid a Google content penalty. When you are hit by a manual content penalty by Google, the impact can be far reaching. Firstly, you will lose […]


Guide to Outsourcing Client Content to a Copywriting Company

Content writing is one of the biggest and most difficult tasks involved in online marketing. The role of content in any internet marketing strategy is one that goes a long way in determining the success of these online campaigns. However, most marketing firms find it difficult to develop and execute adequate content strategies that can […]

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Understanding How to SEO Your Copy and Get Results

Brilliantly-written SEO copy can boost your visibility and make your business stand out. To a great extent, quality content is important for your website. A lot of people have no problem crafting a satisfactory copy. However, SEO content creation is an arduous task for most people. Getting creative when it comes to writing for websites […]


The Complete Guide to finding a Website Content Writer

In the early stages of creating a website, you’ll need to determine who is responsible for your site content. You might be tempted to assign this critical task to your secretary or assistant, and have them organise it. The problem is they likely won’t understand the role of content in lead generation, authority building, SERPs […]


A Step by Step Guide on How to Get Going with Your Website Copywriting

With or without knowing it, everyone has come across the work of a copywriter; on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogues etc. Copywriting for different platforms has similarities and, sometimes, a copywriter can write for more than one platform. Website copywriting, however, is somewhat different because printed copy is not read in the same form […]


A Complete Guide to Health Copywriting

Daily Posts is a copywriting agency that offers expertly-written copy produced by experienced copywriters from across the world. We specialise in writing niche content, including in the health domain. With our mixed team of experienced health copywriters and professionals who are knowledgeable about health, we deliver quality, well-researched health content. As a healthcare or health-related […]


A Complete Guide to Medical Copywriting

Today’s medical copywriters require many skills. In addition to writing, we must have a broad knowledge of interviewing, psychology, marketing, customer relations, research methodology and more. A healthcare professional knows more than anyone else how difficult the industry is to master. For instance, doctors learn over 50,000 new words by the time they complete medical […]

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Writing Local Pages- The Definitive Guide

Local pages are an effective medium for marketing your business through the World Wide Web. With local pages, you can promote your brand, services and products, bringing them to the attention of people within your locality at the exact time they are looking for them.Local pages and local SEO work hand in hand with the […]


Top SEO Techniques to Adopt in 2018

The world of SEO is ever evolving as almost every year brings about new changes in the trends and strategies used in the industry. As 2017 draws to a closed and we prepare to welcome 2018, it is important that we understand that for the New Year, we will need to say goodbye to few […]


What does SEO Copywriting mean in 2017?

The content of your web page goes a long way in driving traffic to the entire site, and this is one of the signals used by Google in ranking websites in its earch results. In as much as some content don’t actually look great at first glance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting can actually make […]