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8 More Ways to make your Blog go Viral

It is no easy feat to make a blog post go viral, there is no one rule that you can apply and voila, you have your post on the screens of millions am over the world. If you read and followed the 12 ways to make your blog go viral posted here sometime ago, then […]

Why you Need a Killer Case Study and 10 Tips to Create one

There are many ways to secure the trust of potential customers and one effective means is a case study. Demonstrating your ability to deliver on the promises of your products and services is a potent way to make a pitch for their patronage. And there’s no better way to do this than let them know […]

All You Need to Know About Sports Writing

You must have heard about SEO writing, technical writing, medical writing and other types of digital copywriting. But sports writing is one aspect that hasn’t been harnessed enough. The good part about it is that you don’t have to use lots of vocabulary and technical terms. You just have to understand the particular sport you’re […]

The 11 Professional Copywriting Tips and Tricks You Must Use

First, the good news. Great copywriting is within your reach. However, with the consistent demand for more quality content and the ever-increasing need for effective copywriting, producing high-quality copy is tough. Individuals and businesses need copy that will both attract visitors and convert them to leads and customers. Therefore, it’s time to take your copywriting […]

Definitive ways to Improve Conversion Rates in the use of Language

It’s a well-known fact that the higher the conversion rates, the better the profits. Having a high conversion is a solid indicator that you are hitting the right buttons and reaching the right targets. It also gives you confirmation of the fact that you’re using the right the right strategy. You can proudly state that […]

Is it Possible to Remove Blogging from a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is pretty much the most utilised marketing style right now. It has proven its mettle in many ways. It is a potent driver of organic traffic, and good way to maintain your brand online presence. The saying “content is king” is as true as it is cliché. You cannot get an optimal SEO […]

15 Skills Every Writer Must Have

Being a writer is way beyond just putting pen to paper on how you feel or ideas that roll of your mind. It’s important to acquire or develop certain skills to enable you create content with ease. You must not be a digital marketer to know what will sell in the market, you just have […]

Boost B2C Website Content with These 6 Effective Methods

Any business needs a website to instantly provide visitors and potential customers with relevant information. Such website must provide engaging content that gears them to take action and possibly turn them into paying customers and clients. Therefore, when creating content for B2C websites, writers need to have certain key points in mind: the driving motivations […]

How to Create Unique Content

Writing a post for a blog, landing page for a website or just creating content for a particular product or service, you have to put in all effort to make sure it speaks to the target audience. Its not as easy as writing an essay about your favorite travel destination – or maybe it is. […]

12 Easy Steps to Making Your Blog Posts go Viral

First of all, think about the joy that comes with knowing that your blog post is the most talked about on social media, other blogs and even in people’s everyday conversations. After you might have spent hours or even days writing a great article, you would expect that lots of internet users will read and […]