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How Our Guest Posting Service Helps Your SEO Rankings?

How Our Guest Posting Service Helps Your SEO Rankings? At Daily Posts we contribute guest posts to sites around the world and in just about every niche. The Internet websites we write for appreciate the content, and our clients enjoy the benefits of improved rankings, traffic, and an enhanced reputation online. These days guest posts are [...]
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Social Media Strategy for Guest Blog Posts

If you plan to publish blog articles, whether they are through your own blogger outreach, our guest posting service or on your own blog, social media has a strong influence on your link building success and Internet presence. This is because consumers want to read material that connects with their personal interests. As a result, […]

Why Guest Posts are still an important part of Internet Marketing

Is guest posting and blogger outreach really played out? Out-dated? Spammy? Contrary to what some SEO people may think about guest posting, the answer is no. Guest posting is still relevant to internet marketing. Getting their posts published on respected 3rd party websites is an essential part of an individual’s or organisation’s branding and link […]

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What is the Situation with Link Building and Guest Posts in 2015?

Guest blogging is nothing new – it forms the basis of many contemporary blogs/websites’ marketing schemes and has proven to be a stellar tactic for directing traffic to a particular PAGE, or improving a website’s visibility. But, first things first… What is Guest Posting? Guest blogging is exactly what it sounds like: when another blogger […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Quality Guest Posts

Guest blogging has been a hot topic in the news this year (2014-15) with, Google’s Matt Cutts calling out guest blogging as something that was not overly effective anymore. There was some backlash when he laid the gauntlet down, from SEO industry professionals and of course guest bloggers. It was after that backlash that he […]

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Does it look like a sponsored post?

CEO of Daily Posts, James Cummings, vents about the quality of posts on the web, and why you have to do better. I get infuriated when writers send outreach posts back to Daily Posts with links that are  inserted in an artificial, stand out like a sore thumb way. It’s important to get links in- […]

Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is commonly used in order to better a website’s search engine presence. According to Google’s Matt Cutts, if done properly this can help your website get more recognition and increase your visibility on the internet; but if it isn’t done the right way it can actually hurt you and push you further down […]

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Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging Part 2

Guest blogging is a popular technique being used for SEO purposes, but Google’s Web Spam supremo Matt Cutts believes that guest blogging can be a slippery subject, and lead to more problems than the practice is actually worth. Cutts acknowledges that guest blogging is being employed by writers in order to get exposure and spread […]


Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging Part 3

Guest blogging, according to Matt Cutts, is a major current link building trend, and it seems to be going awry of late. Cutts highlights that writers and SEO managers are guest blogging too much, and in sloppy ways. For example, a lot of writers are spreading their articles to multiple websites and hoping they’ll be picked up […]

Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging Part 4

As time goes by it seems like more SEO writers are becoming more concerned about whether guest blogging is going to be seen as SEO spam. Google responds to abuse of natural web promotion by imposing ranking penalties. Thankfully though they take things on a case by case basis, so legitimate guest blogging attempts shouldn’t […]