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Guide to Recovering from a Google Content Penalty

It’s a widely-accepted fact that Google controls a vast portion of the digital landscape.  This means that most webmasters know that they must do everything in their power to avoid a Google content penalty. When you are hit by a manual content penalty by Google, the impact can be far reaching. Firstly, you will lose […]


Is it Possible to Remove Blogging from a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is pretty much the most utilised marketing style right now. It has proven its mettle in many ways. It is a potent driver of organic traffic, and good way to maintain your brand online presence. The saying “content is king” is as true as it is cliché. You cannot get an optimal SEO […]


How to Create the Right Social Media Marketing Update

When creating updates, posts, or tweets for social media, every  brand would want content that compels their target audience to take immediate action. As a copywriter, it’s your duty to make sure that what is posted delivers it’s intended message – regardless of how short it is. To make more people want to follow and […]


Foolproof Methods of Using Content Marketing to Build Brand Loyalty

The beauty of Content Marketing is that it can be used to achieve so many goals at the same time, without depreciating any particular objective. You can use it to get your products and services out there, while also using it to build genuine trust and loyalty among customers. The process of creating and marketing […]


9 Effective Ways to Create Written Content That Generates Leads

There are a number of benefits involved when creating written content aimed at generating leads. You’ll increase traffic, significantly influence your bottom-line and generally be better poised to harness the power of your blog or website. Generating leads is similar to fishing alongside thousands of other people, hoping to reel in a profitable catch. You […]

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Understanding Your Target Audience for Content Marketing

When preparing a Content Marketing strategy, it is important to know who you are writing for. A plan without a distinctive target group could lead to the failure of your online marketing objectives. Target audience analysis is therefore a core part of any marketing strategy. If you don’t know your audience, how will you know […]

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Making a Difference in your Content Strategy, using Niche Marketing

Put yourself in the shoes of your target consumer. It could be a ‘stay at home mother’ that barely has five minutes to search online for a specific product, before she has to hurry back to take care of her family. It might even be a busy career person, inundated with work calls, who barely […]

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The Complete Beginners Guide to Content Writing For the Web

In general, writing is a time consuming and hard work, but writing content for the web is even more so. Studies show that at least 55% of site visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a webpage. To beat these statistics, content writing for the web has to be better than good, it must be […]


25 ways to get ideas for your content marketing article

A fantastic idea is at the heart of any content campaign or project. The buzz around an article sustains you through the long hike of creation and gets your target audience to keep sharing your content. Putting effort into a bad idea is a waste of resources and can lead to high bounce rate, loss […]

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With more than a billion active users, Facebook provides a rare opportunity for small businesses with limited ad budgets and even big businesses to reach a large number of people. The wealth of data available on Facebook makes it hard to ignore for any business wanting to grow. The effective use of the platform can […]