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How to Create the Right Social Media Marketing Update

When creating updates, posts, or tweets for social media, every  brand would want content that compels their target audience to take immediate action. As a copywriter, it’s your duty to make sure that what is posted delivers it’s intended message – regardless of how short it is. To make more people want to follow and […]

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How to Create Unique Content

Writing a post for a blog, landing page for a website or just creating content for a particular product or service, you have to put in all effort to make sure it speaks to the target audience. Its not as easy as writing an essay about your favorite travel destination – or maybe it is. […]

Social Media Marketing tactics to boost conversion

15 Social Media Marketing Tactics to Boost Conversion

Social media marketing is a solid way to generate new leads and increase ROI. Data from Shareaholic shows that social media contributes 31.24% of referral traffic, making it the top driver. The question most brands are trying to answer is – How to increase conversion rate on Social Media while keeping followers engaged. Social media […]

Maximising Return On Investments

Boosting Your ROI with Effective CRO

Search Engine Optimisation is an integral part of any online marketing campaign. Yet as important as it is, it still serves as a means to an end. There’s a reason for SEO, which is to drive customers to a website, but not just to leave them there without a purpose. They are funneled there to […]

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How to Become more Interesting on Social Media with the Right Type of Copy

Social media is a great platform on which to showcase your brand and all the amazing things it has to offer. However, this is only possible if you go about using social media the right way, using the right copywriters. Facebook currently has over two billion active users, which makes it the most popular social […]


Content Writer vs. Copywriter – What does Each have to Offer?

Many people look for the services of a copywriter, when what they actually need is a content writer and vice versa. This is probably because they often mistake one for the other, but this post is about to clear that up. What differentiates a content writer from a copywriter is actually quite subtle and an […]

Selecting the right Copywriter

How to Avoid Picking the Wrong Copywriter for your Project

The right copywriter can turn your online or offline marketing campaign into a huge success, while the wrong one can cost you more time, more money and still leave you with unsatisfactory results. After reading this post however, you’ll be better placed to untangle the wheat from the chaff when it comes to quality copywriters. […]

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What does SEO Copywriting mean in 2017?

The content of your web page goes a long way in driving traffic to the entire site, and this is one of the signals used by Google in ranking websites in its earch results. In as much as some content don’t actually look great at first glance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting can actually make […]

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25 reasons it’s best to find a copywriter with Daily Posts

Most people can write but few can carve enticing content that holds the reader’s attention past the first paragraph. While an attractive website is essential to its digital marketing success, top quality web copies is more important than appearance. You need to find a copywriter that writes engaging copies to drive traffic and convert customers. […]

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The Complete Beginners Guide to Content Writing For the Web

In general, writing is a time consuming and hard work, but writing content for the web is even more so. Studies show that at least 55% of site visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a webpage. To beat these statistics, content writing for the web has to be better than good, it must be […]