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Guide to Recovering from a Google Content Penalty

It’s a widely-accepted fact that Google controls a vast portion of the digital landscape.  This means that most webmasters know that they must do everything in their power to avoid a Google content penalty. When you are hit by a manual content penalty by Google, the impact can be far reaching. Firstly, you will lose […]


Guide to Outsourcing Client Content to a Copywriting Company

Content writing is one of the biggest and most difficult tasks involved in online marketing. The role of content in any internet marketing strategy is one that goes a long way in determining the success of these online campaigns. However, most marketing firms find it difficult to develop and execute adequate content strategies that can […]


A Step by Step Guide for When you Need to Hire a Copywriter

At Daily Posts, we have been supporting businesses in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, and others by providing them with unique online content to communicate the essence and value of their brand and services to their customers. With our services, businesses have been able to attain an online presence that brings them […]


A Step by Step Guide on How to Get Going with Your Website Copywriting

With or without knowing it, everyone has come across the work of a copywriter; on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogues etc. Copywriting for different platforms has similarities and, sometimes, a copywriter can write for more than one platform. Website copywriting, however, is somewhat different because printed copy is not read in the same form […]

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Guide to Online Copywriting Services – Understanding the Market

In today’s marketing world, copywriters essentially run the digital web. Whether they know it or not, everyone is familiar with the work of copywriters. You’ll find products of copywriting services everywhere from pop-up banner ads that appear as you browse a website to the blogs you turn to when you need to learn money-making tips […]


A Complete Guide to Financial Copywriting

Not all financial content is ‘created equal’. If your business is dependent on quality financial content or, at least, requires some form of written content, then you have to be certain that you’re doing it right. Daily Posts can help take your financial content from dry and dull to inspiring content that drives action. Our […]

Everything You Need to Know about Ecommerce Content Copywriting

The world of online retail is fiercely competitive. Your ecommerce website needs unique, high-quality content to stand out. DailyPosts copywriters work with manufacturers and retailers to improve SEO rankings and gain the advantage with unique content the appeals to and converts potential customers into customers, and customers into loyal buyers. Luckily, ecommerce website content writing […]


How to Create the Right Social Media Marketing Update

When creating updates, posts, or tweets for social media, every  brand would want content that compels their target audience to take immediate action. As a copywriter, it’s your duty to make sure that what is posted delivers it’s intended message – regardless of how short it is. To make more people want to follow and […]


How to Create Unique Content

Writing a post for a blog, landing page for a website or just creating content for a particular product or service, you have to put in all effort to make sure it speaks to the target audience. Its not as easy as writing an essay about your favorite travel destination – or maybe it is. […]


15 Social Media Marketing Tactics to Boost Conversion

Social media marketing is a solid way to generate new leads and increase ROI. Data from Shareaholic shows that social media contributes 31.24% of referral traffic, making it the top driver. The question most brands are trying to answer is – How to increase conversion rate on Social Media while keeping followers engaged. Social media […]