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Why You Need a Copy Writer? You don’t have time. There’s barely any time; that’s simply the reason why you’re unable to maintain an active writing schedule. There's a solution though, thankfully! Employ a content writer! Since we do this frequently, not only are we able to develop content for you, we can also provide results faster than you can.  Content writing is more than writing. When you employ a content writer, you're not merely getting some

Link Building

What is Link Building? Link building is the art of increasing inbound hyperlinks to a website for search engine optimisation. You have a link on another website that leads back to your site. Links are an important aspect of website navigation and marketing communications. Readers use them to move from one web page or site to another. Links increase your traffic by getting the readers of another site to visit yours. Search engines crawl through websites using links. They crawl through

Public Relations

Search Engine Reputation Management Using SE Rankings As you manage your online business, the interconnectedness online can make you feel like you’re in limited familiar territory where positive news about your brand easily travels far, winning you more business. In the same vein, negative reviews can torch you reputation beyond recognition. Maintaining good reputation online is very important. If your business has an outlet of any form online, your prospective users today are


Copywriting for E-commerce E-commerce (electronic commerce) involves buying and selling of goods and services via the internet. All commercial transactions carried out over the internet fall in this category. Also known as internet commerce, e-commerce grew rapidly following the first online business transaction in 1994. With the rapid growth of the industry, excellent copywriting is required for businesses to stay above the competition. Copywriting for e-commerce involves delivering promo

Content Strategy

What is a content strategy? Content strategy is the planning, development and management of content for website development. Its not just words on a website but other forms of content such as video, podcasts and more. According to content marketing expert Rachel Lovinger, content strategy uses words and data to create easily-understood content that supports your overarching goals. It’s a field in user experience design and an offshoot of digital marketing, technical communication, bu

Copywriting Tips and Techniques

Copywriting Tips For any website or business that intends to expand its reach and make more sales, marketing communications and public relations are always included in their business plan. This involves all forms of advertising and media used in communicating with customers. What is Copywriting? Copywriting is perhaps the most important tool employed in advertising to maximise marketing campaigns and increase brand awareness. It is salesmanship in text form. Copywriting can be defin

Content Marketing

What is content marketing? Content marketing is storytelling. For centuries, humans have used stories to communicate. Content marketing is a long-term detailed approach. It focuses on creating and sharing useful, valuable and consistent content to entice and retain a defined audience. The goal of content marketing is to build a strong relationship with your audience and drive profitable customer action. Why is content marketing important? Value to both brands and customers Custome


Why Choose Daily Posts for Your Ecommerce Copywriting? For companies the world over, Daily Posts is a genuine and trusted choice you can engage for website copywriter services. From established businesses to healthy middle range enterprises, the number of organizations we've partnered with cuts across many industries. We helped them actualize their biggest goals; from creating more jobs to giving revenue an impressive boost.  Here’s why businesses consider Daily Posts as the

Guest Posts

What are guest posts? Guest posting means writing and publishing your blog article on someone else's website or blog. Each published article contains a mention of the original author and a landing page leading to her own website or blog. It is an effective SEO practice that targets the building of brand awareness while at the same time generating traffic. The websites and blogs chosen for guest posts are those which have similar audience as your blog so that the leads funnelled through th

E-commerce and Online Stores

Daily Posts is a professional writing company that delivers excellent, error free Ecommerce Copywriting services to clients all across the globe. We are simply the convenient and cost-effective way to access a steady flow of high quality content for your ecommerce website.

Copywriting Examples and Samples

What Are Copyrighting Examples? Copywriting involves increasing brand or product awareness by persuading a person to take a particular action. Copywriting is more than just writing, it is about ideas and problem-solving. Proof of a good copywriting sample is in its rate of conversion. Copywriting samples enable you to connect with your audience and address the issues they may have. It also keeps you constantly in the heart of your potential customer. A well-written copywriting sampl