Can You Outsource Your Corporate Copywriting? But more Importantly, Should you?

The title of this article is a double edged question that will be answered each in different parts of the piece. Corporate copywriting is a skill and endeavor that is becoming more and more useful and invaluable as the world shifts to a more digitized space. Previously, copywriters were usually only employed by ad agencies to draw up captivating copy around a particular campaign and now, as we are moving into a world where the internet and websites are more ubiquitous than ever before, the demand for copywriting and indeed copywriters has increased. Brands have discovered that staying relevant in the online space requires technique and consistency in no other thing than words. Words are the building blocks a brand’s strength on the internet. There are no websites, blog’s, articles, online reviews and press releases without the written word and the master manipulator of the word is a copywriter.

Copywriters incorporate different parts to their skill. There’s that of language, grammar, current affairs and probably most importantly, a knowledge of search engine optimization and digital marketing. They know how to craft engaging pieces that will draw users and generate leads. They have the skill of crafting a whole story around an idea or a keyword and will unleash that skill with vigor when asked to. It is the space in which they feel most comfortable. They can talk about your company or product in a much more appealing way than even you, the owner, if given enough information.

Now, deciding whether to keep someone on full time just to perform this function is another matter in itself. Picture this, you’re a small company that just started operations and your websites backbone on the frontend is already complete with all the graphics and pages on ground. At this point, you just need a person or group of people that will work in tandem and generate the best possible clump of words that will fill the website and add value to it, drawing customers in along with itself. It is not sensible to hire a full-time employee to carry out this function because firstly, you’re not exactly swimming in cash and perhaps more importantly, this is a function you’ll need more seasonally as each need arises. Thus, the above course of action makes very little sense. You could hire a freelancer and that would probably be a better option than the previous, but its pitfalls such as high cost and the unreliability that come with the human factor, considering he/she is just one person and will act in a way that is unpredictable, a way that can jeopardize the success of the whole project. Now, what if you could get a company to do the job for you? What if you could contract with an already existing business entity whose service is copywriting for businesses like yours? Well you could, and that’s basically the gist of the article.

Corporate copywriting agencies like Dailyposts service companies and other businesses by helping them with their copy needs and they function as businesses in and of themselves, having workers that follow deadlines and have targets and the company having targets and deadlines of their own. They usually service a vast portfolio of clients and are ever ready to take on new ones. So why are you better off handing off your corporate copywriting needs over to them?

They are expedient

Unlike an independent freelancer that might not adhere to your deadline or will do so grudgingly, copywriting agencies take on your project with the promise of delivering on time. They have a streamlined internal process that makes sure that none of their writers are overburdened so that your work comes out as the best version of itself, in really good time.

They are more affordable

At least on the long run, contracting with copywriting agencies is more affordable than any other option. Because you can call them on a project by project basis, you don’t have to worry about anything like a retainer or continuous, unused billable hours. You only pay them while they’re working for you. Sounds sweet, doesn’t it?

Frees up your Time for other Responsibilities

Contracting with a corporate copywriting agency means that you have able hands working on your content and thus you can rest easy. Whether it is a press release, website copy, blog post or guest post, you can perform your other functions with rest of mind knowing that the agency has that end covered.

They are Experienced with Your Needs

However many innuendoes the above subheading is open to, copywriting agencies have been there and done that so to speak. They have strong industry experience with the job you’re offering and are best placed to capture the idea you want to convey in words. Their experience makes them versatile and they can pivot quickly if a particular approach to a piece isn’t working.

There you have it. The above are just a few merits to working with copywriting agencies. It’s a shame that many people do not know that businesses like this exist. Those that do however, will testify to their invaluableness. Whether you’re an already established company or a new startup, you’re probably better served outsourcing most or even all of your copywriting needs to an agency. They will deliver fast, quality content that will drive your business to the next level.