Caboodle Copywriting


Caboodle Copywriting is a group of freelance copywriters with international expertise in writing content across different niches, such as website, marketing, advertising and SEO copywriting. Based in Perth, Australia, Caboodle Copywriting prides itself on being a creative consultancy, featuring freelance copywriters with ample experience in website copywriting, tagline crafting, brochure writing and brand naming.

Who runs Caboodle Copywriting?

Paul Leonard founded the copywriting service in 2007 and runs Caboodle Copywriting with co-director Jo Baker. Paul states that he is first and foremost a writer, creative director and brand strategist who knows how to use words to transform organisations that need content in line with what their target audience find useful.

He has created copies and worked on ad campaigns for global brands like British Airways and Amnesty International, picking up awards in recognition of his contribution to copywriting in Australia.

Jo Baker is the creative director at Caboodle Copywriting, whilst also maintaining another job as the Fundraising and Brand Manager for Pet Rescue. Jo spent 12 years as an ad copywriter in agencies based in London and Perth and worked with top brands such as Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Aspen Group and the award-winning Thurrock Fostering campaign. Since she joined Paul as co-owner of Caboodle in 2009, she has fostered bonds with top ad agencies, popular Australian brands and nonprofit groups.

What should I know before hiring Caboodle Copywriting?

Caboodle is more than just a writing service. With contacts and experience spanning branding, advertising and marketing in Australia and the UK, they advise clients on everything from ad campaigns to branding, which means they are able to handle a diverse scale of projects.

Caboodle has worked for big brands such as Tourism WA, Harrods and HIF amongst other popular global brands. They give clients the options to collaborate directly with Caboodle or liaise with the client’s agency. Freelance copywriters at Caboodle leverage their connections in the digital industry to manage your online marketing campaign and branding activities.

Caboodle offers free copywriting services to charities and pride themselves on fair, transparent charges, solely based on work completed.

What copywriting service does Caboodle Copywriters provide?

The services on offer are split into three sections:

Website copywriting

SEO web content

IA and website planning

Mobile apps copywriting

Digital copywriting

Brochure copywriting projects

These are long copies such as sales brochures, guides, flyers and leaflets for blue-chip companies, charities and government agencies.

Advertising and marketing

Digital marketing: includes eDM campaigns, PPC and re-marketing

Poster and press advertising

Brochure and print marketing

Direct mail campaigns

What is the copywriting process at Caboodle Copywriters?

No two projects are the same at Caboodle Copywriters, so the quote you get is dependent on the size of the project. This is a preview of their writing process, used to create content for clients.

  • Scope: the freelance copywriters take some time to know the client and what purpose the copy is going to serve. You can arrange for face-to-face meetings in Perth, phone conversations or Skype. If it’s a new site, they offer services to help startups plan their site and digital marketing strategy.
  • Quote: once the writers have took on board and  understood your project, they’ll provide a proposal document and quote. The prices are tailored based on the services you want and what you’re willing to pay. The quote includes a per-page writing range for on-page content, featuring trending SEO keywords that will help your content rank high.
  • Brief.
  • Copywriting process, depending on the size of your website and the volume of content. The first draft might take 3-5 weeks.
  • The quote includes a full round of revisions, so that after the first draft, the client reads the content and proffers feedback, which is added to the revised content.
  • Most projects only require one round of revision. If the customer isn’t satisfied, Caboodle copywriters promise to work with the client until they are happy with the final output.

What do Caboodle Copywriters write?

The freelance copywriters at Caboodle tackle a wide range of projects for diverse organisations in Perth, across Australia and the rest of the world. Caboodle Copywriters help startups and enterprises in Perth grow into successful brands that always achieve their content marketing goals. Some of their showcased works include content on computer software, digital marketing, travel and healthcare, amongst others.

What do Caboodle Copywriters charge?

Caboodle isn’t a run of the mill, cheap copywriting service. They ask the important question: Do customers want to compromise quality for content that will market their brand? Before giving you a fixed quote, Caboodle interviews clients about the scope of project. They have an hourly rate, which might give you a clue as to the cost of copywriting.

  • Messaging projects, general editing and copywriting: $80-$120 per hour, depending on the difficulty of the project.
  • Complex projects – $120-$180 per hour.

Ballpark figure for the rest of their services:

  • Landing page – from $300
  • Business name or branding – from $1600
  • Large website content – from $1,800
  • Emailer – from $300
  • Email Campaign – from $750

Reviews for Caboodle Copywriters

Caboodle doesn’t actively collect independent reviews from clients, as they have no professional profile on Facebook, TrustPilot or YellowPage. However, there are two independent reviews on Google with an average score of 3.0. On their website’s testimonial page, there are 10 reviews from satisfied clients who praise Paul and Jo for their ability to understand the client’s project and create content that captured the brand’s voice.