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When choosing a copywriting service, it is important to understand the type agency you want to work with. Briar copywriting prides itself in producing “eye-catching, compelling and creative copy”. While these are no doubt good attributes, are they simply enough?

In this review, we shall be comparing the benefits of DailyPosts against Briar Copywriting, and why creative and compelling copy is just one part of good content marketing. By the time you finish reading, you’ll understand why your business deserves more.

Positioning and diversity: How does DailyPosts compare?

The days when you needed to be in the same location to access a business’ services are long gone. Today, you can simply go online and make a service request. Briar Copywriting is based in the UK, but offers services to customers around the world. While there’s nothing wrong with that, language and semantics vary across the globe and needs to be taken into consideration.

At DailyPosts, we have a global team of professional copywriters across various continents from the Europe to the US, Australia and Africa. This makes us creatively diverse and more targeted in our delivery. So, if you are an international Ecommerce company based in the UK, but looking to target American buyers, our US writers can provide a more tailored solution for your business.

What’s more, everyone on our writing team is an experienced SEO writer. Your brand will not only form a bond with readers through aptly written communication, your website will be favourably ranked on search engines too.

Copywriting services: How is DailyPosts different?

Briar Copywriting provides copy for a variety of services including email marketing, newsletter writing, guest posts and so on. Almost every copywriting agency does this to some extent. But how speedy is their delivery? Can you get an excellently-written content project on short notice?

This is where we believe we best other copywriting agencies. Our approach is streamlined and cuts off a significant part of the usual bureaucracy. Few agencies do agile servicing like we do. As a team of highly-diverse professionals with ultramodern copywriting tools, we deliver on time for our clients.

In the world of content marketing were trends are but a flash and consumer interests blow with the wind, what use is “compelling and creative copy” if it is too little too late?

Why not choose Daily Posts instead?

Small and medium business gain from copywriting agencies because it allows them to focus more on their core business services. But we know that sometimes, giving an outsourced company 100% control has its risks. Which is why DailyPosts has a system that involves the client in the early stages, after which we can take off completely.

Unlike other agencies, our method guarantees success; it minimises the need for rework and eliminates delay. Since inception, we have built a rock-solid reputation for delivering on our promise. If for some reason we can’t complete your project, we will inform you early, so you don’t waste time.

Wouldn’t you prefer a copywriting agency that is efficient and sincere?


Understanding your content writing needs: How DailyPosts compares

Briar copywriting follows the age-old process of waiting for client briefs. This is normal, but a little too traditional for DailyPosts.

For regular projects, we usually have an online project portal for clients to input their content requirements, in other words, a digital brief. It is straightforward and highlights everything we need to know about your customers. But when you register a long-term content marketing package with us, you don’t need to keep filling briefs.

Instead, we draw from experience, knowledge of past projects and market insights to craft regular content for your business every week. This is cheaper, cuts off turnaround time, and ensures your website remains consistently updated. A definite win-win situation.


Content marketing is an essential part of your marketing plan, but it is how you approach it that makes the difference. The DailyPosts way guarantees first-rate content that engages and converts customers.

We have globally-diverse and creative writers, agile project delivery, an automated process and a cost-efficient system that favours all our clients. You are better off with a copywriting agency that saves you all the hassles that come with traditional outsourced services.

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