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Comparison with Big Star Copywriting

If you had to choose between two ace copywriting agencies, both renowned for talented writers, excellent quality content, and a good content strategy, it is always advisable to choose the one that is internationally versatile.

We will explain why in a bit, but it is worth noting that having a wide global presence gives an agency good economy of scale and allows them offer more competitive rates. Not to mention better targeting for audiences.

Between Big Star Copywriting and Daily Posts UK, this comparative review reveals why the latter is better suited to handle your content writing.

International versatility; How Daily Posts UK excels

Being internationally versatile is not about completing a few projects for foreign-based clients as many agencies assume. While work exposure has its advantages, international versatility is more about the writers and their subject expertise.

At DailyPosts UK, we have a global presence that spans the UK, US, Australia and parts of Africa. Our offices in these regions target the best crop of copywriters and hire them. Every station has its subject expert; from finance to tech, fashion, construction, marketing, business and so on. We can help you connect easily in new markets.

Thinking of expanding to Canada? Our American copywriters have got your copy sorted. What about South Africa? We have professional writers there to help you communicate effectively. Unlike Big Star Copywriting, Daily Posts’ diverse reach is something you can leverage on.

Travel Copywriting: DailyPost Does it right

Are you a travel agency or a tour guide service? Who better to tell your story than someone right there at the destination?

Big Star copywriting offers travel content as one of its top services. But your content will be better if it comes from a subject expert living in that area. Daily Posts is well-positioned for this service.

For example, if you are a UK-based agency that provides guided tours in Australia, one of our writers in Australia can paint the picture clearly for your customers. They will also provide original content and tell first-hand experiences. Our photos are 100% authentic and guaranteed to woo clients.

Beat that deadline with Daily Posts UK

Every copywriting agency and their subsidiary provides content for websites, guest posts, product descriptions, blogs, Ebook and so on. But this is expected with any professional agency including Big Star Copywriting.

At Daily Posts UK, we offer content writing services with a difference. Our turnaround time is probably the fastest in the industry. This makes us your perfect partner for urgent content marketing projects.

Ever failed to ride a trending topic because you couldn’t come up with a timely post? Look no further than our service. We are directly plugged to social media and pop culture. Rest assured, you will never miss another valuable opportunity to increase business visibility.

Customer-centric pricing, The Daily Posts way

One of the reasons businesses struggle with the decision to hire a content writing service is because of the cost concerns. While some agencies charge cut-throat rates for less value, others like Big Star promise reasonable rates with a ‘value-first’ policy.

At Daily Posts UK, we say, let the client pick. Our pricing system is as flexible as they come. With our range of packages for various content needs, we offer affordable rates customers can choose from.

What’s more? It doesn’t dumb down the quality of content. The copy will persuade and convince your customers to act according to your goal.

Why choose Daily Posts UK?

If you want the best content marketing services for your brand, our system makes it easy. Tired of the age-long method of submitting projects by email? Why not try our smart virtual portal?

At Daily Posts UK, we have designed a process for clients that makes content order and retrieval as easy as a simple click. Once you have an account, the dashboard presents a simplified set of options to choose from.


Daily Posts will bring ground breaking results to your marketing. We are confident because we have a line of satisfied customers who were once like you. Our agency guarantees originality, quality and 100% customer satisfaction. Who wouldn’t want that for their business?

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