Avion Communications

Avion communications is a content writing/SEO agency based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. They mostly service clients from Australia, but do branch out from time to time. According to the agency, one of the things that sets their business apart from others is that clients get to work and stay in direct contact with the copywriter and content strategists assigned to them, as opposed to an account manager. According to Avion, this system helps you save time and ensures better results.

The company states their mission as providing high quality content writing and strategy services to audiences in a quick and efficient manner. They have a diverse client portfolio, having delivered projects in countries such as the UK, UAE and US, with clients like University of Melbourne and Worksafe.

Their Services

Avion delivers a diverse range of services and one important thing to note above anything else is their  uniqueness in the sheer scope of what they offer. They pride themselves in the skill of their employees – not only as writers and masters of the written word – but as content strategists and SEO sages too. They divide the service process for their clients into three stages (with the use of air transport metaphors).

The Check-in Stage

Here, their team of ‘creative, strategic, and detail oriented’ professionals audit the client’s website, identifying areas of improvement and the weak points in the website. Subsequently, the team comes up with a content and strategy plan to build up the client’s brand. In this stage, the company offers:

  • Strategy planning and content direction
  • Content plans
  • Style guides
  • SEO
  • Audits

This is the initial content phase when the client first gets in touch with the company. From here, the client moves on to the ‘Take-off Phase’.

The Take-off

Alternatively called the lift off, this is when the content strategy begins to undergo implementation take direction. This could either be a complete overhaul of the client’s website or typing blog copy. Some of the services which the company includes under this phase are:

  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Video
  • Billboards
  • Interviews
  • Taglines
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Blog Posts
  • eBooks
  • Apps
  • Fundraisers
  • Metadata
  • Editing
  • Wireframe design
  • Web accessibility
  • Proofreading
  • IA development
  • Packaging copy
  • Product descriptions

This is the most labour-intensive stage of the production process and where most of their work hours are spent. The processes above are the core steps involved in putting a client’s business in a better position online. Their swathe of services include website design, metadata population and editing, IA development, application copy and even video to name but a few. From here, the client’s project moves on to the stage known as the ‘Cruise Control’ phase.

Cruise Control

Ever the word players, Avion have named this stage aptly, as it represents what its name implies. At the cruise control stage, the client’s website and content strategy is already up and running, with only regular maintenance and updates required to make sure that the site continues to be relevant in the online space. They do a great job of this and you can be sure that rankings will remain healthy and your site stands the test of time. The processes and practices involved in this stage are:

  • Social media
  • Blog posts
  • Client training
  • Project management
  • Newsletters and Email marketing

Pricing and writers

Although their pricing isn’t revealed on the website, some very authoritative sites have said that Avion is a ‘value first’ company, with complete packages from check-in to cruise control, costing less than 1,500 AUD for most clients. Clients will need to use their contact page to discuss pricing, which will vary in accordance with the size and magnitude of your project. So, it’s indeed best to consult them in order to find out how much your own project will cost, instead of taking other people’s word for it.

Avion’s selection process means that they attract highly-skilled web content production and strategy gurus. Natalie, their resident director and content strategist, has 15 years of active experience in advertising and professional writing. She is a self-described wordsmith, digital connoisseur and strategic mastermind. Alexandra, the lead copywriter and project manager, has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism and a Masters in Writing and this helps her create compelling copy, with great stories behind them. A great leader, she has also been described as an excellent people’s person.


Avion is a company with a progressive work attitude and dedicated professionals at the helm. They possess substantial industry experience and offer a wide range of copywriting, content strategy, SEO and website management services. It remains to be seen how affordable they are though.

Website: https://www.avioncommunications.com.au/