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Are you considering hiring a professional copywriting service for your content marketing needs? Your decision is one in a good direction. But with the numerous agencies out there, it can feel like a chore to select one that is best suited for your brand. However, we can help make your decision easier.

Apostrophe boasts of having “award-winning freelance digital copywriters” on their team. Anybody would be attracted to such a label. But freelancers tend to come with a catch. In this comparison piece, you will see why you are better off with a copywriting service with full-time committed writers.

Copywriting services: Why DailyPosts works for business

When it comes to urgent projects with a ticking deadline, a business would be better served by an agency with fully committed staff that take projects on the go. The thing about freelance writing is the preference for convenience. If a project is not within their interest area or comfort zone, the freelance writer could be less vested in it.

At DailyPosts, we work with a team of fully-dedicated writers around the world. They are talented, versatile and committed to completing tasks in record time. The moment you submit your request, it is matched to a subject expert. Rest assured, you will be getting the finished project in a few hours. We are better positioned for your urgent content needs.

Location and language context; Why DailyPost is the smarter option

Apostrophe is based in Australia. They are one of most recognised agencies down under, and offer various copywriting services for business. But if you are chasing a more global audience, you will be served better by an agency with worldwide presence.

At DailyPosts, we have teams around the world. We are not only in Australia, but in the UK, US and parts of Africa. Our reach, versality and experience is a formidable force for any business seeking to expand its operations.

We operate locally with a global mindset. This means if your business wants to capture an international audience, we have international subject experts who write the language and context of these target groups. An agency with wider international exposure will always be the better solution.

Client base: DailyPost is every business’ agency

Some copy agencies spend more time chasing the big brands, probably because of the margin they will receive. Apostrophe lists Adidas amongst its client base, which is good.

After all, when we got our first big brand many years ago we were excited too. But DailyPosts serves every business type, regardless of size or account margin.

We never forget our origins; we were once startups, and are always willing to help SMBs grow with well-written marketing communication. While we build upcoming brands, we also develop content that helps established businesses stay relevant in their industry.

Content pricing: Why you win with DailyPosts

As a brand, your marketing budget is probably one of your main concerns. How can you maximise it for optimal returns? Are you going to get value for digital marketing expenses? What if you overshoot your budget?

Not many agencies are as cost-empathetic as DailyPosts. While Apostrophe sets prices for its clients, we go a little further by allowing you to choose your rates. Take control of your budget and save more for additional marketing projects! Our packages vary per 100 words. Whether you want to pay £5, £8 or £10 per 100 words, it is up to you.

Being in different parts of the world, our diversity increases content quality while providing economies of scale. It is not magic; our model is simply more efficient.

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Why choose DailyPosts? How many professional copywriting services promise cleverly-written content within a turnaround time of few hours? Very few. DailyPosts uses state-of-the-art technology to receive briefs and deliver finished projects in record time. Our clients can monitor the progress of their content while it is being crafted.

When you sign up, you automatically open an online account with our service. The account has a dashboard for an overview of your briefs, content type, writer communication and download options for completed projects. Despite the speed of service, every task undergoes thorough proofreading before it is tagged as complete.

Why not give us a try and see for yourself? Sign up here to get high-quality copy every day.


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Your one stop content writing agency- you choose the price - we deliver

  • Cheap Content Writing

    Cheap Content Writing

    You choose the website copy price based on the writing project you need to complete- great value copywriting services.

  • Easy Writing Process

    Easy Writing Process

    Our checkbox briefing forms guide you through the info our digital copywriters will need to produce top quality written content.

  • Creative Copywriting

    Creative Copywriting

    We recruit talented communicators, and then train them to assess our briefs and produce imaginative copy that resonates with your audience.

  • Secure Virtual Office

    Secure Virtual Office

    Our winning formula combines effective recruitment, relevant training and our SSL secured bespoke virtual office to deliver copy on time and within budget- every time!

  • No Writing Project Too Big

    No Writing Project Too Big

    Whether you need a few blog posts written a week, or 200,000 words a day, we have the expert copywriters to deliver to the highest quality within your budget.

  • Your Copwriting Partner

    Your Copwriting Partner

    We learn what you like and then, where required, train our writers to deliver it. Many of our customers have worked with us for 5+ years.

Four Great Value Copywriting Levels

The best value written content you will find at each price point.

0.02 per word

SEO Copywriting

Need cheap copy that is of good quality. We can provide you with your SEO web copy fast!


0.03 per word

Excellent web content

Content for web projects- New sites, blogs, guest posts, press releases and landing pages.

0.05 per word

Premium Content

Extremely affordable - Premium quality. Well-researched content with superb flow.

0.08 per word

Special Project Content

Content for adverts, micro-copy and technical documents. For copy that takes a lot of time.

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