With their selection of skilled and experienced digital copywriters, Apostrophe can provide engaging and informative content based on the subject matter you want.

Known as Melbourne’s first copywriting collective, Apostrophe boats award-winning freelance digital copywriters, who have the capability of collaborating with any individual, business or organisation across any sector. If you’re a design agency, digital brand, website manager or you run a startup that wants to carve out its own niche, Apostrophe have well trained writers to create content for you at prices you can afford.

What services does Apostrophe Offer

There are those who think that content marketing is just about providing guest posts, blog posts and articles for companies, but those days are gone. These days, every business owner or website manager understands the importance of building a brand and optimising a page to rank better on search engines like Google. That is why Apostrophe goes the extra mile to help their clients solve the puzzle of content creation and marketing, by working with their plans to keep customers coming back for more.

Apostrophe delivers quality articles and blog posts, ensuring that content is unique and tailored to meet your target audience. If you need website content that conveys your integrity, expertise and shows how consumers can reach you. They also carry out case studies that outline any issues you may have with your writing or content and proffer further solutions should they be needed.

Apostrophe also provides special reports and white papers. Even if you aren’t using them to directly market your product and service, they will collate them to include all valid points, so you still stand out from the crowd. Apostrophe also use automated email response to help market whatever you’re offering. Instead of sending generic messages to your customers that might appear as spam or make them feel uncomfortable, Apostrophe will tailor messages so that the receiver will feel obliged to take notice and heed the Call to Action.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Apostrophe create content for social media profiles?

Yes they do. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin each have their different modes of operation. You would not want to use content for Twitter (a microblog filled with fun people) to attract customers on LinkedIn – a site which attracts professionally-minded people. Apostrophe creates a unique content for each platform and makes sure users are engaged, so they continue talking about your brand.

2. Does Apostrophe only write for clients based in Australia?

No. They create content for any company, organisation, individual or body that need professional materials to reach out to a target market. They have worked with global brands and many of the best advertising agencies in the world. This is because they come up with creative ideas and deliver on time, regardless of the time zone or location of the client.

3. What are the popular brands they have worked with?

The world famous brands they have written digital content for include: Adidas, banks like ANZ and Bankmecu, Cadbury, Doc Martins, Electric tools by Bosch, Foster’s Group, Garnier, Heinz, iSelect, Japanese Anti-Ageing by Proplenish, Kiddie Snacks from SPC, Lucky you’re with AAMI, Mini, Nine Elms Property in London, Operational Network, Motorola, Peroni, Queensland’s fun parks, Reach Foundation, Salvidor Dali’s favorite lolly, Chupa Chup, Telstra, University of Melbourne, the Melbourne Zoo L,  Yellow Pages and many more.

4. What makes Apostrophe writers different from other digital Copywriters?

Any copywriter can write content for websites, letters and brochures. but an Apostrophe copywriter brings a little something extra to the table. They put in the effort to write more engaging and meaningful copy. They create insightful, behaviour-changing concepts for all your digital campaigns and approach social media in a strategic and much more innovative way. They endeavour to make your consumers see your page as a problem solver and a platform where they can get the resources they need. The content they create for you will keep people talking about your brand and move your products off the shelves.

Apostrophe Writers

Apostrophe look to attract the best digital copywriters from around the world to produce and deliver quality content that drives traffic to your website and makes your marketing campaigns sell your products faster than groceries. They ensure that only well-trained subject matter specialists take on your projects, to ensure quality output. Here are some of their writers and a brief insight into their profile:

Helvetica is adaptable, timeless and reliable digital copywriter. Her love for the written word can be traced back to her early childhood days, before she could even read or write. As a four-year-old, she’d often be spotted with a pen and pad, making notes of the interesting things she saw and did. Who knew that 25 years later, her scribbles would be boosting the sales stats of brands all over the world. From her works used in Cannes, The One Show and ADMA, to other top brands like Mercedes-Benz, NAB and Yellow Pages, she adapts to any topic and creates classic content.

Rockwell Bold is a results-driven, award-winning and media-neutral fella. It was when he spelt ‘C A T’ (cat) at 14 months that Rockwell realised he was marked for greatness as a copywriter. He has penned ads and ideas for Australia’s most loved brands, while his effective and uniquely creative work has won numerous awards. However, it’s business results Rockwell is most proud of and some of the accolades include: New York Festivals, MADC and Young Guns. His work has also been a voice to brands like: Virgin, Pepsi and Apple.

Futura light is well-rounded in modern projects and likes to use words constructively. As a copywriter, songwriter and comedian, Futura Light has the writing versatility to tackle all manner of jobs – from the conventional headline or TV script to the slightly more unconventional, like haiku. He’s selected and arranged words for huge brands in Australia and abroad, such as Siren, MADC and Raw Comedy National Finalist. He has also worked on projects for brands like Holden, RMIT and Hungry Jack’s.

Website: www.weareapostrophe.com.au/