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Comparison with Avion Communications

How satisfied are you with your content marketing services? Does your copy grab attention? Does it attract web traffic or inspire audiences to convert on your sales pages?

These are some things to consider when choosing a copywriting agency. And there are many options available. If you are based in Australia, you will probably have heard about Avion Communications, they operate from Sydney and Melbourne.

The agency touts itself as a reliable content writing service. We don’t doubt this, but with Daily Posts UK, you get more than just reliability. You get high-quality, speedy content writing, affordable choice pricing, synchronous communication and much more.

In this review, we will show you why a globally placed copywriting service is always an ideal option.

Service offering; What makes Daily Posts UK tick?

As a business with a website, you need content that competes favourably on search engines to best your competitors in ranking. For this, an agency with good SEO practices is a no-brainer. Almost every agency including Avion Communications provides it. But after that what next?

Does the ensuing web content interest visitors? Does it use smart word and mesmerising language to engage users? Is the call to action convincing enough? There is no point having high search engine ranking if your web visitors are only going to bounce off again.

At Daily Posts UK, search engine optimisation is a given. But we also use the power of persuasive words to stick the visitors to your page and make them convert. We have the right crop of talent, the skill and resources to make this happen.

Writer diversity and expertise: Daily Post UK prevails

Copy and content writing are about connecting with the audience through written language. Your business needs not just talented writers, but professionals who have that empathy for customers’ painpoints.

Daily Posts UK prevails in this regard because our service extends across the globe. We don’t just serve businesses in Australia, we have expert writers in our UK, US and Africa offices. This gives us an international advantage in writer diversity and language contextual understanding.

How does this help? Our experience surpasses local themes. If you want to connect with audiences beyond UK or Australia, for example in the US, we have writers with the expertise. They understand what American audiences want, the kind of content they prefer and the language that appeals to them.

The moment you submit a project order, one of our writers in the relevant location will begin working on it. It’s that simple.

Project communication; How Daily Posts UK does it

To prevent the agency from going off course, many businesses prefer to keep an open channel of communication with the professional copywriter. More structured agencies usually provide an account manager for this purpose.

As opposed to an account manager, Avion Communication promises direct contact with the copywriter or content strategist working on your project. While this sounds like a good idea, it has the tendency to interfere with the speed and progress of your work. So, at Daily Posts UK, we offer something even better.

Our account dashboard is a high-tech tool that gives you an overview of the project thus far. It lets you see the progress being made and the due date for the task. There is a real-time dialogue box that allows you to discuss with a service rep. If you have any updates, inquiries or additions, the synchronous communication makes it possible to get the message across immediately.

Types of services: Daily Posts UK’s USP

Almost all copywriting agencies deliver content for website, product descriptions, sales copy, social media, blogs, Ebooks, print, apps and so on. But these are services that are expected of any professional agency. Avion Communications is no different.

However, at Daily Posts UK we take it up a notch. We pride ourselves in the unique nature of our service. Using a systematic process for accepting and executing projects, our writers and editors can deliver your order within an incredibly short period. We promise you, no other agency has the same type of service.

Need a guest post in a few hours? We got you. Product description on a deadline? No problem. Just click.


With all these points, there is really no reason to hold back your business. Unleash its potential with cleverly-written, high-quality content. Let us take you straight to the heart of your potential customers. Daily Posts UK doesn’t disappoint.

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Empowering everyone we touch through creative copywriting!

Your one stop content writing agency- you choose the price - we deliver

  • Cheap Content Writing

    Cheap Content Writing

    You choose the website copy price based on the writing project you need to complete- great value copywriting services.

  • Easy Writing Process

    Easy Writing Process

    Our checkbox briefing forms guide you through the info our digital copywriters will need to produce top quality written content.

  • Creative Copywriting

    Creative Copywriting

    We recruit talented communicators, and then train them to assess our briefs and produce imaginative copy that resonates with your audience.

  • Secure Virtual Office

    Secure Virtual Office

    Our winning formula combines effective recruitment, relevant training and our SSL secured bespoke virtual office to deliver copy on time and within budget- every time!

  • No Writing Project Too Big

    No Writing Project Too Big

    Whether you need a few blog posts written a week, or 200,000 words a day, we have the expert copywriters to deliver to the highest quality within your budget.

  • Your Copwriting Partner

    Your Copwriting Partner

    We learn what you like and then, where required, train our writers to deliver it. Many of our customers have worked with us for 5+ years.

Four Great Value Copywriting Levels

The best value written content you will find at each price point.

0.02 per word

SEO Copywriting

Need cheap copy that is of good quality. We can provide you with your SEO web copy fast!


0.03 per word

Excellent web content

Content for web projects- New sites, blogs, guest posts, press releases and landing pages.

0.05 per word

Premium Content

Extremely affordable - Premium quality. Well-researched content with superb flow.

0.08 per word

Special Project Content

Content for adverts, micro-copy and technical documents. For copy that takes a lot of time.

The Daily Posts team are wordsmiths. They are rock stars. Quick work and phenomenal quality.
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