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Blogger Outreach

What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is a type of influencer marketing where businesses work with established bloggers with significantly higher number of readers to create credible, genuine content which will help promote a particular product or service and the brand in general. It is also referred to as 'blogger relations' and the goal is to connect with your community and target audience in order to win their trust.

There are lots of ways blogger outreach can help your business but the most basic way is engaging with your market in the most creative ways to meet your marketing goals. In blogger outreach, the emphasis is not just on the content, but it is where quality content meets the most influential bloggers in your industry.

You may have so far found some blogs which grew overnight and are now enjoying the readership of hundreds and thousands of more visitors than you have ever seen even with your well crafted content. The secret is blogger outreach and it is an easy and natural way to achieve your goals.

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How do I get my blog to promote my products?

A basic introduction into blogger outreach will not only let you see the level of visibility it will give you but how much your brand's reputation will increase your revenue. Therefore, if you own a business, especially an e-commerce, here is how to find and enjoy the social influence of a blog by getting them to promote you.

  • Do your research

You won't be getting your ROI if you indiscriminately reach out to a bunch of blogs you know and ask them to work with you. The secret is extensive research and planning. Take time to identify the blogger whose readers will be interested in your products or services. Few pointers here are: find the one who publishes consistently, has a wide readership, creates content that resonates your brand, has an engaging audience, enjoys lots of followership across multiple social media platforms, and appears professional.

  • Reach out

Once you have made your choice of blog based on the above factors, then you can reach out to him or her. This part is vital because what you would be building is a relationship which you want to last. Few pointers here include: be direct in your communication and ensure you be personal. Do not go skewing around your intentions and sending the wrong signal. Also, the personal touch is needed because no one want to read a generic email that sounds as though it is computer-generated.

  • Give something in return

Bliggers need encouragement especially as they are always struggling with legitimization. To make it worth their while, you can offer gifts. Some marketers also offer free products and different opportunities. However, be sure you aren't giving these gifts as a way of asking for positive reviews as that will defeat the entire idea of creating genuine and credible content. Once you have a good relationship with your blogger, you are likely going to have a successful blogger outreach launch.

What are the benefits of blogger outreach?

In mass media, the blog is a strong weapon especially in marketing. Some of the key reasons blogger outreach is great for your business are:

  • It is a credible approach

Trust plays a key role in marketing. Therefore, using methods that have high social influence will provide you better result than other traditional marketing strategies especially online. Your message will be much more acceptable when it comes from an influencer especially a blogger who has lots of readers trusting their recommendations.

  • Wider audience

bloggers are known to have wider audience. Therefore, having them promote your products through a blogger outreach programme is an easy way to connect with your target audience. Between it and others PR and traditional strategies, your business stands to gain much more when you work with the movers and shakers of your industry.

  • Cost effective

The right blogger can help you reach most of your marketing goals thereby ensuring you need little or no other content marketing strategies. This means it is a cost effective solution perfect for small businesses. For little, you can enjoy the right kind of exposure you need to grow your brand and increase revenue.

  • Unbiased reviews

blogger outreach will help you get positive, but unbiased, reviews on your products and services. If you intend launching a new product, a good review from a blogger with a wide audience will help you ease it into your target market. It is easy because they find it easier making anything go viral and a credible review of your product to a good number of your target audience is great for you.

  • Link building

link building is a big part of digital marketing especially because of the role it plays in search engine optimization. Blogger outreach is an effective technique for building quality link especially when you partner with a blogger who has lots of audience and is known for high quality content.

How much does blogger outreach cost?

Just like reputation management, determining the pricing for blogger outreach tends to be dicey for bloggers. But as cost effective as it is, it is the most expensive among other social media marketing programmes. Depending on a lof factors, a blogger can charge you as much as £7,700. It is not surprising because they work very hard to grow their following and sustain the trust their readers have in them. Also, seeing how effective the strategy is, it is a good investment.

However, they aren't all as costly. Of course, you can always find a cheaper one which will be perfect for your small business.



When investing in blogger outreach, you have to bear two things in mind. The first is that the relationship is a partnership and you are not the blogger's boss. This means you have to respect their work and ensure what you are offering is commensurate with the work they are doing. Also, that a blog ranks for a keyword relevant to you doesn't mean it is ideal for your product.

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