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Product Descriptions

87% of online shoppers consider production descriptions as an important factor in their purchase decisions. 50% of online shoppers have returned products they bought because they didn’t match the description.

What does this mean for online stores? Your product description must be clear, concise and easy to understand. A good copywriter finds the simplest word that communicates the unique value of your products above the competitors’.

If you’re wondering whether you should write your own product copy, it’s a risk you don’t want to take. While it’s true that you’re in the best position to describe the features, a copywriter can better highlight the benefits.

We know who your audience is, how they think, what they want and the words that persuade them to convert. A good product description is both an art and a science.

It's not a good idea to lift content from the manufacturer’s website either. Google will flag it down as duplicate content and you could get penalised.

It’s possible for your product copy to rank high on search engine results but it must be unique. Catalogue descriptions have a tendency to focus on the features and relay technical jargon the reader isn’t interested in. Your focus as an online brand is to entice customers to become repeat shoppers on your online retail store.

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What is a product description

A product description is a structured format of presenting information about a product. It includes the presentation, benefits, purpose, form and price of the product.

It’s marketing copy that tells the end-user what the product is and why they should buy it. The goal of product copy is to compel users to buy a product by highlighting the unique selling points and benefits of the product.

Product descriptions are the lifeline of e-commerce sites because they convince your audience to shop. A good product is weak if the accompanying description doesn’t properly communicate its value.

For you to make sales, copy must be optimised for search, informative, enticing, engaging and riveting. The audience must see the value, imagine the solution and desire it.

Depending on your company and its personality, the tone and style of the product description could be casual, funny, quirky or serious. The best product copy incorporates storytelling to make it more relatable to the target audience. Look at it as the only chance to tell people why your product is better than other similar offerings.

How to write a creative product description?

A product description that lacks quality hinders your ability to convert through web search engines. A few things we do when writing product descriptions include

Find the ideal buyer and centre copy on them

Your product description will look impersonal when written for a large crowd of buyers. The best product descriptions on the internet are written like a personal note to one person. It feels like a conversation rather than e-commerce copy.

That is why it’s crucial to work with an e-commerce copywriter who understands your audience and your brand’s tone of voice.

Research synonyms and longtail keywords before working them into your copy

Online users use different search queries when trying to find an item through Google. Conduct your research on alternate search terms the user might use when looking for a product in your niche.

Instead of repeating the keyword, sprinkle a few alternatives throughout copy. An SEO website writer can help you conduct keyword research, using your product name to find related terms that are close matches to your primary keyword.

Entice with benefits

The user only cares about how the product will solve a problem or make their lives easier. This makes copy and the product image, two essential aspects of a product description. We always focus on highlighting the benefits of the features rather than boring the user with generic words they’ve seen elsewhere.

Avoid phrases and words everyone in your niche is using because it weakens the power of persuasion. An excellent product description should add credibility to your product. Less technical jargon, more details on the benefits.

Make it scannable

Your visitors don’t want to read every single line of text. They love to skim content so give them that. We live in a cyberspace where readers only pick the most important details. Bullet points make your copy concise, clear and easy to scan.

What makes great product description copy?

  • Product copy that isn’t stifled by technical terms–the best pieces of SEO product copy are witty, funny and imaginative.
  • Humanistic content that doesn’t sound like a bot
  • Detailed specifics that tell the customers exactly what they’re getting
  • A story that establishes an immediate connection with the audience
  • Split tested copy for lengths, formats and word to ensure higher conversions
  • Search engine optimised content–only one keyword or target phrase per paragraph
  • Powerful images that complement copy
  • An emotional connection between the reader and copy–people buy from the heart, not with logic.
  • Persuasive words sprinkled generously throughout copy
  • Mobile friendly text

How important is product description for conversion?

For e-commerce stores, a great product description can increase your brand visibility, accelerate your climb through Google search engine results and generate crucial ROI for your business. It has the power of convincing the audience to shop now, not later.

It is important that you hire professional copywriters who have experience in product copy and direct sales copy. The words can make or mar your business, why take a risk by writing it yourself?

A great product description builds trust between you and your customer. It makes your website appear professional and works hard to sell your products. When a prospect enters your website from a landing page, he is looking for specific information.

A good product description is important for every item on your website. It helps you stand out from the competition by showing your audience the unique selling point that makes your product better than anything similar brands in your niche are offering.


How do I write a product description that sells?

  • Identify your target audience
  • Benefits over features
  • Use storytelling to connect with the audience
  • Ensure the tone and language of copy feels natural
  • Use powerful words that sell
  • Use bullet points to make it scannable
  • Add visual elements that complement copy
  • Optimise for search with long-tail keywords

How to write product description for SEO?

  • Highlight the key features of the product
  • Use plain language that doesn’t confuse the audience
  • Aim to inform and educate
  • Help the audience understand the product
  • Avoid using generic words everyone else is using
  • Strategically sprinkle keywords and phrases throughout copy

What is the ideal length of a product description?

The ideal length depends on the type of copy you’re writing. Generally, 350-400 words suffice for the benefits and features without overselling the customer. For technical products that require longer description, 600 words are best.

What are the major elements of good product copy?

  • Keyword rich
  • Optimised for search
  • Simplified text the reader understands
  • Value and benefit-driven copy
  • Persuasive words
  • Great storytelling
  • Imbuing your tone of voice and preferred style without putting off the customers
  • Short, sweet and memorable

What are the benefits of a good product description?

A keyword-rich product description that is SEO-friendly makes it easy for users to find your e-commerce store.

Your small online retail store can quickly grow into a market leader with high-quality pieces of product copy across your website. They spread awareness about your brand and build relationships with your audience

Enticing product copy allures your customer and convinces them to buy on the spot instead of returning at a later time.