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Writing for Print

To make sure your brand is the first thought on your customers' mind when they decide to invest in your business, constant communication, and rigorous marketing is the way to go.

At Daily Posts, we have a team of specialized writers and editors who create fresh content that reaches out to your customers, sells your product and services all the while beefing up your brand identity.

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Why should you go for print media?

Print media is unequivocal. It is straightforward and more personal than digital media.

Also, findings have shown that the rate of ad blocking grew to almost 40 percent in 2015. This recent setback has undoubtedly put digital-only publishers in an uncomfortable position, sweeping even the well-informed online outlets to the curb. This invariably means that online advertisers are not accomplishing their goals nor meeting their target audience and are losing big time.

Print, however, makes it all simpler. Most famous print channels have their client base who will trust advertising from their dependable and trustworthy magazines and newspapers, unlike the online reader. Direct mail counters ad blocking and puts your ad directly in the readers' sights!

Print media is the authority in our present generation.

The cultural belief that print media is more believable is as a result of numerous unreliable digital sources. Hence, the preference of documents in print to documents in digital form even among young adults. Print is seen to hold higher authority and official value over digitally presented documents. Survey shows that print documents are trusted, easier to keep personal, safe, and secure. The association of print with authority goes deeper as young adults of this generation prefer books, newspapers, and magazines to digital channels.

The originality factor.

It is often the belief that online articles and profiles are structured to present a specific look/image for the organization. Now, this may not be exact. However, the internet still has milestones to cross before it can create a believable sense of originality. There are so many articles and write-ups floating all over the internet it is next to impossible to figure out which ones have credibility and which ones are implausible.

Offline marketing, however, relates with the people up-close without electronic barriers. Its an interactive process and very much personal. You could give out a business card in the cause of a conversation or start one by handing out a flyer or handbill. This gives originality genuineness to your brand.

Builds customer relationship and loyalty.

To convince people in your locality to purchase and use your products or services, you must first get them to trust it. Offline marketing gives you that edge. It provides an opportunity for you to build excellent working relationships with your customers, which could only lead to amassing loyal customers. Indifferent businesses do not attract people. Customers would rather go for businesses that give them a sense of partnership, not one that appears to be unapproachable.

High-end consumers are also beneficiaries of print media.

There is a certain credibility magazines, and top publications hold that online ads do not achieve. This tangible platform resonates well with high - end customers.  It all comes down to figuring a balance between digital and print and the best approach to assemble the perfect ad for any given campaign.

The services we provide:

Leaflets and flyers

Leaflets and flyers are quite common among small startups. This is primarily due to its flexibility. They could be used as invites for promotional events,  coupons for offers, and as information distributors for new business schemes. It is best to distribute them in places often frequented by the target audience. Put them in magazines, newspapers, or in stacks at the local restaurant and bar.

Banners and posters

They come in various sizes. Some could be as big as billboards and others as small as lamp-post posters. They should be put at locations that are not conspicuous so they can easily be noticed. It could be stationed close to a stall or at trade fair locations. They could be placed at street junctions and place where they will be easily seen. They are great site attractors too.

Booklets and brochures

The use of booklets and brochures allows you to give your clients a lot more information than a leaflet or flyer would give. Here you can include company policies, its history, aims and objectives, existing clientele, pictures from previous projects, information on products and services, probably a price listing, addresses of available branches and many other details. All of this could go into your brochure or booklet.

There are many other forms of advertising we also handle. They include: press releases, newspaper ads, billboards ads, newsletters, feature articles, manuals, and direct mail.

Benefits of contracting print media content.

Writing is a talent and as such, is unique and special. Externalization of content allows you to create from different perspectives, keeping it fresh, exciting, and dynamic. It also gives you access to writing talents all over the globe. Writing is from the heart. Therefore, it doesn't matter where you're from or how you speak or how many degrees you hold in related courses. It’s all about what you say and how you said it.  Availing you the opportunity to get in touch with passionate minds is what outsourcing does for you.

There are financial advantages when you contract content writing to a service supplier. You never have to pay for anything more than you get.  The process to actualizing the content does not in any way affect the bill. This just means that giving your work to content service agencies saves you not only money but also the stress and hard work of putting a piece together and countless revisions that may arise.

Saves time, effort, and cost of creating an in-house team.

Contracting content writing saves a lot of time and effort. The hassle of creating the perfect in-house team takes too much from you; time, money, and a lot of effort. Having to hire, fire and rehire could be a tasking job, so why bother? With contract staff, things are so much easier. Even the stress of managing a team is significantly reduced.

With the high rate of attenuation in the media industry, it could be a debilitating blow to company resources trying to find the right candidate and retain them. Contracting content is still the best and safest bet.

Why should you outsource to Daily Posts?

Skillful content creation and professional writing are necessary to raise a strong status for your brand. From writing press releases for new products to a white paper article that places you at the top of your game in the industry, to creating content for your newsletter, Daily Posts writers are precisely what you need.

Our experience writing for print media for a wide variety of industries and organizations makes us the perfect choice for your offline media. We create content for academic, athletic, healthcare, cooperatives, manufacturing, agriculture, performing arts, and even non-profit groups.

Give Your Business that Extra Push – Let Us Write Your Offline Marketing Campaigns

If you have not been investing enough effort into your offline marketing techniques, it is time for a change. Give your business that extra push. Design a marketing plan that infuses the creation and distribution of print ads.

Let us give your business renewed focus and drive, taking it to the pinnacle of success it is meant to achieve. Contact us today.