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Did you know well-crafted copy can make your website a trailblazer amongst its online peers? Online copywriting can make all the difference between a website that engages and converts and the one that stagnates. If you establish yourself as a ‘go-to’ source for reliable information, you can establish authority in your niche and use it to your advantage. You can promote your products or services, increase engagement and drive sales from new traffic to your website by engaging the services of a professional writer.

How do you achieve this? By outsourcing your online copywriting needs to a professional online copywriting agency.

Daily Posts is a professional writing company that provides fresh content for businesses to build credibility in their industry. Our copywriters are talented and can help boost your web authority. With a continuous stream of high-quality copy and strategically placed keywords, we produce content that makes your customers return to your website again and again.

Writing is not static but varies depending on the audience you hope to reach. At Daily Posts, we know this and strive to create narratives that inform, involve and inspire your workers, customers, and business associates.

Our wide-ranging client list includes businesses, communities, and government agencies. We offer an affordable solution, and we are interested in building a long-term valuable relationship with our prospects. Let Daily posts handle your online copywriting needs.

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What Is Online Copywriting?

Online copywriting means writing copy or text for the web for the purpose of advertising. Every online business needs copy. Your copy can connect with your visitors and influence their actions. It also has the power to influence search engines, as good copy can change the trajectory of search engine results.

Copy for each website heavily depends on the business a person runs and the website he wants to set up. For instance, if you own a law firm, the type of copy you would invest in is technical copy.

Online copywriting doesn’t end with writing copy for websites but also encompasses writing copy for the web. This means writing social media copy, company profile texts, online press releases, SEO copy, online marketing and advertising copy, and so on. The work of web copywriting is to generate buzz and channel leads to a website.

There are innumerable websites online, each trying to outrank the other. All these websites have content which appeals to their individual niche.

Authority sites and successful online businesses are all catered to by a large net of copywriters, SEO experts, and editors. They meet the content needs of those high-ranking sites that occupy the first page of search engines.

To attain success, your copy has to engage readers, convey authority, sell products and rank well. This is what we specialise in at Daily Posts. Every day we produce a steady flow of high-quality content guaranteed to make you an authority in your niche. Our writers are versatile and they can write on any topic ranging from global politics to backyard gardening.

Types of Online Copywriting

Online copywriting is an element of marketing or advertising. This advertising is done majorly on online media and includes pay per click ads, e-books, e-catalogues, podcasts, FAQ pages, landing pages, web sales pages, articles for blogs, guest posts, case studies, email marketing topics, campaigns, newsletters, product description pages, how-to guides and any text that will be published online.

The core skill of copywriting is the same regardless of the medium involved. There are many types of online copywriting. They include:

Web content

Web content is the meat of the internet. Website copywriting is producing text for websites. The skills of the web copywriter do not end in producing copy. He is likely to get involved in structuring the site, planning the user experience, setting the tone of voice, ensuring usability and getting design and text to work together.

As a result, a web copywriter needs a good knowledge of web design and usability, and technical aspects such as HTML, CSS, and SEO. Specialist web writers are often confused to be the same as other forms of online copywriters. This is not so as web writers have experience in writing for different sites and are strong in the aforementioned related skills.

Web content includes:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Social media

Writing for blogs, online magazines, and even social media is not about the product, it is about building relationships with your potential and established audience. Most blogs do not start by publishing adverts and promotional content. They lure their readers in with captivating content and gradually work their way to earning their readers’ trust.

When they have amassed massive followership and earned the trust of their readers, they can chip in promotional content all the while, still giving the readers something insightful, useful and interesting. This encourages readers to return and facilitates sharing because they know they’re not constantly being bombarded with promotional content.

Insightful content could be ‘how-to’ and tutorials, engaging articles and tips, research/news-led content, infographics, and videos. Great content, along with other content marketing techniques, will make consumers return–so the result is a win-win: the consumer is given interesting and engaging content and the business is rewarded with a stronger and more loyal audience.

Sales copywriting

Sales copy makes up the bulk of information on the web. Most pieces of online copy are about making sales and convincing readers to purchase a product or try out a service. Sales copywriting includes:

  • Online advertorials
  • Text on adverts
  • Product descriptions and category descriptions

Copywriters producing sales content need to showcase a range of skills. These include an ability to tap into an audience’s subconscious, understanding what will appeal to them, and to write creatively and persuasively. However, it also requires the ability to synthesise a lot of information into a handy and easy-to-digest package.

Sales writers need to research a subject and highlight the most important benefits and features. It’s also important sales writers have excellent grammar since errors can make a company seem unreliable.

SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting is the creation of web text with two aims: appealing to readers and achieving prominence in the results listed by search engines for particular results. A business that wants to do well online needs to incorporate search engine optimisation into its business strategy.

SEO is the strategic use of keywords or search terms that will make a website visible on search engine result pages. While SEO copy needs to do all the things that every piece of copy does–engage readers, communicate benefits, explain information, prompt action–it also needs to be written in a way that shows relevance to search engines.

SEO copywriters need a broad range of skills, both aesthetic and technical. They may require a compromise in terms of phrasing and expression–for example, by using a keyword repeatedly rather than varying the usage through synonyms as a copywriter normally would. They also need to write reasonably good web copy that appeals to readers and generates sales.

When writing a piece of SEO content, the use of creativity and insight is essential. This means the copywriter needs to have strong research skills. Strategic thinking is critical. The copywriter has to get into the minds of the brand’s customers and think as they do. They have to research the search terms which the target audience use to find the product online and avoid using these keywords too often so that copy will not be keyword-stuffed.

For instance, if the SEO copywriter is creating copy for a particular beverage, he has to find out the particular terms the consumers use for it and write from their perspective. It may be a soft drink but what exactly do they call it? Soda Pop, Citrus Blast, Cola Soda?

Technical copywriting

Technical copywriting is a less sales-oriented aspect of copywriting. While the intention is to produce content that promotes company findings or the best use of a product, it is distinct from sales copy. Technical writing may often cause in-depth knowledge of a subject, or at least a willingness to put in a lot of research. It could cover specialist topic areas such as science and environment, health, marketing, finance, politics, and government.

Technical copywriting is found in white papers and in-depth industry guides. Many companies and organisations write white papers to make findings or research accessible, or industry guides to help consumers of specialist products.

Creative copywriting

Creative content is what we are most familiar with in terms of advertising. Adverts on commercials and jingles are done by creative copywriters. A creative copywriter has to understand buyer psychology and be able to think fast and come up with slogans and turns of phrase that can become cultural references. For instance, the ever-popular Nike slogan “Just do it” which has birthed countless online and offline campaigns and memes is the work of a creative copywriter.

Important Considerations with Online Copywriting

Effective copy helps your business sell more products, boost brand awareness, and dominate the competition. It is the difference between visitors learning more about you or losing interest in your brand.

Brilliant online copywriting weeds out corporate language, jargon, and verbiage. It helps the reader connect the dots and present a logical whole. It reminds them of the immense power at their disposal. It makes them feel better about themselves or take actions that will achieve that aim.

While perusing copy of a prospective copywriter or copywriter agency, these important considerations will serve as a guide. The answer to these 10 questions will help you weigh the quality of copy and by so doing gauge the copywriting prowess of the copywriter.

  • Does copy focus on the reader?
  • Is copy infused with SEO techniques?
  • How are the grammar, spellings and their use of technical terms?
  • Does it have the capacity to convert leads to customers?
  • Do you see your target audience understanding it?
  • Does it perfectly capture the services it is supposed to be promoting?
  • How is the content? Derivative? Duplicitous? Lazy? Boring? Or up to par?
  • Does it have high or low readability?
  • Does it have the ability to build a relationship between the reader and the brand or business?
  • Were you entertained or informed?

At Daily Posts, we believe that being successful online doesn’t just happen. It involves an all-around approach. A website that ranks high on search engines does not guarantee sales if the content is poor or does not appeal to your target audience. This affects your chances of making sales and promoting your business.

Because of this, we go all out to make sure your online copy is not only a reader’s delight but also a conversion giant. We proofread content and apply any changes you may require.

Apart from our copywriters, we have in-house editors who go through copy with a fine toothcomb, meticulously poring over it to be sure it is of top-notch quality before it is delivered to you.

Facts about Online Copywriting

The attention span of the average web user is 8 seconds. This means you only have 8 seconds to make someone who lands on your page care about your product or service.

To make the most out of the 8 seconds, create an attention-grabbing headline and introduction. The more engaging it is, the more the readers are drawn in. Also, keep the most important information at the top of the page. Tell the reader what he will get from reading your page.


On the average web page, users have time to read about 20 to 28% of the words during an average visit. That means that over 70% of your online copy may likely go unread. Produce wholesome copy so that the part that is read resonates with them and urges them to take action.

Keep the information straightforward and easy to understand. Always remember that comprehension trumps creativity. Create white space and levels of reading. Add subheads and bullets to make it easy for your audience to scan and absorb key points.

Incorporating facts into your copy attracts and keeps readers. Most readers are looking for sources they can trust online. By incorporating trustworthy facts and statistics, you help position your site as a resource. Include facts and information that will help your audience make a decision.


At Daily Posts, we know that focusing on answering the reader’s needs, keeping content short and simple, and incorporating straightforward and helpful facts will help strengthen your online copywriting. It is one trick we have used to create compelling copy in sensitive niches for a long time.

Frequently Asked Question about Online Copywriting

What is online copywriting?

Online copywriting is the process of writing advertising promotional materials which are displayed only on the internet. It may be in the form of copy for blogs, websites, emails, e-magazines and so on.

What is the ideal length of online copy?

This totally depends on you. We can deliver web copy which ranges from a few hundred words to a couple of thousands. Recently, research has shown that the ideal length for most pages and posts for search engine optimisation is 2,000 words. Even though most people skim content online, it is still very important to give them informed content.

Longer articles give us room to talk about your brand and your services naturally while shorter articles help us to be concise and hit the nail on the head without being too verbose. Whichever length you go with, Daily Posts can deliver.

Do I still need online copywriting services if I already have an SEO team and a content team?

Yes, you do. Our expert copywriters will work with your SEO and content teams to give you high-quality content that will serve its purpose. We can provide professional knowledge and expertise in content development while your team focuses on planning, delivering and publishing your product and copy.

What are your specialities for online copywriting?

Daily Posts specialises in all forms of copywriting services including but not limited to search engine optimised&n

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