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Marketing Copywriting

Marketing copywriting involves an understanding of copywriting and producing relevant and useful content. Marketing copies can be for offline or web purposes. Online marketing success goes beyond having a website. The content and information on the website matters. Uploading poor content can put your website visitors and potential clients off. It can also give your competitors an upper hand over you.

Every web page is a chance to make a customer out of a visitor. The importance of marketing copywriting in web pages cannot be understated. When writing a web copy, you not only have to appeal to your prospective clients, you also have to think about search engine optimisation (SEO) which is a way to optimise your website so that search engines will understand it better and give you higher rankings.

One of the effective ways of disseminating marketing copies is through brochures. Quality copywriting as can be seen in well-crafted brochures makes your marketing stick together.

Brochures can be a very effective marketing tool because almost every business uses one. They are a valuable and tangible method of marketing that can offer a lot of information to a potential customer. A brochure is a sales document. However, that doesn’t mean it should be a sales pitch. There should be a good balance between entertaining and persuasive.

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What Is Marketing Copy/ Brochures?

Marketing copy refers to the words that you use on your marketing, advertising or sales materials. It includes online and offline materials such as postcards, landing page, social media ads and brochures. The copy on these materials is important because they may be the first time many of your potential customers will come across your business. The best marketing copies sell to a customer without the customer realising that they are being sold to.

A brochure is a booklet of informational matter often used for promotional purposes. It is a powerful marketing tool which is meant to convey your exact ideas to your customers. Brochures are designed to be fascinating and captivating so they can grab and retain the attention of the reader. They can help you create the perfect balance between text and images in such a way that both work harmoniously to keep the reader hooked.

A brochure is more than just a product information booklet that showcases a brand’s story, staff and products. It is not supposed to be a total sales pitch that immediately scares off potential clients. The information within it has to be presented in such an interesting manner that it is appealing and hard to put down no matter the subject.

Types of Marketing Copy

When it comes to marketing copies, you need persuasive content that can increase your SEO ranking rates and drive traffic to your website. An effective marketing copy helps to talk about your business to potential customers in a way that is both well-defined and professional. Some of the more popular marketing copies include:

  • Brochures
  • Product descriptions which tell people the product or service that they are getting and the problem it will solve for them.
  • About page which describes your business and what you do.
  • Periodic reports
  • Articles for magazines and blogs
  • Business intelligence reports and market analysis
  • Newsletters, brochures and factsheets
  • Internal communications
  • Strategic narratives
  • Website copy such as Sales pages and landing pages
  • Business plans

What Makes A Great Marketing Copy?

  • A great marketing copy crafts a commanding call to action by creating a sense of urgency for your visitors, convincing them to take the action you want; be it buying your product, subscribing to your service, or switching to your brand.
  • A great marketing copy researches the intended audience and studies all the various audiences in the marketing concept such as the client, the competition, the industry and the target audience.
  • The top-ranked pages on Google have content lengths of 2,000 or more words. Bearing this in mind, a good marketing copy should have a tangible length. However, it is not just about the length. The content itself has to be of top quality.
  • A worthy marketing copy is SEO-optimised. A superb content, which is SEO-rich and has an ideal length is a search engine trifecta guaranteed to increase both your ranking and traffic.
  • A great marketing copy makes use of eye-catching techniques like striking numbers and statistics or leading with strong benefits and making the reader want to know more.
  • A great marketing copy appeals to the reader’s sense of esteem and uses the right emotional triggers to engage the reader, and encourage them to take the required action.
  • A great marketing copy avoids click baits or using controversial headlines that promise false guarantees or court controversy. It endeavours to craft compelling headlines so that your community of readers and even random web-surfers can fall in love with your content and your product.

Facts about Marketing Copy/ Brochure

Achieving online success and benefiting from an online presence is greatly associated with your marketing copywriting. Incorporating SEO, link building, keywords and other white hat techniques in your marketing copy replace ads. More and more buyers are shifting towards organic content with blogging being the number one strategy of over 45% of marketers. This means well-crafted marketing copies can bring in more leads than paid adverts.

Long-form marketing copies generate nine times more leads. Even though an average web user spends 37 seconds reading or more accurately skimming through a marketing copy, the longer a marketing copy it is, the higher the likelihood that it will rank better or get better conversions.

Almost every marketer believe that visual content is absolutely necessary and crucial to their campaigns. Images increase memory boosting and our interaction with the material. This explains why brochures are very effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is marketing copywriting?

Marketing copywriting is the process of writing texts and materials for the purpose of advertising a brand or service, or other forms of marketing. The aim is to increase product awareness and by so doing, persuade a person or a group of people to take a particular action.

Are all marketing copies web-based?

No, marketing copywriting services are aimed at both web and print. They can be created for magazine and newspaper advertisements, direct mail, sales letters, white papers, newsletter and brochures. However, in this age of e-commerce, most marketing copies focus on web users.

Can I write my own marketing copy since it is my business?

Writing your own marketing copy may seem like a way to save money, however, in the long run, it is counter-productive. It is best to outsource this particular service as only professionals can expertly handle the intricacies involved in writing compelling marketing copies. Getting a professionally written marketing copy for your business is a worthwhile and necessary investment.

How do I know if my marketing copy is working?

Using simple financial analysis, you can know which web page, offer or advertising media produces the best inquires or generates the most conversions.

Is a brochure an effective way to reach my target audience?

Yes, it is. You can target your intended audience and advertise to them. You can physically share your brochure directly to your audience at business meetings, sales presentations and sales shows and have them learn more about you.

Can I write my brochure copy by myself?

Technically, yes, but it is advisable that you don’t. Writing a brochure copy that can attract the reader and compel them to take action comes with years of talent and expertise. It is best you outsource it to experienced professionals like Daily Posts to get the best out of your brochure.

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