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Copywriting Examples and Samples

Have you noticed that some websites have this magnetic pull that seems to draw readers in effortlessly? You keep on scrolling and discovering more pages and you end up spending a lot of time on what was supposed to be a quick glance.

Websites that draw capture your attention and compel you to make a purchase are perfect examples of what good copywriting samples can do.

If you desire a website that captivates readers, Daily Posts copywriting agency is what you need.

Our writers can create high-quality copywriting samples which will make your business stand out in your field.

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What Are Copyrighting Examples?

Copywriting involves increasing brand or product awareness by persuading a person to take a particular action.

Copywriting is more than just writing, it is about ideas and problem-solving. Proof of a good copywriting sample is in its rate of conversion.

Copywriting samples enable you to connect with your audience and address the issues they may have. It also keeps you constantly in the heart of your potential customer.

A well-written copywriting sample is not enough to improve your business. You have to keep churning out top-notch copywriting samples.

At Daily Posts, our copywriters write fluid, error-free copy that converts readers to loyal customers and makes the client an authoritative industry voice.

Types of Copywriting Samples

Examples of copywriting include copy for magazine and newspaper advertisements, direct mail, sales letters, white papers, newsletter, brochures, broadcast messages, and other marketing communication. They also include radio commercials, jingle lyrics, billboards, catalogues, scripts for television or radio commercials, taglines, social media posts, web pages, blog posts, and online advertisements.

Web page copy

Many small businesses online have copy that is badly written or just doesn’t convert. To make the most of copywriting, the content on your website needs to be written by a professional copywriter.

Whether you want something written on the About Page or would like detailed product description, Daily Posts’ writers can help you.

Blog posts

One of the most popular examples of copywriting is a blog post. A blog is not just a way of telling your customers how you spent your day, it provides a fresh way for your customers to look at what you’re offering. You can take advantage of your blog to get more people interested in what you’re selling.

Case studies

Case studies include stories and testimonials from satisfied customers explaining how a product or service positively impacted their business and how they could apply the service in a unique way.

Case studies need to be expertly written not just to show what your business can accomplish, but how it addresses challenges.

Press releases

Expertly written press releases can translate to adequate press coverage for your brand. Think of what free advertising can do for your business.


A good copywriting example is an e-book. An e-book can boost your brand and credibility. Our copywriters at Daily Posts help businesses write e-books that not only educate potential customers on a subject of interest but tell them the benefits of using your product.

Sales letter

Businesses need copywriting agencies to write long sales letters that can convert visitors into leads. A 5% increase in conversion can be the difference between running a profitable campaign or not. That’s why businesses rely on Daily Posts copywriting business service to get it right.

Landing pages

A landing page is the first page that most visitors to your site will see. Landing pages are important in copywriting because they give you the chance to impress your visitors. With our writers on your team, this shouldn’t be too hard.


Articles are an effective way of promoting brand awareness. We have the expertise needed to write informative articles.


Small businesses still rely on radio and TV as advertising mediums. However, they often struggle to pass their message because of airtime constraints. Daily Posts ensures that their advertising message is also clear and concise.

Product descriptions

Blurbs, catalogue copy, menu description, and so on, may seem simple and straightforward but they’re also a sales pitch. Daily Posts helps businesses sell more products by mentioning the benefits of a product in copy without making it sound like a sales pitch.

Email copy

Sending sales copy to emails has been around for a long time. Email marketing has at least a 3600% return on investment when done right. That is why businesses trust our copywriters at Daily Posts to help them write good sales copy.

Webinar promotions

Online announcements and emails are used to promote informational online seminars led by a company. These announcements are part of copywriting examples or samples. They can promote brand awareness.

Social media

Social media is a venue that offers a great opportunity for savvy marketers. Content in social media can be shared. A well-written social media post could go viral and bring many loyal readers and followers to your website. This can enhance your company’s visibility.

Additional items

Other types of copywriting samples include Pay per Click ads, sales sheets, product description for online catalogues, and magazine articles both online and printed publication.

Important Considerations to Note in Copywriting Samples

Your product or service may be great but a minor mistake can damage your business. That is why it is important that you do not handle your copywriting tasks yourself and that you outsource to a reliable agency such as Daily Posts.

You need to:

Pay attention to formatting:

Formatting outlines the information in the text. Well-formatted copy serves as a guide to the reader, directing him to the most important information. To avoid making formatting mistakes in a copywriting sample, a good copywriter:

  • Sets intervals between letters in words
  • Creates intervals between the lines to separate them and make them easy to read
  • Uses bigger headline fonts
  • Evenly distributes words within a line in a text
  • Uses bullet points

Check for Plagiarism

Intellectual theft is not only when an entire article is copied verbatim. The author may forget to give proper citations or fail to rephrase sentences and ideas. This is tagged as plagiarism.

Unoriginal content will make you lose the trust of your readers. Search engines like Google also de-ranks plagiarised content, causing you to lose traffic.

To avoid this problem, outsource to a reputable copywriting firm such as Daily Posts to avoid duplicitous content. We write unique content guaranteed to captivate your audience.

Avoid deliberate keyword stuffing

You have probably come across copy that reads “At John Doe Shop, we sell the best leather shoes in Brighton. We use excellent materials to make the best leather shoes in Brighton so contact us for beautiful leather shoes in Brighton whenever you need leather shoes in Brighton.”

Well, not in those exact words, but you catch my drift.

That repetitive use of some words is known as keyword stuffing. The author is trying to manipulate search engines so that copy would rank for the keywords “leather shoes in Brighton”. Keyword stuffing is the practice of loading a web page with keywords to influence a site’s ranking in Google search results.

This is a black hat SEO strategy which ultimately backfires as both Google and web users react negatively to such copy. Keyword stuffing may have worked in the past, but the algorithms for search engine ranking keeps changing so it does not work anymore rather it creates problems for the website. Even if you don’t get penalised, your web visitors will leave because your copy is bland and repetitive.

At Daily Posts, we have a team of SEO experts who know how to avoid black hat SEO strategies like keyword stuffing.

Avoid lack of credibility

Do not assume people will download your e-book or buy your product just because you said so. They would want to see proof. To build trust, make sure your testimonials are persuasive and back up your claims.

A good copywriting sample describes what you offer and offers solution to your clients’ problems. To drive your point home, prove why they should believe your claim. This can be done by providing external proof of your claims such as reviews, ratings, test results, press coverage, and social sharing numbers.

Beware of poor grammar

Your readers will never take your brand seriously if you post content with grammatical or spelling errors. A misplaced tense or an errant word can cost you prospects.

Therefore, it is important that an expert copywriter handles your copywriting samples. The errors you overlook will be detected by a seasoned copy writer. At Daily Posts, we have professional editors who go over copy meticulously before it is delivered. They enhance it until it is perfect.

Facts and statistics about a copywriting sample

  • Businesses that update their blogs regularly have a 55% higher conversion rate than businesses that don't.
  • High bounce rates and low conversions point to copy that needs further tweaks.
  • Adding social proof such as testimonials and reviews can increase a conversion rate by 20%.
  • 74% of web users pay attention to grammar in content and 59% said they would not deal with a brand or a company that had mistakes in their written content. This shows why copywriting samples ought to be written by a professional copywriter.
  • On the average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. This shows that more people focus on headlines and attention should be paid to the headline of copywriting samples, as they can attract or repel readers.
  • 80% of mobile digital media time is spent on smartphones. Therefore, copywriting samples should be optimised for mobile users by using larger fonts and formatting copy, making it scannable for a mobile user.

Frequently Asked Questions on Copywriting Samples

What is the goal of copywriting?

Copywriting makes products and services easy to understand while making them more attractive to users.

How do I know which copywriter is a good fit?

Hire a copywriter who has experience in your field. The copywriter should be able to give you samples of her previous works. Some of the key attributes to look out for are: listening skills, attention to detail, deadline awareness, and great writing skills.

How long does copywriting samples take from start to finish?

At Daily Posts, we have a group of skilled writers who can start working on your project immediately. It all depends on the magnitude of your project and how much research it requires. As we do not like to prioritise speed over quality, we may take a little time to write, re-write, edit, and deliver copy.