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Site Research and Planning

 Unique content development for an engaging web site requires diligent inquiry, investigation, scrutiny, and cause of action formulation that would spur your audience to regularly visit the site.

Our clients can vouch for our XXXX years long expertise in developing content for businesses and our capable content developers pride themselves in their painstaking research procedures which end product is excellent and engrossing content. With our wealth of experience, we do not create contents that lack worth, instead, we keep it simple and informative.

How It Works

A wise man once said that "procrastination is the thief of time", we agree with the statement. That is why we commence work immediately, as long as we are aware of the prerequisites for your work and we assure you that you won't regret entrusting your job in our hands. 

The same way we commence work in the earliest possible time is the same way we complete tasks quickly. Irrespective of the fact that we finish work as soon as possible, the quality of our work is unsurpassable and we also allow alterations and adjustments to suit your requirements.

Why Website Content Research & Planning Is Important to Growing Your Brand

You can learn a lot by deconstructing the success of others

There is really no hard and fast rule in writing, neither is there a boss whose writing style cannot be contested. Deconstruction of other people's successful content doesn't mean they are terrible content developers, instead, it improves your own content writing skill because you get to view the work without attaching any irrational emotions and then make corrections and gain experiences for the future.

Your research will give you a clear overview of the competitive landscape

When a company begins writing content, the company now has two competitors; companies offering similar services and companies writing similar contents. Never underestimate your competitors! Carrying out proper research on the field of business you are developing content for. This avails you the opportunity to outshine your competitors.

Ensures you have the right content for the entire buyer’s journey

Depending on the products or services offered by your company or client, there are certain purchasing information that you might omit if thorough investigation, inquiry, and research about products and services are not carried out, so ensuring you have all product details by researching the products would guide the buyer.

Long-term growth of your brand, web traffic, and leads

Works that are properly researched have depths and this attracts a lot of avid readers to the content, thereby causing web traffic on the site. "Traffic" as a word doesn't always suggest something exciting, but be rest assured that this type of traffic would hasten your company's growth process. 

Some Quick Content Marketing Statistics:

  • Forrester asserts that a typical human being goes through 11.4 pieces of information content before determining whether or not to purchase items

  • More than 70% of companies confirm that content development aids product marketing and hence improves sales.

  • Almost a hundred percent of businesses that engage in business to business transactions draw conclusions from examining the web content of their prospects. 

  • Most customers expect the same level of business performance on all platforms (social media, websites, and others) from companies they patronize. 

Features of Our Website Content Research and Planning 

User Experience

The user experience should never be compromised, so never give users bitter experiences. Beating around the bush in your web content would be testing your consumer's patience, avoid that by creating a framework that provides quick and easy access to every little piece of information that visitors require.


It is necessary to analyze visitor flow, to determine most visited and least visited pages. This would be helpful in arranging and ranking pages within the site. Pages that are relatively unimportant might be thrashed or ranked below the pages that have traffic. 

Sitemap and Content Plan

A map is simply a visual representation of territories and locations. Help your visitors locate their desired information by creating a site map that guides them and takes them from one heading to a related one. 

The content you write needs to be entity salient, and topic-focused, answering search queries and solving problems. Getting to that stage takes a lot of topic and content research.

Who Needs Website Research and Planning Service?

No prior website planning experience

The world has gone global and websites are the benefits of globalization that can aid your companies growth. Inexperience in website planning and research is not a death sentence, just consider getting the service of website planning specialists. 

Busy executives, always short on time

A jack of all trade is never a master in anything. Do that work that you are best at and do not overwork yourself doing a job that a professional website planner can handle.

Agencies that prefer outsourcing

If you feel the need to concentrate on other areas of your client's job, then outsourcing for a website planner is not a bad idea. 

When Is Website Planning a Good Idea?

Before you build a NEW website

Do you really want to start a new thing without planning? The outcome of an unplanned situation is usually unpleasant. Avoid unpleasant situations by planning your website, not necessarily by following trends but according to your company's needs.

Before you REDESIGN your current website 

Beauty without goals and objectives is not real beauty. Having an appealing website is important but what is most important is that your website is fulfilling the reason it was built in the first place. Employing a professional website planner to help you combine information with beauty is a perfect idea. 

Why Choose Daily Posts for Your Website Content Research & Planning?

The research doesn't only determine the outcome of the content but is the content itself. Trust us to deliver properly researched content that cuts across any and every topic that you require. 

Ready to Get Started?

For your marketing content, we offer daily research and information scrutiny if you subscribe to our full-service content marketing. We also do the same on our LA Carte services.

We usually begin by independently reviewing your previously written content so we can identify the weak areas and serve you better. Please fill out our secure online form to contact us.