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Content and Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is not a fad or fancy buzzword. It's a way of life for companies and brands who want to excel. Inbound is the proven marketing strategy that drives qualified buyers through helpful information the reader needs when looking for solutions relating to your service or product.

Daily Posts helps you build a solid foundation, increase brand awareness, generate qualified leads and grow your revenue. Our inbound marketing strategy helps you work smarter. We use premium tools to target a highly segmented audience and serve the information they need. Our content marketers pull qualified leads for your sales team. These leads are primed and ready to buy.

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What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy that uses multiple forms of pull marketing to create brand awareness, attract new customers and convert your audience. Unlike outbound marketing where marketers chase after customers, inbound marketing entices the customer through valuable content and makes it easy for users to find your company.

Inbound marketing has gained a lot of attention in recent times because of the scarcity of attention and an abundance of information. Buyers are empowered with instant information from search engines like Google.

They read reviews, engage with blog posts and conduct exhaustive research before a purchase. Inbound marketing gives the visitor exactly what they need at the right time. It’s the best way to build trust and authority in your niche.

What are the types of inbound marketing?


Blogging is a valuable tool for inbound marketing. It's a great way to attract new visitors by creating the content they need. Marketers who utilize blogging are 13x more likely to have a positive ROI than those who don’t.

Daily Posts content strategists always begin with a buyer persona to determine your audience. We optimise your blog for SEO and your audience through keyword and entity rich posts. When writing your blog posts, our copywriters focus on educating your audience.

Social Media

Social media gives you a direct link to your customers and prospects. It’s the most personalised form of marketing because people come to you when you share information with them.

Daily Posts Inbound Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimisation

To rank higher on Google, SEO is an important part of the process. SEO ensures your website code is clean and correct. We optimise your website for mobile devices, keyword research and inbound marketing, Daily Post accelerates your climb through SERP.

Continuous website enhancement

If you need someone with web development and modern UX expertise to manage your website, we’re the team for you.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC works with any budget. You’re only charged when someone clicks to your website. It’s easy to maintain a budget because you know what you’re spending. Daily Posts creates ads based on your marketing goals. We run tests before launching your ad to ensure it delivers results.

Content marketing

Content is key for a successful inbound marketing strategy. If your content doesn’t appeal to your audience, it’s harder to drive traffic or convert visitors. Daily Posts targets keywords that are relevant to your website. We provide content that attracts customers within your target audience to ensure you have a higher rate of conversion.

How does Daily Posts Develop An Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Inbound marketing is effective in doing business online. Instead of the old methods such as direct mail, buying ads and buying email lists, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content to attract people who want your product or services.

Inbound Marketing Techniques we use to help your business grow includes

Optimise relevant keywords and entities

Keywords are synonymous with SEO. To gain traffic for keywords, we use them on your website. While keywords are not as important as they used to be, we are aware of the words your audience use when looking for solutions in your niche.

Entities are what matter now. Our copywriters use several text-extraction and entities software tools to find all relevant entities for a copy. We ensure that your copy has a 1.0 topic relevance for the entity or keyword we’re writing on.

Create e-books, guides and downloadable content

Daily Posts content writers create long-form content to help you nurture leads. Our copywriters are experts at crafting high-quality guides and e-books your readers are willing to download in exchange for their email.

Build a social media strategy

We help you promote and share your content on social media to attract and retain readers. Content on your website must be supported by social efforts to reach the right people. Our social media marketers subsidise your organic traffic with social media efforts to boost your ranking.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogs are a good way to earn a bigger audience, powerful backlinks and personal brand building. Daily Posts has established relationships with over 1,000 sites where we publish your content. Your Guest Post is written by a professional writer who knows your brand and the target site.

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Interesting Statistics About Inbound Marketing

  • Search has overtaken social media as the primary source of referral traffic with 34.8%-25.6%
  • According to 65% of inbound marketers, link building is the most difficult SEO strategy
  • Blog content is the top inbound marketing priority for 55% of marketers
  • 75% of blog posts don’t get any links from other sites
  • 70% of marketers lack an integrated content strategy
  • 87% of B2B buyers trust influencer content
  • Only 5% of adults trust content on social media
  • 84% of marketers plan to launch an influencer campaign
  • 90% of searchers are undecided about a brand before research

Why is Daily Posts the Best Inbound Marketing Agency for you?

In-depth audience research

It all begins with a deep persona development. We want to know everything about your audience. Where they shop, what type of content they enjoy, in what format, the words that trigger a purchase, how much they earn, their pain points and behavioural information.

That’s how we become experts in your buyer and determine their buying decision process. The insight we provide goes into your inbound strategy. We help you target potential customers and convert them.

Bespoke content, just for you

Our in-house team of conversion-focused copywriters, SEO specialists, marketing experts and designers work to create a bespoke piece of content tailored to your segmented audience.

Attract relevant visitors who need you

Businesses who target generic traffic never convert customers. You don’t need all sort of traffic from Google to reach your marketing goals. You want targeted traffic from prospects who align with your audience persona. Daily Posts helps you attract converts who’ll become leads. We craft incredible content and deliver an unforgettable experience to the right customer at the right time.

Convert leads into buying customers

As you build trust through authoritative content, we won’t rest on our oars. We’ll continuously educate your prospects to keep them coming back for more. Daily Posts conversion copywriters map content offers for each of your audience personas to turn readers into leads. We also use powerful CRM conversion tools to personalise your web experience and gently nudge your leads in the right direction.

Innovative inbound marketing strategies and campaigns

We’ll create innovative inbound marketing that crushes your goals. We use content as fuel to empower your strategy. Our campaigns are high-quality and generate a consistent result.

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re there with you through each step of the way. We’ll show you how to get stuff done more quickly and efficiently
  • Result-oriented inbound marketing campaigns that deliver fantastic yields
  • An inbound marketing strategy that grows into an extension of your sales team
  • We’ve helped hundreds of businesses in the UK and beyond to build brand awareness and generate more leads.
  • An inbound marketing strategy based on real business goals.<

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What is the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing is an intrusive form of marketing that demands the reader to pay attention. It uses platforms such as direct mail, print advertising, TV and radio ads, Billboards and Telemarketing. It is less effective because it lacks personalization.

Inbound marketing is creating a valuable experience for your audience. It should have a positive impact on your business and your target audience. Its attracting visitors through helpful and relevant content and delighting them as an expert or empathetic advisor.

What are the five inbound principles?

The five inbound marketing principles that generate leads are: standardize, contextualize, optimise, personalise and empathise.

How long until I see results?

It usually depends on your existing efforts. The more time and effort you put into it, the more results you’ll drive. We can’t give you a finite timeline. Factors that determine how long it takes includes your market, your typical buyer, your existing sales cycle, your investment in content and the alignment of your content offers with your buyer pain points. You can compare leads and visits by the six-month mark.

Do you outsource any part of the inbound marketing work?

No. Our web copywriters, account managers, SEO experts, designers and project managers all work fulltime with us.

Who works on my account?

We’ll give you the best from our team. Usually 4-6 in a team depending on the scale of your project and the aggressiveness of your growth goals.

Entice, Engage, Delight and Convert your target audience. Call 023 80 970 979 to find out more about our inbound marketing services