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What is eBook and how does it work?

An eBook is the electronic version of a printed book. This definition is able to differentiate it from say a friend's electronically written thesis or a to-do list written on a laptop. There are lots of formats that eBooks come in but their major feature is that they are not designed to be easily edited.

With electronic publishing becoming more and more popular, eBooks have become a huge page of the reading community. One of the reasons for their popularity is that they their layout is not fixed like their printed counterparts and other non-electronic written communication. Depending on the device, one can customize the layout since their are lots of fonts available to choose from as well as font size and the line spacing.

E-books are electronically distributed as digital files designed for certain devices they are compatible with and they come in various formats like Epub, PDF, and so on. The devices most eBooks are compatible with include computers, iPads, mobile phones, tablets, and on a lot of other digital media.

How do I open and eBooks?

You can access your eBook files on your reading device in various ways depending on the device you are using and the format.

  • On iPads/ iPhones: to open an eBook on your iPad or iPhone, first ensure you have iBook properly installed on your device. Once this is done, go to your Blurb account and look for the particular eBook you want. Then click 'download' if you have already paid for it then click on 'open in iBook'.
  • Computer: opening PDFs and Epubs on computers are simple. If you are using Windows or Mac computers, go to file and from there click on add to library. Find the file you are looking for. Ideally, it will be saved in "downloads" folder. Then you can double click on the file when you find it and begin reading.
  • On Android: assuming you have been able to install Google Play Store successfully, you can go about opening an eBook on your Android device by going to Google Play Books and tapping it. Tap on the menu bar at the top right hand corner of your screen and tap on "settings" in the menu which appears. Then you can check the "Enable PDF uploading" box which is listed there and you can now send the eBook file to your Android device. Next is to upload the desired PDF or Epub document to Google Play Books by sending it as an attachment through your email. Then you can begin reading.

Can you make money writing eBooks?

Thanks to the internet, the world of publishing is experiencing significant changes just like every other part of our lives touched by digital media technology. Particularly, it has changed how money is made with intellectual property. Just like shopping on Amazon has made shopping much easier, the appearance of eBooks have made making money through writing a lot easier.

One can make huge money writing eBooks. This depends largely on how much you are able to promote your books. Just like traditional publishing channels, this kind that involves computing allows you to gain so much of you are able to draw attention to your book release.

The best approach is to market your eBook across multiple channels like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. Get your friends and connections talking about it. But you can't rely only on your friends. If you are hoping for your eBook to trend, you should consider offering a free chapter, run online quizzes and giveaways to create a buzz about it. If you are able to use if you are able to leverage all available marketing channels on the cyberspace, including your email list, you will make a lot of money writing eBooks.

Where can I find eBooks for free?

If you are a book lover, then there is a host of places you can get tons of eBooks for free like:

  • Project Gutenberg

You won't be required to register or pay any fee to download any of Project Gutenberg's over 45,000 eBooks. It is a volunteer effort geared towards making eBooks available to everyone. You will find them in Epub, Kindle and HTML formats.

  • Internet Archive

This is a nonprofit digital library famous for providing readers with out-of-print books. You will also find them available in various languages and is perfect for those interested in academic and historical texts.

  • Google eBookstore

The many books here are available in many formats and cover a wide range of genres. It is ideal for the avid reader because it comes with reviews and ratings which allow you to enjoy bestsellers for free.

  • Free eBooks

This is famous for its collection of romance, mystery, and a lot of genres.

  • Open Library

Open library has over a million free eBooks and allows users to contribute books.

  • LibriVox

If you are a fan of the classics, this is the place to go. Also, if you prefer listening to books, they have audiobooks too.

  • BookBoon

You don't need to download or register to use BookBoon and there is a lot of educational texts available.


What are the advantages of eBooks?

There are lots of benefits to using eBooks which explains why they are getting more and more popular everyday.

  • They are affordable
  • eBooks save a lot of space. Compared to the sizes of their print counterparts, they are amazing. A tablet can fit thousands of them.
  • They help save the environment since you don't need to cut down any tree to make them.
  • For those who have trouble reading the print versions of books, most formats of eBooks come with fonts that are adjustable.
  • They are super convenient. You don't have to flip through pages to find lines you looking for since you can search through them.


eBooks have a lot of advantages because of how easy they are to access and their range of application. In marketing strategies, they are now great resources and can be used to rake in a lot of money. For the users, they serve as cost effective media for engaging with a wide range of interests.