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About Write House

Write House is an online copywriting company that offers an extensive range of services such as proofreading, copywriting, social media assistance, editing services and media consultancy services. The goal at Write House is to create content with punchy, persuasive and powerful words to improve your brand’s visibility.

Founded in 2009, Write House started operations with help from the Prince’s Trust and prides itself on its unique way of doing business that isn’t bound by corporate politics but nurtures a rapport with clients, which leads to a long-lasting working relationship based on the solid foundation of trust.

Daniel Waldron, the founder of the Wolverhampton copywriting service boasts over a decade in designing bespoke content for B2B and B2C companies in the UK, Australia and the rest of the world. Despite its short existence, Write House has carved a niche for itself working with international brands in law, manufacturing, web hosting companies and startups among others.

The primary goal at White House is to create content that helps business grow and flourish by turning web visitors into buying customers.

What type of copywriting service can I get at Write House?

The services at Write House are broken down into two sections, copywriting and proofreading

Write House Copywriting service: Write House refers to themselves as “the Harry Potter of copywriting”. They have the ability to create incisive, original content that compels, captivates and spurs readers to action. Every word mirrors your brand’s image while remaining expressive and powerful. Write House prices are tailored to be cost-effective, flexible and useful. The copywriting services include:

Website content – engaging web copies that urges visitors to take the client’s call-to-action

Articles and blogs – for webmasters and brands who would rather focus on what they know. Write House creates digital content that engages the target audiences and establishes the client as an authority in his niche

Sales Emails– an integral part of content marketing, Write House creates thought-provoking subject lines that grabs the eye of the reader with content to make the product/service an irresistible purchase for buyers.

Social media content – amazing content to make your social media profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter more attractive to your followers and prospective shoppers.

Press releases

White papers – professional content to generate leads written by expert writers who know your brand.

PPC adverts – bespoke Google PPC copies that attract your target audience and appease Google web crawlers

Product Descriptions – that capture the consumer’s imagination

Complete CV overhaul – to attract employers.

Commercial and non-commercial proofreading service – to ensure your content is free of error and grammatical blunders.

How much will it cost to produce content at Write House?

As opposed to hiring full-time copywriters you have to place on a salary, Write House offers a cheaper alternative to save money for your business without compromising on quality. To make their services more affordable, Write House has ditched the traditional charges common with most writing agencies such as price per word or hourly rates. Instead, they’ve opted for a fixed rate based on the volume of your project.

Rates for each copywriting service at Write House

Product description and Google PPC advert rates from £5

Sales Email from £20

CV copywriting, Blog copywriting and Article Copywriting from £25

Press release from £30

White paper from £50

Are there discounts at Write House?

They offer discounts to students, charity organizations and bulk projects. Long-term clients enjoy a loyalty scheme where progressive discounts are applied with each year they stick with Write House. First-time customers are not left of the juicy benefits as they receive an amazing 10% welcome discount from Write House.

Write House reviews

On Facebook, they have one 5-star review from a client who describes their work as excellent content, which optimized SEO for their new website. On Trustpilot, there are fourteen 5-star reviews with a TrustScore of 9.0 out of 10.  The clients especially praised their exceptional customer service, brilliant content and quick turnaround time. Some customers praised Write House for creating catchy slogans that resonated with their audience or adding extra tidbits outside of what the client paid for to enrich the content.

A former employer also praised Dan, the owner of Write House for his ability to create newsletters, press releases, manage web content and construct imaginative words to communicate any brand effortlessly.

Every review was excellent from both Facebook and Trustpilot and we recommend them as a digital copywriting service to our readers.

What quality work should I expect from Write House?

Write House markets its services to brands struggling to attract traffic to their site. Hiring an efficient copywriting service makes all the difference in any social marketing campaign and Write House promises to produce content that generate leads for your blog.

Just like trying to ask a girl out when hanging at a bar, you need the right punch words to make a killer first impression and score the desired first date. Copywriting isn’t any different as all your online activities are geared towards attracting customers through engaging content and using persuasive argument to convince visitors your product or service will solve a problem for them.

That’s what write house does every day. They envision your website, blog or product as a dancefloor and lock eyes with a potential client whose phone number or email address they want, complete a contact form or use irresistible words to inspire them to take the call to action.

On their website, prospective clients can peruse examples from their impressive portfolio of work including news reports on the US immigration reform, press release, product description for Armagar and landing pages for Galleon Systems among other top quality content

They understand the laws of attraction in copywriting and know the right words to convince visitors to take action.


Write House has created content for over 122 business in and outside the UK. Most of these customers were so impressed with their services, they are not just repeat customers but have convinced their friends and colleagues to do business with Write House.

Website: www.writehouse.co.uk