The Professional Writer


The Professional Writer is a writing agency created by Lyndall Guinery Smith to help small businesses stand out, attract clients and secure new business opportunities. Savvy business people hire The Professional Writer to save time and effort while enjoying excellent marketing copy on time and within budget. The company provides a wide range of business communication including web pages, magazine articles, training programs, marketing copy, newsletters, biographies, personal profiles, company profiles and more.

Copywriting Services

Professional Business Plan Writer

When you need help writing a business plan that goes beyond the common template style to impress your readers and portray your business in the best possible light, a professional business plan writer is the next option. The Professional Writer provides assistance with business plan writing by working with you in the capacity of a facilitator and project manager to research, collect write and structure the required information to plant your business firmly in the spotlight. She works within the required structure to create a customised plan which the reader will find interesting and persuasive. She also provides knowledgeable guidance and suggestions for the kind of content that organisations, banks and other financial institutions will find appealing.

Company Profile Writer

A well-presented company profile plays a big part in differentiating an organisation from its competitors and improving business. This is what The Professional Writer aims to do with its company profile writer services. To be effective, this digital content writer creates a balance of well-chosen words that can deliver the message that the customer is good at what it does, and provides useful and relevant service without sounding pushy or boastful. The Professional Writer works hand-in-hand with clients to create an outstanding profile by asking the right questions to gain a real understanding of the business, gather information and create the most appropriate content for the target audience.

Real Estate Writer

Without a professional real estate writer, businesses and individuals could be stuck trying to make speedy and profitable property transactions. The Professional Writer offers the chance to stand out as the local Real Estate expert to people who face trouble writing proposals, prospecting letters and other marketing materials for property. The writing agency has more than 20 years’ experience in property, backed with an understanding of how the industry works. With this Real Estate Writing service, property investors, real estate agents, prestige property or home magazines, and luxury holiday accommodation websites can have access to professionally written property descriptions that will impress vendors and potential clients.

Professional EBook Writer

EBooks are great tools for educating people about a company’s products or services, encouraging engagement with customers and for establishing oneself as an expert in an industry. The Professional Writer provides professional eBook writing services which can be used answer the questions customer’s audience keep asking over and over, by including well-written important information about the business. A professionally structured eBook can build a company’s profile, especially when it is written by a digital copywriter who knows how business works. This is where The Professional Writer comes in. She is a knowledgeable and expert eBook writer and typically takes the time to work with customers to create an eBook or a series of eBooks that are informative and achieve the objectives intended.

Professional Web Page Writer

The Professional Writer offers professional web page writing services for people who need quality website copy but are unable to write it. For business owners, it can be difficult to evaluate your business as objectively as an outsider would. Usually, people reading a website for the first time and considering the available products and services form their first impressions about the business and its people through the content they read on the website. The Professional Writer takes the time to understand the customer and his business so that she can write a compelling and persuasive web copy, including an about page, home page, and other pages to help prospective customers get to know and trust the business.

How Important Is A Quality About Page?

The About Page of a website is one of the first pages potential customers visit on a website. This happens because they are trying to find information to help them make the decision to do business with you. A quality about page can be all that is needed to make readers like and trust you, with is an essential ingredient for any business relationship to thrive.

Attention therefore needs to be paid to what the about page is saying about your business, to ensure that it is relevant. To ensure your website attracts more visitors and improve the chances that they will buy from you, good quality pre-researched keywords need to be woven into the article, because of the important search engine optimisation (SEO) benefits they possess.

Why You Need a Professional Profile for Your Company

In many cases, it is difficult for a business owner to write about himself or about the company. Working from day to day in the business can make it difficult for the business owner to see the clients’ view. A professionally written company profile will wow potential clients and give them the extra push they need to convert. Digital copywriters work with customers to learn about their business and write the profile that will best suit the target audience, i.e. existing and potential clients.

What You Need To Know When Choosing a Business Plan Writer

Business plan writers need to have certain qualities and qualifications in order to be able to competently provide the services you require. Experience is key, especially in preparing polished and effective business documents. The writer must have a clear understanding of how businesses work and have recorded successes in helping other clients achieve their goals. In addition, they must be available for one-on-one work without outsourcing. The Professional Writer and a host of other digital copywriters possess these qualities and more.

The Professional Writer Prices

The price charged for writing projects depend on the volume of work required. The Professional Writer has a flexible pricing scale with prices varying according to work. As long as all parties involved adhere to the terms of the copywriting contract, upfront prices stated remains constant except in situations where changes in direction are made to the initial brief.