Sussex Copywriting Services

Who are Sussex Copywriting Services?

Sussex Copywriting Services is an online content maker involved in Search engine optimisation, copywriting and other online marketing services services. It is managed and run by Susan Beckingham.

Susan began this agency on the back of working in the sales marketing sector on a senior level for over 20 years. She got her BA (Hons) in English at the university of London’s Goldsmith college. She also got a Business French senior diploma from the Paris Chamber of Commerce. She has been following the internet closely and understands the dynamics of both Search engines and internet user behaviors.

Copywriting, on a normal day, can be a hard nut to crack, even for large copywriting companies with a number of staff. But Susan has taken up the profession all on her own with a strong promise to duly deliver and meet deadline dates.

Susan has made a strong claim that her years of experience in client management and business development sets her higher than just an ordinary copywriter. Her qualifications also comprise a deft knowledge of how the web works and a proven competence in utilising the art of great content writing to increase site traffic.

She also promises to deliver on set dates without reducing the quality of her work.

Copywriting Services

Sussex Copywriting Services run a model that spans across everything copywriting. From brand description and web content writing, to blog writing and SEO. Here’s a list of what she has to offer.

  • Business proposals and tender documents
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Press releases
  • Reports and case studies
  • Blog writing and editing
  • Email advertising

She also runs other services like creating pitching concepts, which involves ideas for presentations, erecting and executing a social media strategy to increase your brand’s followership, and creating a pathway through search engines to funnel customers to your website.

How does Sussex Copywriting Services Work?

Susan prides herself on her people skills and loves to create a personal working relationship with everyone she works with. So she rather prefers to associate a face or voice to a name.

Most copywriters are okay with sharing information over emails and social networks, but not Susan. She believes creating a personal relationship boosts the results of her work, and judging from what her customers say, it is quite an effective approach.

Even if you don’t want to meet, a phone chat can suffice.

When contacted, she likes to get a brief meeting set up in order to determine the core aspects of your business, the kind of customers (present and potential) that you are dealing with, and how you intend to target them.

She gets busy right there. Creating a draft with the information you have provided and identifying the research and angle to approach your strategy with. She is quite fast!

For a freelancer, she adds quite a corporate touch to her dealings.

She has a persuasive and engaging writing style, from what we’ve seen, that can hook and convert any reader. This is in consequence to the rich flavour of personality that she infuses into her work.

Why is Copywriting important?

If the aim of a website is to see people come and leave without performing any sort of action, then it likely doesn’t need the services of a copywriter.

But if a site is intended to engage, entice and evoke the inner desires of visitors and readers that will see them carry out actions, then copywriting is just what it needs.

But, a poorly written web content is almost worse than an empty site. Because visitors will mark your name and associate it with mediocrity, and anytime they see that name around their sphere, it rings an ugly bell.

So not just copywriting, excellent copywriting!

Is copywriting online marketing?

Yes. Well some.

While online marketing covers a broader scope of internet advertising, copywriting is a prominently crucial part of the whole.

There are other online marketing strategies that deal with paid advertising and the likes, but whatever deals with the aspect of skillful and strategic wording, has landed in the net of copywriting.

So, copywriting is a part of the online marketing pie. But if any marketing campaign wishes to successfully land customers, the copywriting element must be ingrained. Yes, must. If they want complete success, that is.

What does Search Engine Optimisation do?

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, basically conveys potential customers to a website. It is another integral part of online marketing, but a more natural approach.


It involves richly developing the content and structure of a website or page to gain higher rankings on a search engine when a user inputs a search keyword.

Most businesses take the easy route by paying to be placed up there, but there are more perks in naturally optimising a web content and page than taking the shortcut. A double approach isn’t actually a bad idea.

How is SEO connected to copywriting

SEO ushers the reader, visitor or potential customer to the website and leaves them in the good hands of the content – mostly written by skilled individuals like Susan – and if the content is good enough with landing pages elements, the users are then transferred to the sales team of the business that owns the page, and right there, the job of the SEO and copywriter can be deemed successful.

So, it shows that being mere wordsmiths doesn’t cut it in the copywriting field as businesses tend to hire writers skilled in the SEO art as well, because what’s really the use of making effective content without a visitor to read them?

How much does Sussex Copywriting Services charge?

You’ll have to contact Susan!

Copy charges vary according to agencies (and freelancers) and the kind of copy you intend to order.

But Susan being a freelancer will likely charge you less (likely!) than copywriting bodies with a number of staff to pay salaries and such. Although there are some agencies known to charge a fair amount.